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    Welcome and thanks kindly for dropping by my profile.
    Don't be "shy" and say "hi" leave a note.

    I'm a mature gent who enjoys the company of fine ladies, with good manners. I have a crush for well groomed hands, so if you are a lady and have nice filed nails, do not hesitate to contact me ! We never knowâ?¦

    I thoroughly love all women, either blonde, red or brunette, with small or medium size boobiesâ?¦ and even tiny ones !

    I'm a very respectful gentleman and will alway respect your limits. I am also very affectionate and will cover your body with small kisses from the top of your head till the tip of your toes (I enjoy footplay).

    Until our paths cross,I look forward to meeting you.

    Warm hugs! Ladies!
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    Hobbying since April 2012. I prefer massage. I have a crave for well-groomed hands.
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  1. detfolk

    eve jolicoeur sur le lit

    I would take a nap with her anytime. 💕
  2. detfolk

    eve jolicoeur en escarpin

    Lovely picture 💓
  3. Hello ����, Has anyone already met this lady? And Lorence Vennes?
  4. detfolk

    I love those lovely hands! :icon_redface:
  5. detfolk

    Emily Rushton (Aka EmilyofToronto)

    Most men will probably drool at Emily's natural curves, and I must say she is indeed one of the most beautiful women I ever saw. But this does not tell it all. Emily is a very smart lady who takes time to chat with you and build a connection. You feel like catching up with an old friend. Emily knows how to put a gentleman at ease. She adapted very well to my specific (non kinky) needs and provided me the sensual experience I wanted. If you act like a gentleman and treat her kind, you will be rewarded!
  6. Exactly what I feel. Additional Comments: When a lady you see on a regular basis makes efforts to bring a little something new each time you visit her.
  7. detfolk

    Sensual Erin

    Visiting Erin is like seeing a wonderful sensual woman for the first time. Each visit is a new journey into sensuality. Erin is a bliss.
  8. detfolk

    Monique Matheson

    Sculptural body, the Hands of a princess,very engaging, sense of humor, playfull... Monique has got it all. If you don't like her you don't like life.
  9. I can summerize Gabriella in one word: bubbly. She makes you feel as an old friend, she is sweet and caring, has perfect manners... and loves to make you feel oooh so gooood. She is quite tall, has magnificient hands, the most beautifull I have seen, with well groomed nails. But the icing on the cake is her fantastic red hair, sweet as silk. I would caress her head for hours. Gabriella is a fine kisser, a very sensual woman with irresistible curves at the right place. She knows how to woo you, for sure. You won't be disappointed if you like a busty (not to much) woman. Gabriella adores a lengthy footplay and she reacts as if you were caressing her love nest. Try to do it when she plays with herself... Beware of squirts! Gabriella masters the delicate art of anal stimulation. She makes sure that you are comfortable at every step, and she respects your limits. If you are not familiar with that, you should book with her without any hesitation. Gabriella makes me happy to be a man.
  10. detfolk

    Sensual Erin and Claire Heavens

    What a great idea! I love Erin, she's so coool, giggles all the time, and classy with that. But I never saw Claire. Any thoughts to share on her?
  11. detfolk

    Jade+CERB= Procrastination

    Cerb is an exciting enclopaedia for life lovers and a grrrreat way to waste your time!
  12. detfolk

    What is in a name?

    I adore the term courtesan, which stems from French "courtisane", a fancy way to designate a sophisticated maitresse...
  13. I was just about to book with a new lady and she emailed to tell that her father had just passed away. Even if I don't know her yet, I feel very sorry and share her grief. Our encounter will be very special.
  14. She is gorgeous indeed! I am drooling...