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  1. bandit


    I was at the Mate on Thursday afternoon and Ruby was there along with Sarah and Delicious-no Adora or SOL. Bandit
  2. bandit

    Pigale's dancers

    Thanks for the tip Kilt Boy I think I've seen Tiffany before and will look for her when I go to Pigale's next. I had Trinity dance for me at Playmate and thought sh was rather conservative. Maybe I'll try her at Pigale's. I also heard that Sol is now dancing at Pigale's. If she is the same one who used to be at Playmate, she is also a bit of Pistol. Lots of possibilities for my nest visit. Thanks again Bandit
  3. bandit

    Pigale's dancers

    Thanks for the update. I like black girls who push the envelope. She'll be missed.I'll have to find a new fav.any suggestions? Bandit
  4. bandit


    Has anyone seen Sol lately? I haven't seen her recently and she hasn't been mentioned in any recent posts. She was a bit of a pistol and I would enjoy seeing her again. Bandit
  5. bandit

    Pigale's dancers

    Haven't been to Pigale's for a while but thinking of stopping in next week. I used to like a black dancer called Cynthia, but I haven't seen her mentioned in any recent posts. Anyone know if she is still around? Bandit
  6. bandit

    Midnight Maya

    Thanks for the info on Maya. A massage spa is probably not the best venue for a fetish session in the long term. The equipment available would be limited and even though a lot of girls indicate fetish availability, one has to wonder how much they a are really into it. However for a first time, I think it gives more security. Maya's profile looks promising and your report adds confirmation. So, I think Maya's the one as soon as I can make the schedules mesh. Thanks again. Bandit
  7. bandit

    Dawn Love

    love the pics,especially #1 with the boots. Are you still available in Ottawa? Bandit
  8. Has anyone had any fetish experience with Midnight Maya. Although her reviews as an MA are excellent, she also advertises a domme experience which is never mentioned. I've never tried the "dark side" and thought a massage studio might be a less intimidating venue for a first time. Any thoughts? Bandit
  9. bandit


    I see Ivory is now working for ALO. Her pics are smoking hot, but I've seen no reviews and she seems to move around a lot-formerly at Paradise and Vibe I believe. Has anyone seen her? Bandit
  10. bandit


    Has anyone seen Sol at the Playmate lately. I saw her last about 6 weeks ago or more and she said she was heading out of town for a while. I was wondering if she has been back.She's quite a pistol!! Bandit
  11. bandit

    Pigale's dancers

    Decided to change it up today, going to Pigales rather than the Playmate. Lot more girls so deciding which ones was much harder. Three girls caught my eye- Kelly, Jenny and Trinity. Couldn't seem to connect with Kelly and Jenny but spent some quality time in C-room with Trinity. Very nice. Hope to be back soon. Bandit
  12. bandit


    I was also there yesterday, but a little later. Seemed pretty quiet-not a lot of patrons. While the manager didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to the champagne room, activity there seemed a little light (I wasn't counting). I'm wondering if the manager's attitude hasn't put a bit of a chill on the atmosphere in the place. I took Adora to the champagne room but even she seemed more restrained than usual, even though she typically doesn't push the envelope like some of the other girls do. Bandit
  13. bandit


    I was thinking the same thing. Dancers would take their more "exciting" activity potentially reducing risk of police intervention while obtaining more revenue from activity upstairs. Clients would be the only loser. Bandit
  14. bandit


    Dropped in the the Mate on Tuesday afternoon. My favorite, Adora was not in, nor was Vegas. Delicious was in but rather busy so I didn't get to talk to her. However two other girls saved the day. My first visit to the CR was with Sol. She is not the same Sol who dances at Pigale. Very acomodating in the CR. Unfortunately, she is headed out of town for a few weeks. My second visit was with a girl named Taya (sp?), a curvy black girl. very friendly and good mileage. I'd like to see her again but she rarely comes in oon Wednesday when I'm usually in. All in all a very entertaining afternoon. Bandit
  15. bandit


    Dropped into PM on Thursday aft. It was pretty quiet so had a long visit with Adora, followed by some fun in the CR. She is such a gem. Delicious was there also but no Sol or Vegas. By the way is Sol at PM the same girl who dances at Pigales sometimes? Saw Candy and Cally also wearing those high high boots. They sure make her stand out!! Bandit