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  1. roamingguy

    The Don Cherry "incident"

    I agree with you about DC but he could have a political future...well sort of LOL. If I want to see a clown I'll go to McDonald's and hope Ronald McDonald is there LOL Trudeau, I also agree with you. How he won (albeit a minority) the only reason is the CPC's leader Scheer who holds discriminatory views on LGBT and woman's rights. Frankly and JMO Scheer seems more a fit for the PPC, and Canada spoke there, no PPC in Parliament. Just a prediction but Scheer is going to be gone as CPC leader in April. Trudeau only got in with a minority because he was the best of the worst choices. Canadians as a whole are too uncomfortable with the idea of the NDP in power but if Singh was either leader of the Liberals or CPC then a Singh led Liberal or CPC party would be in power. Just my opinion, that's all But Scheer needs to be gone if the CPC wants to get in. And Trudeau, just the shame of blackface/brownface...what was he thinking. He needs to go too IMO. The only bright side of this is we don't have Donald Trump (how's that for swerving away, DC to Donald Trump LOL) RG
  2. roamingguy

    The Don Cherry "incident"

    Maybe not, maybe they needed an excuse to fire him, this gave them the excuse to do so. Hockey followers can correct me if I'm wrong (I may be I don't follow hockey, not to mention listening to a Blowhard aka Don Cherry not my idea of fun) but isn't Hockey Night In Canada owned by Rogers which has looser (for lack of a better word) standards than if it was CBC. Again I may be wrong but shooting it out as a possibility. Along those lines if there was no public outcry do you think DC would have been fired???🤔 Makes me glad I have Netflix LOL DC can always join the PPC RG
  3. I had it in regards to some other matter. It took about a week to resolve but got resolved although a personal response not given. I don't think it's so much a absence of support as it is (I'm guessing on this) that CerbMod and Mod_Cat are doing moderator duties in addition to their outside life (reiterate I'm just guessing here) I think they're doing what they can to keep Lyla running. But this isn't their full time 24/7 job. Of course this may just be guessing (yes reiterating this again for the 3rd time LOL) on my part A rambling RG
  4. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Highlight Of The Day (well both yesterday and today) Took a three block walk (well six counting it being a round trip yesterday) and today walked to the grocery store (round trip over a mile so not really far but...) I walked with no limp, no pain in my knees and able to climb the stairs two at a time. The exercises the doctor prescribed are working, and now I'm going to add a daily walk (even in Winter) to my routine. And I've been home for an hour now, knees not hurting at all😃 Fingers crossed I won't need surgery, at least for now, maybe down the road but who knows. You don't appreciate the basics like walking till it's a painful task to do all the time A rambling RG
  5. Back from the doctor's office...Beatrix Kiddo's doctor that is She got her first check up, booster shots plus rabies, and parasite exam Oh and special order kitten food too My VISA took a hit LOL But she's my daughter after all...one that likes toilet paper at times, but still my daughter LOL RG
  6. Today took a bit of a road trip Picked up my prescription...well some of the drugs I take Then went to Mark's Work Wearhouse (touted as the biggest one, don't know how true that is) and bought a pair of jeans and some socks. The jeans, just because 🙂 and the socks,well it was about time don't you think LOL 😂 And on the way home my truck said it was thirsty so I filled it up RG
  7. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Real Special Highlight Today. I hardly walked with a limp (my knees bother me) Doctor has me doing twice daily exercises and today I really noticed a difference. Still a slight, ever so slight pain, but I didn't need to limp😃 I'm going to continue the exercises and touch wood, maybe I won't need surgery or it'll be down the road a ways (I hate surgery, just the laser surgery on my eye was bad enough for this big baby) Keeping My Fingers Crossed for no surgery RG
  8. New snow shovel (the blade on the old one, it was cheap plastic, was cracking) for the truck (decided it's better to be safe than sorry and Winter's around the corner) Breakfast Bag of fresh curd and block of 7 year old cheddar Renewed my Medic Alert And Thats All Folks RG
  9. Agree with Greenteal, 18 is JB territory And TOFTT...OldandNerdy is right, you should be the one to TOFTT and get back to Lyla members with either a recommendation if deserved or a warning if JB RG
  10. Require a deposit from potential clients and don't consider that you have a booking until a deposit is received. JMO Legitimate clients have no problem with a deposit, those clients who intend to be NCNS are the ones who don't like them. Again JMO Good Luck RG
  11. A day late (but it was the last thing I bought) A automatic feeder and automatic water dispenser plus a scrunchie catnip toy for Beatrix Kiddo RG
  12. A few things today Weekly breakfast out so...breakfast Then went to the cheese factory, picked up a bag of fresh curd (dinner), some 7 year old cheddar (makes extra old taste like mild), salsa cheese and jalapeno & red chili cheese (not for children) I'm coming off of keto tomorrow and plan nachos for dinner tomorrow as a treat After the cheese factory got gas, just a top up ($34.00) And then picked up a few groceries A rambling RG
  13. roamingguy

    Hourly Hotels

    You might try near the airport. Sometimes hotels by an airport have a day rate. Don't know about Stanfield Airport, just a general suggestion, something you might want to check out RG
  14. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    I mentioned the lines being painted in the parking lot yesterday as a Highlight of the Day with the bonus, my spot is away from the trees. Well this morning I went out and not only is my spot away from the trees it's right next to the apartment building entry door. Couldn't ask for a better spot. Only took eleven years LOL RG
  15. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    After years of being promised "this year we're painting lines in the parking lot" today (well this evening) the lines are almost finished being painted. As a bonus my parking spot is away from the trees which means my truck won't be covered in leaves RG