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  1. A Few Over The Past Few Days....Well Maybe A Week Or So πŸ˜† Gunpowder Milkshake...if John Wick had a "g" rated, well maybe pg 13 version πŸ˜† this is it...entertaining, quirky, offbeat The Movies That Made Us a series with background on a few movies. Worth a look The Aviator movie about Howard Hughes starring Leonardo Diario and Cate Blanchett. Almost 3hrs long though so strap in πŸ˜† Wrath Of Man new Jason Statham thriller...entertaining And five minutes of my life lost today...I gave AP Bio a look...by five minutes in I wanted to crack the broken chair over teacher's head πŸ˜† five minutes was too much guess what I didn't watch the remaining 2 seasons...DONT WATCH!!! A Hopefully Mostly Positive Recommendation/Review Rambling RG
  2. Picked Up My Prescription...well one of them Then to the cheese factory πŸ˜‹ πŸ§€...got 10 Year Old Cheddar...Makes extra old seem like extra mild mozzarella πŸ˜† and Mozzerella with Onion nice as a nibbler and Salsa Cheese and JalapeΓ±o and Red Chillies cheese (not for children...very hot) and of course a bag of fresh curd...for lunch I see macaroni and cheese and nachos and some nibbling too in my future πŸ˜‹ A Hungry Rambling RG
  3. Geez NJ I'm beginning to think you should start a forum called "laundry day" πŸ˜†. It has my vote A Off The Cuff Quick Rambling RG
  4. A Few...Quite A Few Things Actually Rent Credit Cards Rogers Cogeco Groceries Gas A (Now) Broke Rambling πŸ˜† RG
  5. Well my First of I hope many CPP payments came...a tad late, it was to start in April but it finally came All those contributions I made since I was 18 paying off now πŸ˜† A Happy Rambling RG
  6. First Erection πŸ˜†...could be that too, politician campaigning so they can win office and stick it too us πŸ˜† 😳 πŸ˜† RG
  7. And alot of dick measuring takes place on the woman's Russian team πŸ˜† Sorry not sorry A (I hope) funny off the cuff rambling RG
  8. Just plain not interested, not now, not ever. Annoyed me to hear "Your regularly scheduled program is preempted while the Olympics is being broadcast. We will return to our normal broadcasting in two or three (or however long it was) weeks." (or words to that effect πŸ˜†) Probably a Minority Opinion Rambling RG
  9. Agree GT...Its sad to say but that is the face of politics...and why I'm a card carrying "political Agnostic"...its not a case of picking the best, it's a case of picking the least bad of three bad choices Still do my civic duty though. But I have no delusions RG
  10. Got to thinking (I know...dangerous πŸ˜† ) after a thread in Twitter about your teenage years vs now (I'm very poorly paraphrasing the topic) and also day to day in the news talk of politics so my thread combining the two...how many remember the first time they voted be it federal, provincial or municipal politics. My first election, when I was 18 years old was when Joe Clark PC ran against Trudeau Liberal (that's Pierre Elliot Trudeau, not Justin πŸ˜† ) and Joe Who won a minority government. Flora MacDonald (Kingston and the Islands, riding where I lived at the time) won as MP and became External Affairs Minister. Anyhow that's the first of many elections I voted in. I did my civic duty although did it affect any change...I doubt it πŸ˜† πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜† Does anyone remember and care to share their first time voting A nostalgic political rambling and likely dumb post...well thread of the day RG
  11. In this new world you need to watch what you say and where you say it... πŸ˜†
  12. Confirmation received in the mail today (snail mail not email πŸ˜†) from Service Canada. My CPP application received, processed and approved (its about time) and they confirmed my first cheque...well direct deposit πŸ˜† comes on July 28th. Better yet their estimate of my monthly payment earlier was a little low I'm going to get $80.00 more a month πŸ˜ƒ This is all posted with the caveat that CPP had botched up my pension application already...my first cheque should have come in April. So fingers 🀞 and I'll 100% believe it when I see πŸ‘ it A Hopeful Rambling RG
  13. Got my second shot of Pfizer on July 5. From everything I've read it takes two weeks for the vaccine to build up in your body so you're immune. Today is the two week mark so (touch wood) now I'm immune No more masks πŸ˜† ...JUST KIDDING EVERYONE. I'm still practicing masking, social distancing, hand washed etc. The vaccine just one more "weapon" in the coronavirus fight...not to mention I'm sick enough 🀣 A Fully Vaccinated Rambling RG
  14. Nicholas Cage version...he didn't ham it up enough for me though πŸ˜† A Hamless Rambling RG πŸ˜†
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