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  1. Ive seen Monica as well a couple times and yes she is great. Will revisit for sure.
  2. Yep, youre right. She got me last year. Has 3 pitt bull dogs in the room with her, drives a Santa Fe with NS plates. Once your in the room everything beyond the door is extra. True scam artist. Comes to Moncton every once in a while, ripped me off once next time different set of pics, I pulled up and she was out with her dogs for a pee break. Once bitten....... twice shy....
  3. Not her pics but in my opinion shes better than the pics. Seen her a few times. Very fit and tight. Not usually a fan of basic service but always enjoy myself with her, YMMV.
  4. Yes I saw her a couple weeks ago. I agree with the previous review, casual basic experience. Not terrible but i wouldn't repeat.
  5. Excited to hear that it is "the" Anika! I thought it was when I saw the add. Seen her a few times in SJ and had a great time!
  6. Does anyone have any feedback on Loca on LL? Add, https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_die_of_desire_for_this_blonde_beauty-6103342
  7. Ive seen her. Accurate pics good service
  8. I contacted her via e-mail as she has no number listed and she emailed back and said she does not give out a number and to email back to setup a time and place. I thought that was kind of odd so I never went any farther than that. I would like to hear if anyone has met her though... pics look pretty good as long as they are her.
  9. Just to add to the glowing reports on Jessie. Her pics are good on her adds but she is much better in person. Great girl to be around and absolutly stunning.
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