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  1. Huh. I did not share your good experience. Don't get me wrong, very sweet and kind woman. However, pics provided were very, very misleading. Other than hair color, everything else was different. Would NOT repeat if only for that.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the info. I was trying to search the images, but not having much luck.
  3. Hi guys, I've seen her post all the time, almost daily. The posted contact number seems to be a US number. I'm assuming it's just another fake ad. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? Thanks!
  4. I have met with her a couple of times... As Katherine said, she is great. Always had a great time with her. I did meet with her early on (when she was just getting started), have not seen her in several months. I would assume the more comfortable she gets, the better the experience would be? Either way, always had great convos with her. And her talents are great too. ;)
  5. Yep, I've met with her once... All I can say is picture do not do her justice. Very beautiful woman. Amazing body. Very friendly and smart. Great convo as well. Could not have asked for a better! Will again and highly recommended!!
  6. Well, first for the nuts & bolts, so to speak... Alanna is stunning. Amazing body, beautiful face... perfection really! As pleased as I was with how stunning she looked when she opened the door, I would soon discover that was just the tip of the iceberg! We shared a couple of glasses of wine over conversation, and I'll admit, that was probably my favourite part of our time together. What an intelligent woman!! And so friendly!! I have never experienced anything like it... very pleasantly surprised. Our time on the bed, without going into detail, was equally amazing. So receptive... A one of a kind as far as I am concerned! Sexy, smart, drop dead gorgeous, funny... perfection!! I would see Alanna again in a heart beat. I will for sure see her again if she ventures to the Island again.
  7. I have been to everyone... and I bring my camper. Don't leave the place for the whole weekend! It's an amazing time...
  8. Had the chance to meet with Sam on Thursday... I loved everything about the experience. To give you a bit of backround, just went through a very crappy separation after a 17 year marriage. I had been in the dumps for months.... I decided to meet with Sam after ready a few good recos on her. Well let me tell, she was perfect. I had not felt like that in years! I still have a smile on my face 3 days later! She is a sweetheart and I will for sure be meeting her again. And as an FYI, her skills in the bedroom were amazing as well.
  9. Hello all, Met with her one night a few weeks ago. Was going to leave a reco. sooner, but was in the middle of moving at the time. First of all, the location rating of 5 might be a bit misleading. The inside of the place itself was quite nice and comfortable. I just didn't find the area to access her place all that great. It was pretty late at night, but there still seemed to be a lot of people sitting around in cars and stuff... just seemed off. But had no problems either way! Had a great time that night... left me very happy and very satisfied. Plan to meet with her again soon. Was very friendly and seemed to really want to please!
  10. Ummm, if she even still around?? Have not seen the name come up in a bit...??
  11. Amen brother!!! I got out of a very long term relashionship for this very reason... I may be getting older, but hell I wasn't dead!!!
  12. Couldn't have said it better!! Lot 30 is one of the best in town for sure. The only thing I might add to the list, if your a pizza lover, try Famous Peppers. They are just up the road from Lot 30. Best pizza I have had bar none!
  13. In my case, it's a bit different... I am recently out of a 17 year relashionship. I do not in any way want to even date right now, or any time soon. Still have needs to fill... and to be honest, most of the girls I have met are nicer, more affectionate and just plain more fun then I have had in my life!
  14. More then I could tell you guys... I can say that my buddy has always had only good things to say. I have never seen any of the girls that work there...
  15. They were as of the summer... I've never used their services, but of friend of mine did. I'll see if I can get in touch with him and see if they are still active...
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