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  1. Oh my stars! We do have local talent that tops the charts! And yes every once in a while everyone has an off day but let us enjoy each others company, love and support!
  2. Yes, I have an issue with the internet as well. I thought it was my service provider? Grrrr.
  3. Miramichi / Bathurst areas do have SP that tour. Great ladies when you connect. They have many switch and baits, be wise.
  4. Happy hump day, my eyes might be foggy, On leo List, I see Tina Snow and Bri Bri are on tour in the area? I never had a chance to visit them! Yet!
  5. It is great to visit and support the ladies that do tour. They are gems for sure! Cheers
  6. Yes "Haley 19" you are a great provider, and have enjoyed our time together. With my personal schedule it is hard to prebook. There are a few ladies that do tour, and if I can. I do book a date. You are gems in our ever changing towns/ cities. Cheers and be safe.
  7. It sure is hard to have a SW tour the north shore area. When 1 does come to visit, they only stay a short time. Us hobbies can't be supporting them enough?
  8. She is a great gal. With much magic in her tickle trunk. Oh la la! A must visit , till our next adventure safe travels
  9. My God, there are so many false adds! In the outline areas, and larger centers! Cheers
  10. I sure hope she comes to N.B. for another adventure! I am watching and waiting!
  11. She is in Moncton! Oh my bubbles! I sure could enjoy an adventure. Yummy!
  12. My stars, I just happened to arrive in Fredericton and this young lady answered my call! Upon entering her location and getting some chatter completed, this is a small world with so much in common and the energy she had! WOW OH WOW! I sure hope can cross paths again and soon!
  13. How can I edit or delete the message?
  14. Yes Allie you are a very kind lady, we have been able to work out a date when we are near each other. I so hope I can work my schedule to visit you again CHEERS
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