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  1. Is �� and datyincluded after the massage?
  2. Hi fellow pointers. Travelling today to Dallas for a few days. Any SP recommendations? Is BP safe to use down there considering their LE activity? Appreciate your input. Thanks
  3. That face pic is 10-12 years old. Addictions have aged her quickly. She's been working that long.
  4. Did anyone see Chloe who advertised on EC recently? Any info? Thought I might call her. Please post or pm me. Thanks
  5. Saw Chloe advertising on EC for a few weeks. Any one contact her or have any info on her.?
  6. She advertises on BP with Title exotic-goddess-slim-and-sexy-unrushed Looks hit and rates are good. Any info appreciated.
  7. Was that recently? Or last year that you tried Chloe?
  8. Hey fellow Pooners. Traveling in Chicago. Any one have recommendations of some credible ladies. Looking for gfe type experience.
  9. Pure disgust for those responsible on the malicious attacks on Emily. Shame on those responsible. I wish you Emily nothing but the best in life.
  10. Loved your reply Shannon. Great response. Oh and love your top notch services. And love you too. Will call soon.
  11. Definitely a perplexing situation. For she does mention the balls were tickled.
  12. So yesterday you received a body slide from the Missy Ashley age 33 who's ad is at the top of this thread? I thought she was in school and not working. If she is could you PM me her number. Would love to see her again.
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