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  1. Today more (boring) spending. Picked Up and Purchased a couple of my prescriptions and got gas for the truck.⛽ A Rambling RG
  2. Stumbled across a TV series yesterday "New Amsterdam" Hospital series. Think of it as "St Elsewhere in the 21st Century" LOL 😆 A Rambling RG
  3. Paid some bills...Cogeco, Rogers, VISA Mastercard, Rent. Got groceries And had to go (and pay) for my physiotherapy All in all today was a busy day A Rambling RG
  4. Oh you mean photo albums lol Back in the day (mid to late 1960s) when dad was posted in West Germany Friday nights he hauled out the slide projector something like this and we'd watch one carousel of slides. No TV...well English TV where we were. So slides were our TV lol A Flashback Rambling lol RG
  5. Aww Thank You Deanna 😊. And wishing you a Happy Valentines Day Too A Blushing Rambling RG
  6. It's not a bikini its two covid masks 😆 RG
  7. Just started watching a mini series on Netflix this morning "The Sinner" Already into Season 1 Episode 5 Probably be finished by tomorrow 😆 Good show...entertaining, I recommend it for whatever my recommendations are worth 😆 My Impersonation Of Siskel & Ebert Movie Reviewing 😆 RG
  8. Back in 2011 I posted (I was working back then) that my dream job would be retirement. Well life threw a curve and I took retirement a little earlier than expected (Oct 2013) but it's worth it...except for bad knees still not repaired lol and coronavirus, retirement has turned out to be a dream job BTW I'd have bad knees if still at work and COVID would be compounded where I worked (in a prison, one that had an outbreak of coronavirus...I'm lucky to have missed that) A Rambling RG
  9. You'd probably have better luck posting this topic in the PEI Forum on Lyla, not here, General Discussion Area All Of Canada. Good Luck RG
  10. Fries in mayo...I picked that up as a kid when dad was posted to West Germany. Even today it's my preferred way of having fries Butter on pizza crust...gotta try that Same with onion rings and honey A Stomach Growling Rambling RG
  11. Something Simple Hotdogs in a Bun with onions and mustard 🌭 Just simple comfort food RG
  12. I'd like to nominate Athena Lust. A lady who's both on Lyla and Twitter bringing a ray of positivity with her upbeat shout outs A Rambling Good Luck Athena RG
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