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  1. Hope everyone is going fine in these time that’s the most important!! I was wondering if anyone as any recos for energic spinner in the Ottawa area, completely different than previous experiences...thanks to all take care!
  2. Good morning everyone, any recent info on the subject listed above (twitter profile) would be much appreciated! thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, anybody as info on Chloe, nice redhead thats is listed here https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_new_squirtacular_d_pthr0at_queen_redhead_alert-5809471 thanks
  4. Well well well, I've been wanting to see this beautiful Lady for sometime now and when I found out she was in town on one of her regular visit I decided to take the opportunity and schedule a rendez-vous with the Lovely Dorinda. Everything leading up to the rendez-vous was very easy, from communications, to screening, eachother preferences, some special request I had, Dorinde kindly accepted it with enthusiam. Now comes that special day, sure enough it's freezing cold again like the weather we had all winter long, but upon arrival and seeing this beautfiul mature lady, I forgot about it, perfect greeting, big hug, perfectly dressed for an early morning appointment. We settle down for some conversation getting to know a little more about eachother, was offered a drink that we shared while having a nice conversation. Dorinda is well spoken, for those who trully take the time to read her add in details will appreciate the time and effort that is put into it and recognize that she's the same in her presence. The flow of the conversation was so natural and as thing progressed our bodies got closer and closer and closer thand some touching and some very passionate kissing. We slowly got our self more comfortbale to proceed with the more intimate and intense part of the morning. Her body is absolutely amazing, I'm sure evryone noticed her perfect curves, as a breast lover I couldn't have ask more!!! As much as I would like to share the marvelous experience I had with Dorinda, I will keep the more explicit details between the two of us. Unfortunately our time can to an end and we had to kiss goodbye until next time. All I have to say is that I plan to repeat and pursue the wonderful adventure we started to develop, I had so much fun and multiple pleasures that it can only get better from now on. Thank you Dorinda!
  5. Can't agree more with Chrystal she's the one you are looking for!!!
  6. That's my type Old Dog, where is she!!!!! nice pic
  7. Ste-Catherine is a sure bet, I like the Dowtown club, and there's many others to have some fun!!
  8. Same here, have been on the board for 428days now, I've got reasons not to post although I have good reputation with the ladies posting is not my type
  9. Got to go with Olive at Pigale, been a while since I've been, she might go under Olivia now as other members mentioned.
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