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  1. I had a chance to visit with her a month ago. We had to make it a car date! Tight quarters but an enjoyable experience.
  2. Another name she used was Josie?? Grrrrrrrr And upon taking a look, some photos were the same, different phone numbers!
  3. Holly snappers, I almost got caught in the trap! Not a good scene! Upon making contact, there came up another treat "sofia" it became a 3 way text and fees started to raise! Almost felt like 1 person used 3 different phone numbers all in moncton. I ran! Enough was enough!
  4. She is a great girl to visit! Totally awesome.
  5. Yes I have visited Jesse once again and sure love her detail in a relaxing adventure!
  6. Jesse us touring, She is a doll, love our visits.
  7. Finally able to connect fir a date. Of course she slept in? An hour late. What a beauty, very pretty. Half way thru our allotted time she took a call, had to run and pay her rent? Said she would be right back? Flags, she left her appartment door unlocked. I ran as I was suspecting her BF. 30 minutes passed. No one entered her pad.
  8. Friends, has anyone able to connect with Claire, she is in Bathurst this weekend.
  9. Oh my, our paths cross once again! She sure knows how to get me to rise !!!!! Getting that confirmation for a date sure stiffens up this old man! And oh oh when she squirts what a rush! I must say I am a satisfied customer!!
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