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  1. It has been a few months, but oh my God! She was everything she said in her add, Respectful and she'll bring you to never never land!
  2. She looks a lot closer to her picture than what I was expecting! Yes a little playtime!
  3. Howdy, has anyone visited Bells in moncton! Last 4 numbers 0808.
  4. Hello friends, has anyone had the pleasure with a visit with Kylie. She is in Moncton now?
  5. Hello friends, has anyone had the pleasure with a visit with Dee. She is in Moncton now?
  6. Thank you for the positive info! I must visit next time We are in the same locations!
  7. It is nice to know when a SP will be coming to my location or when I might be close to their location so we can meet!
  8. Has anyone been able to enjoy Ashley in Moncton, connected. 506 380 6047. Just wondering.
  9. I was able to make and attend a scheduled appointment! On my 3rd attempt. It was scheduling, some on my part. Loved the talent hiding behind the mask!
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