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  1. Get yourself a Textnow number. You can shut it off around home and log in when you are free to chat.
  2. She been around Moncton, Fredericton & Saint John for a few years now but off and on. Went by Dee back then but same girl. And can be found in the search bar on here.
  3. A pleasant surprise!!!! I haven't been very active lately but decided it was time to have some fun. Taylor is fairly new to the business and figured I'd give her a shot based on her ad. She's a real cutie and super sweet. She's open minded, clean and has some great assets. Her incall is a basement apartment but its clean and discreet. We had lots of fun and I would definitely repeat.
  4. What a disappointment, I tried booking one day and she us really slow at answering. Until I ran out of time. Tried again today and set up a meeting. Get the info on where to park and texted for what door I should use. It was like walshe was not getting my text???? Her answers where all over the place then she stopped responding???? My advice, book with caution and have a backup plan.
  5. I would like to know as well. . . . Anyone???
  6. Larissa in Moncton This one was a pleasant surprise. There were a few red flags and the pics she uses are not all her but I booked anyway. She is new to the business, clean, friendly, open minded and tons of fun!!!! She is very cute and has amazing curves, awesome tits and a great ass. Her incall location was a bit messy but a newer nice apartment. Will definitely repeat if she stays in the business.
  7. Do it!! I've seen her 4 or 5 times and always enjoyed it.
  8. @MsManda has an ad up for Moncton for December 16 - 18. Depending on if she is open to your fetish, there's a gorgeous girl with lots of energy and provides great service.
  9. I have seen Captivating Cleo and will vouch for her and recommend her. Book with confidence.
  10. My rule is to avoid the ads using the words "Moncton's finest". A local group who are far from the finest. Shaddy, old/fake pic, terrible service (if you get service), etc. Book with caution!!
  11. Open minded, average service, GREAT tits!!!
  12. Depends on the girl. I have but prefer an incall to an outcall.
  13. She should have taken me up on my offer to use my room with a king bed, she almost feel off the queen bed. She could have hurt herself and major mood kill!!! LOL
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