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  1. Layla is back in town, anyone have a chance to visit her?
  2. Olivia is back in Moncton! Hurray. 226 978 8390 She is a small fire cracker of a lady!
  3. Hey friends, Veronica is visiting the Miramichi! A real dream 😍 and a load of fun. Great location and she sure knows how to work her services!
  4. Bye george, Niki Smith is in Moncton, she is 34 and a great gal, she loves what she does! YES SHE DOES!
  5. Has any one had a chance to visit with Veronica in Fredericton? 40 years young On Leo List , last phone numbers 3878.
  6. Wow, what a great looking young lady! Must be a review out there! Pass on some positive vibes! cheers!
  7. April showers brings Nina showers as well, oh my , oh my what a beautiful young lady! 😍 a cozy location and top notch service! She does have a day time job, so bookings are limited.
  8. Love to connect with both!!!!!
  9. Wow, we gave 2 Nikki's in Moncton to visit! Careful when we review, make sure you are checking in with the correct Nikki!!
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