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  1. Do it!! I've seen her 4 or 5 times and always enjoyed it.
  2. @MsManda has an ad up for Moncton for December 16 - 18. Depending on if she is open to your fetish, there's a gorgeous girl with lots of energy and provides great service.
  3. I have seen Captivating Cleo and will vouch for her and recommend her. Book with confidence.
  4. My rule is to avoid the ads using the words "Moncton's finest". A local group who are far from the finest. Shaddy, old/fake pic, terrible service (if you get service), etc. Book with caution!!
  5. Open minded, average service, GREAT tits!!!
  6. Depends on the girl. I have but prefer an incall to an outcall.
  7. She should have taken me up on my offer to use my room with a king bed, she almost feel off the queen bed. She could have hurt herself and major mood kill!!! LOL
  8. It was funny & I did have fun!!! 😀😀😀 Until next time 😘
  9. Divine intervention??? You mean like "love thy neighbor"???? LOL
  10. If you're not talking about the car business, you should read lyla reviews before you book lol
  11. Anyone ever booked a SP or client and have them conveniently located in the hotel room across the hall? Happened to me last night!!!!
  12. Anything new on this?? It's been almost a year.
  13. I have not seen her (not sure why) but she does have a great reputation in the Moncton area.
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