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  1. Tried to set up a meeting once but she is not into what I was looking for. She's been around Moncton for a while.
  2. There seems to be a bit of a association or group that Kori belongs to. If you search LL by name a few of her ads come up. If you search by one of the phone numbers several different names/ads come up. I tried to set up with one of the ads (Lexi) once, it was a boyfriend/pimp who was answering and the meeting was going to take place in an apartment with 2 others people being home during my visit. It kinda weirded me out and I backed out. My advice is to avoid or be VERY careful!!!
  3. Looking good, Gorgeous. Stay safe 😉
  4. Recently had a chance to meet Chrystal in Moncton during her east coast tour. Wow, this girl is a gem!!!! Personality wise she is super friendly & welcoming, she puts you at ease and isn't scared to have a conversation. Physically, she is super attractive; very clean, tall with long legs, curvy in all the right places and naturally very busty. From her ad she offers a wide range of services and the service was amazing!!! I have a bit of a fetish (and she does advertise for it) and she was great at it. Initial contact was via her contact form on here website. She was quick to answer but I am not sure if she is open to "text and go" type meetings. I started arrangements about 3 weeks ahead of time as soon as she announced her dates. She was well worth the little extra planning and effort. If you missed her, your lose.... the good news is she travels often and is usually here 2 - 3 times a year. My advice...don't miss her next time, I certainly won't.
  5. Any one ever see her or any comments on her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_your_perfect_escape-5643556 Tried to set up a meeting but she had a few requirements I've never heard before. Is she legit?
  6. I have seen MsManda a few times and she always invites me into her shower at the end of our session.
  7. Great pics, you look amazing!!! Hope to meet soon.
  8. Beware....tried to set up a meeting with her this past summer in Moncton. Insisted on a deposit via etransfer. I did not want to send one as I share my bank account with my wife but her pictures are hard to say no to. Finally decided I could send a small deposit to proceed to set up a meeting. After the transfer was received she stopped responding. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_tif_blonde_goddess_real_of_free_open_to_fetishes_more-5676821
  9. Absolutely Incredible!!! So last week I finally had a chance to have an encounter with Ms Manda after a recommendation from a fellow forum member. From her warm friendly personality to her drop dead gorgeous looks to her amazing skills, I was nothing but impressed. She seem to know exactly what I liked and is great at what she does. If you are into what she offers and have not had the chance to meet her, you need to. I can't wait to see Ms Manda again>
  10. One of the reasons could be new members. I've tried twice to write a 5* recommendation for a recent encounter but I am to much of a junior to be allow. I understand new accounts are monitored to protects the forum but I don't want to participate in a bunch of discussions. Why not just allow the moderator to approve my post and delete me if I turn out to be poison.
  11. Just to help clear up some confusion .... Beautiful Angel and Sexy Lady Red are friends. I've seen Lady Red and as I arrived Angel was just leaving. When she left they switched phones so that might explain why their ads & profiles get mixed up.
  12. Are there any SP or does anybody know a SP who is into fantasy wrestling around Moncton? Some state fetish friendly and some have offered just to get an meeting but I haven't found any who advertise or are experience in wrestling. Feel free to PM me with responses.
  13. I agree. I have found a couple of women who were willing but none knew what they were doing.
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