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  1. area506guy

    Madison LL 1770

    Seen her once..... I would avoid
  2. area506guy

    Reviews On SP's

    One of the reasons could be new members. I've tried twice to write a 5* recommendation for a recent encounter but I am to much of a junior to be allow. I understand new accounts are monitored to protects the forum but I don't want to participate in a bunch of discussions. Why not just allow the moderator to approve my post and delete me if I turn out to be poison.
  3. area506guy

    Beautiful Angel

    Just to help clear up some confusion .... Beautiful Angel and Sexy Lady Red are friends. I've seen Lady Red and as I arrived Angel was just leaving. When she left they switched phones so that might explain why their ads & profiles get mixed up.
  4. area506guy

    Fantasy Wrestling

    Thank you Rbrott, great recommendation.
  5. Are there any SP or does anybody know a SP who is into fantasy wrestling around Moncton? Some state fetish friendly and some have offered just to get an meeting but I haven't found any who advertise or are experience in wrestling. Feel free to PM me with responses.
  6. area506guy

    Love this...Body suit...big boobs, juicy ass, killer thighs. Amazing!!!
  7. I agree. I have found a couple of women who were willing but none knew what they were doing.