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  1. Fruit Salad...of sorts A salad with tomato, avacado, onion, black olives and bleu cheese...with a homemade oil and vinegar dressing Washed Down with a Becks no alcohol beer For desert a smoothie...haven't decided if mango, blueberry or strawberry yet A Rambling RG 😋
  2. Donald Trump's kids..well one of them either returning from a hunting trip or about to go on a "hunting"...??? trip 😆 A Sick Perverse Rambling RG
  3. Oh they're not scared, laughing but not scared 🥺 A Humble Humourous (I Hope) Rambling RG
  4. Well less, actually not a super power at all...I wish I have (and had) perfect health. Not only for the obvious reason...health, but also my bedside table wouldn't look like a pharmacy 😆 But since the thread is a wish for any super power I wish I could, with the blink of an eye transport myself anywhere worldwide be it for an evening, an overnight or more and come home when I feel like it A Rambling RG
  5. Big Highlight Of The Day...Maybe The Rest Of My Life Finally saw the Orthopedic Surgeon today, after quite a long wait. He did a physical exam on both knees, checked my MRI on the left knee and so on and so forth and long story short, both knees need to be scoped. And both knees it's a torn meniscus. Better news, the wait for surgery is a few months, not a year to three years as I was led to believe. Even better, it's outpatient no need for an overnight stay in hospital Next step is xrays...appointment booked for next Wednesday I know it's still a bit of a ways away but looking forward to being able to walk without using a cane...you don't appreciate your joints till you don't have full use of them A Rambling RG
  6. I'm currently owned by Beatrix Kiddo, Brat for short. I rescued her approximately two years ago, now the only thing, when do I get rescued from her?...😹 A I Guess Feline Rambling RG
  7. Pot Roast...done in the Crock Pot Cooking away now...will be ready at 5pm Only down side to cooking with a slow cooker is cleaning the mess up after dinner Otherwise A Yummy 😋 Rambling RG
  8. Movie "No One Gets Out Alive" Series "Squid Game" And just started watching...."Seinfeld"...the series is now on Netflix A Rambling Over Cup Number One ☕ RG
  9. Topped up the gas tank today...road trip to Peterborough Monday and yesterday's trip for breakfast cost me a bit of gas ⛽ And got windshield washer fluid...damn light in truck 🛻 says washer fluid level low...well not no more 😆 A Rambling RG
  10. A few more films not to see Sadly I did 😢 The Poison Rose 👎 The Tax Collector 👎 --------------- One, neither recommendable nor non recommendable is "Lansky"...at best a 6 out of ten IMO Time to watch a repeat 😆 A No Recommendation Rambling. The opinions expressed here today are mine and not the tv station's 😆 RG
  11. A few...very few Breakfast, bacon and eggs (our weekly breakfast club met today for the first time since the covid crisis...nice to see familiar faces after over two years) Paid Rogers and Cogeco bills 🙁 Bought new prescription glasses 🤓..Nike frames. BTW I had to pay a deposit (well I paid in full) for the glasses even though the glasses won't come in for a week or so. Just saying, for those who don't think deposits are a fact of life, not just in this lifestyle but everywhere. Oh and yesterday picked up some of my prescriptions. Now my bedside table looks like a pharmacy again 😆 A Rambling RG
  12. It ruins the salty/oil taste 😋 of pizza. Put pineapple on pizza I'd need double anchovies to boost the salt count 😆 Now in all seriousness I don't care what people like on their pizzas, just keep pineapple away from mine. Everyone should enjoy food...pizza or whatever the way they like, not the way others tell him/her how to eat it A Rambling RG
  13. Just thinking outloud here...please don't ban me 😆 Thought One. Just wonder how many of these people are just consumers of Lyla and never become contributors. Not just lack of posts in other forums but no recommendations posted if they did have a date with a companion they sought to find out about (caveat if she didn't want a reco then not posting one is appropriate) Thought Two. Am I the only one who wonders if these members are bona fide clients or just guys who might likely contact a lady for free pics and never book a date nor intended to book a date. Thought Three Is it just me or does it seem the day a question is asked is the very same day they join...or am I wrong? And one comment. It's obvious that some of the new posters don't take time to read the rules and don't navigate/explore the site before posting. How many times have (hypothetical example) we seen posts like "Has anyone seen XYZ in Toronto" posted in General Discussion Area forum when it should be posted in the Toronto forum.If new members want Lyla members to put out effort to help them, shouldn't the new members put minimal effort (eg read rules etc) in before posting? Whew A Long Winded Rambling Don't Ban Me Please RG
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