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    Not an SP. Just looking for NSA and no drama. Full time mom, worker bee with little time for full on dating
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    32 years old, mom to 1, friend to many

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  1. Connected with a gentleman that I had seen a couple of times last year while I was an escort. Nice connecting with you again winer guy 🙂. You're such a sweety

    1. winerdiner


      awe! Blushing😘

  2. Can anyone help me? The sun seems to have disappeared. My bikini is very sad to be trapped in the bottom drawer.  I know a sun dance if you'd like to learn the steps :). I prefer not to move back to Australia!

    sun please!.jpg

  3. Maybe we could get together and just talk and try kissing. See what that's like. It doesn't have to be more than that

    1. JessicaKing


      I sent you a pm 😉😘

  4. curiousgirl32

    Dana French

    Love that look on you😘
  5. It's been a rough week. I need a good all over massage. A hug would be nice too! Volunteers?

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    2. katie


      We have those weeks, at times. I hear ya... 😘


    3. letsplay_57


              :classic_rolleyes:of course I could.& you know I want 2.....    473852633_tongue1.png.d0085566a4010e87d9c35ac1b0941144.png

    4. curiousgirl32


      Thanks for the thoughts guys 😘😘

  6. I like your Personal Information...:P  I wish I lived closer!!

    1. curiousgirl32


      thanks 🙂

  7. curiousgirl32

    Love this outfit!
  8. Can we skip spring and go straight to the beach please

  9. curiousgirl32

    Soft dom

    I could be coerced 🙂
  10. curiousgirl32

    School Girl

    Love it!
  11. curiousgirl32

    IMG 20180516 125817 246

    great for the core!
  12. curiousgirl32

    I.G jessiejamess 100 % real pics

    I love polls!!
  13. curiousgirl32


    Would love to share erotic fantasies with you Kitten!
  14. curiousgirl32


    OMG, I love that look. I would love to be that daring