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  1. are you saying i post in the wrong place? if so im so sorry. i rarely post.
  2. hello gang!!! has anyone has any experience with honeyjacck she is posting on leolist many times in the past weeks but no number, no email, no contact,,, only snapchat witch i never use, https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_video_preview_the_best_gifts_come_in_small_package-6101730 let me know thanks!!
  3. hey everyone. im looking for a place that we can have a massage while being in a bathtubs or spa. i experience a few places but i was just wondering if there is any here in ottawA. thx
  4. nice for sure i will take a apointment for the next morning.
  5. it happen to be the same thing that happen to me. the face does not look the same but hard to notice since they cover in the pic.. but the body was way different. but i went ahead with service. i was happy. wish picture were real..
  6. looking is there any escort that start early in the morning. i like to visit around 7:30 to 8:45am. just before work to have a good day start!!!! or any recomention!
  7. thx but tge problem with her does not march my schedual.
  8. hello everyone. looking for filipino ladies! i know there is sexyplaymia but im looking for more? any idea? thx for the info everyone. great site great people and ladies here will allways have my respect! thx.
  9. Awsome. Thx. I will post the result if I like in the right forum.
  10. im looking for a girl that can do a nice massage with spa, (relaxing) I want to experience something different exemple, spa or bath, massage full body, I think they call nuru massage, im shy but ill put directly what I mean, at the end you feel so mutch tease that she play with the dick at the point you can't hold. no need for sex, but a nice ending. something to remember,, :icon_biggrin: I experience nice escorts, all very nice. anyone have suggestion to help, I hope im clear,, if not I can link a video I found. http://www.spankwire.com/Innocent-massage-leads-to-a-happy-ending/video215708/ thx for the help everyone!
  11. quick question, does anyone know a clinic you can go for testing and if they find anything on you they dont contact the health office? its by experience in the past it happen to me and my gf didn know she had chlamidia.
  12. quick question, if your tested positive fro chlamidia or other theyt still contact the health office i believed,,, i think many men specialy if they still have wife are afraid to get check and they get reported.
  13. had the same experience, was not crazy about yuri, but i had to try again, sofia, this girl was so cute, for sure ill ask for her again, her smile,her body,so gentle, soft skin, im not crazy about asian but her i recomend strongly.
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