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  1. Sunday evening and NB 's Lady Of The Night - Layla -30 has returned to the Island, great service, come and blast off to the moon and back!!!
  2. Lady of the night - Layla -30 has arrived back on PEI for another tour, she is one hot NB girl! 2023 Rookie of the year!!!
  3. Very nice apartment, super easy to book and she sure has the energy! Yes Yes Yes, and she is on time!
  4. Can a third visit be better than the first 2? Oh my the sky is the limit! Bring on another tour thru LA LA Land!
  5. Layla- lady of the night - check this young lady, she is touring PEI for a short time. She exels in the word Girl Friend, and sure knows how to keep this Captain interested and she is so warm to new and returning friends! If in doubt, a simple question and you'll get the answer. Respect to her boundries sure makes the visit over the moon and you'll return back to your world as you know it! Check out New Brunswicks 2023 Rookie of the Year!
  6. Lady of the night - Layla, respect her and she bring you into la la land and back!
  7. Holly Ta Molly, now here is a hidden gem. A quite little location with all the comforts of home! Nina in Moncton -45 sure has the energy to keep this guy rocking! Give'r
  8. Anyone have a chance to visit with Melanie Rose - 25 in Moncton lately? 902 912 0351 is her # Wow!
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