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    Tom has left us but will not be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tom. We hope the afterlife is full of camel toes!
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  1. Just a note to thank you all for the kind wishes, I too will miss him. He left me with a note to thank a number of people, but I have to convince the funeral director it's ok to dress tom up in those bloody pants, his pink golf shoes and mauve and pink shirt. Plus his 1iron, and a bottle of Glenmorangie 25 year old single malt which I have to get this morning. Never shy was he? Thank you for being so nice. Charles
  2. Tom wanted me to keep you in the loop, he lost hand eye coordination totally this morning, and his speech became very slurred. Told me to pass on he was not even drinking! Seems peaceful at the moment. Promised him I would post on his behalf when he succumbed to this vicious disease Charles
  3. Just a quick message is to thank all my Cerb friends who throughout my journey with cancer, have made me laugh and shed a tear! (Either that or I had gas that day!) You folks have been great. Thx
  4. Yes there are two new grads walking around this morning, with outstanding camel toes. Their nipples were pointed skyward, so I guess it is very cold outside. My new found "friend" from across the hall, came over and shared a glass of gin last night. She goes on full bed rest (odd thing to say when you don't do much all day but lay around!) today, she does not expect to be around much longer. Spoke about sex and positions favourited by each other (odd I know, speaking about sex with someone I barely know). She was too weak and sore to jump on the bed and sit on my face, and I have too many wires attached to go down on her. So she gave me a show, gave me a kiss good night and wandered back to her room. Have not seen the other two, so my options are dwindling fast. Ya, like I have options! Anyway enjoy Super Bowl, have an orgy, drink lots and don't drive. hopefully have another update on tuesday TheLiquor Tom
  5. Hold on there my friend, don't be counting the camels before the elephants come home with chickens....or what ever the saying is. Push for your results, daily . Start investigating options immediately. Start the conversations. Stay positive, have a drink, get laid. Good luck Tom Theliquor
  6. Almost lucid Pain is masked Did not fall over or faint when goin to the bathroom Thinking of my friends on Cerb Play lots Play safe Drink single malt Look for great camel toes Peace
  7. Start with this base line, then you will not be disappointed or pissed off when they truly are jerks, and happy when they are not jerks T
  8. Made it to KW, this respite place is clean and comfortable. I am the youngest male here, but there are four women in their forties. One across the hall is not hooked up to anything or anyone I think and wears short shorts where her butt shows, and nice white tops with no bra. Thinking, while I can, that I may need to join her for a drink tonite and determine if my tongue likes the new environment! No camel toes to report on yet Great pain killers Peace
  9. Got to LOVE Monte Python! Decided, like many before me, this song will be played as the 6 carry me out to the hearse. So to my friends and those who have followed this journey over the past 2 years, the journey is basically at an end. I am getting moved to Kitchener area on Friday to a respite facility where the pain will be medicated stronger than can be done at home. My memory took a rapid turn for the worse on the weekend, and I passed out from pain a couple of times. Probably have no more than 10 - 20 days max before my ashes go onto the driveway....I mean golf course! KW is closer to most of the family and it will make it easier on them. I have had a lucid day and a half, where I sent personalized notes of thanx to some of the very special people I have met, had decidedly naughty conversations with and with those who I have not been able to visit. I am sure I have missed quite a few, and I apologize to them. sigh, so many camel toes and just not enough time!!!!! I have sent a note to organ transplant folks to use my tongue in case anyone wants it. I want to thank you all again for all for the notes and emails sent, it helped me get through the shitty days and I really appreciated it. If I am not too drugged tonight, I will try and get on chat. After Friday, if you want to chat, please send me a note to the gmail address, as it may be more discrete for me to look at. So I will not be attending the next Cerb Spring Social, but I hope you all have naughty fun, end up laughing at all the stupid things I have said and done, and end up with mighty hangovers!!! As previously stated either my brother or a very good friend of mine will come on and let you know how far I got. I will get to the Super Bowl, but not the Masters! Have a shot at the bar in my memory! And when you hear Monty Python being played, smile and think of me. See you on the other side. Peace Tom TheLiquor
  10. Also just remind them at the start of the conversation that you are expressing an opinion, which by definition is neither right or wrong, it is an opinion! Otherwise, just hit them on the nose!.....only kidding
  11. Morning There are a couple of GREAT options for you at both Angels Touch and at Paradise Spa. Based upon my experience, there is always someone to fit to your requirements!!!!
  12. In these nearing end days for me, these two words to me mean the same. I wi do everything possible to stretch out my final days with grace and dignity AND FUN! Also 25 year old Single Malt!!
  13. Second previous comments. Eyes that you could get lost in! An indescribable touch! Not to be missed!
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