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  1. I second that!!!! She is open minded and super fun to visit with. She has more piercing and tattoos that you don't see in her pics but great boobs and booty!!!
  2. I can confirm this as well. Danaya is the girl formerly know as Madison or Haileigh Jayde
  3. I saw Sarah Grey the other night. Super sweet, great service and hot AF. Hosts in her private newer condo. And VERY reasonably priced, I would even say she is pricing herself to low.
  4. Anyone have any feed back on Kiraa in Moncton?
  5. So, just want to confirm as there have been questions, these pics from Nadia's ad are her.
  6. Any info on Misty Silks? Don't see her ad very much but certainly caught my attention and I am curious.
  7. I did find out Misty is a friend/duo partner of Freddygurl
  8. Anyone have any info on her? Uses the number (506)718-8083 in Fredericton. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_misty_desires_tonight-6313477
  9. Okay, so against popular opinion, I went out and saw Nadia. And although not as bad an experience as I was expecting. There was an unprofessional moment when I arrived, another service provider in the room but she was promptly asked to leave. Nadia seemed to really care about her service and she was very open minded to my requests (communicated in advance). I have my doubts about some of her ad pics and how recent they are but some are recent and really her. And her incall hotel certainly isn't one of Moncton's finer establishment and the room had the "lived in" look. I've never met with Lexus, so I can't confirm if they are the same girl. I am however leaning towards this not being true. They are no ties between the two accounts on LL (number, email, chat name, content, etc.). I've texted with both and one is open minded about my request and the other wants nothing to do with it, and their writing style via text are completely different. Certainly not the same category as some of the professional SP's out there. For a travelling girl, I would say it was a good experience.
  10. Anyone have any info on Nadia. She has been advertising heavily in Moncton for the last week, seems to be from the Fredericton area. Recent ad: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_-6225229
  11. I tried to set up a meeting but she gave me an excuse and backed out.
  12. Same girl/pics has an ad running in Moncton also. One ad was posted at 2:46 and one at 2:48. I'm not saying she's not legit but she's a pretty fast traveller!!!
  13. She's on here as @BoSs BiTcH you can ask her yourself. Or PM me if you have any questions.
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