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  1. Posted on Twitter this morning, thought it was funny so for those not on Twitter here it is🙂 RG
  2. roamingguy

    What is for supper tonight?

    For dinner tonight it was steamed asparagus with garlic and lemon juice topped with feta cheese. Washed down with a Becks (no alcohol) beer For desert, a banana and peanut butter smoothie using organic peanut butter. The only peanut butter was crunchie....but my Vitamix blended it smooth RG
  3. Went to get some groceries today (I like my fruits and veggies fresh) Decided for a treat I'd get a jar of Strubs full sour pickles. When I put the groceries in the truck the bag holding the pickles toppled over, and the jar of pickles fell to the pavement...jar broke and pickles laying all over the place😭 I cleaned up the broken glass and most of the pickles too, and came home and had a cry...I was looking forward to a Strubs LOL😂 Tomorrow I'll try again (buying them that is, not breaking them)😂 A pickleless rambling LOL RG
  4. Took a little drive to the city to take my truck to Krown and get it rustproofed. RG
  5. Well I still live in smalltown, Ontario but we have grown🙄We now have a Timmies (closes at 10pm) and even a McDonalds😲(truth be told its off the 401 attached to the Shell gas station) Still no Canadian Tire though the population has grown to 11,844. Mind you that isn't just the town proper, but surrounding villages, hamlets and communities included in the population stats. OK I bored you enough, you can all go back to sleep LOL RG
  6. Actually if true (and I hope not) it flies right in the face of Lyla rules https://www.lyla.ch/faq/category/1-rules-welcome-letter/ (here is part of it copied/pasted) "Welcome to the site! PLEASE READ THESE RULES: - No Slander - Post only positive recommendations! This is not a review board! - No advertising prostitution related services or advertising sites offering such things - No posting nude photos or photos depicting sexual acts. Yes this site is adult but we do not allow porn - If you do not have anything nice to say don't say it!" If true and this character posts something slanderous, a negative review and/or something not nice to say report it to Moderator for action. It seems to me it flies in the face of Lyla (Cerb) policies and character and is more suited (unfortunately) to erb like boards Good Luck RG
  7. I just wanted to Thank Evelyn for a wonderful evening last night. My hearts still pounding and I'm still stumbling around weak in the knees...but the hurt...hurts oh so good. The stumbling and heart pounding were well worth it 🙂 Thank You Again Evelyn. I will be posting a recommendation of our date (after your review) on Lyla within a day or so, but wanted to say Thank You A Morning After Happy Rambling 🙂 RG
  8. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Finished packing (well almost packing, couple things left to pack in the morning) Whole day I've been weak in the knees and my heart pounding in anticipation of my date with Evelyn Underwood. Just hope the heartbeat doesn't get so bad 911 has to be called for fear I'm having a heart attack LOL But it looks like my hiatus is over 🙂 Now just got to make it to Toronto 🙂 RG
  9. Me Again LOL And a Day Late...but my purchases required a bit of a road trip, so I was up early and once home I had a bit of my nap First was picking up my prescription. Then I went to the optician to pick up my prescription glasses...and as a bonus my Maui Jim prescription sunglasses were in (so I had to pay for them) They weren't expected for another week Then got my fishing licence...hopefully going out this week Gassed up the truck...that hurt LOL And last but not least...groceries, I like my fresh fruits and vegtables fresh A day late rambling RG
  10. Don't know the fine but the cost of paying the ticket could be less in real dollars than the cost of fighting it (travel costs to court or lawyers fees, time spent in court, could tie up better part of a day) not to mention irrespective of all myths about a "just" justice system, the outcome in court could very well decided against the alleged speeder, kind of a coin toss. And any factual errors on the ticket need to be dealt with in court too, for a Justice Of The Peace (or Judge) to see and decide on Pay the fine, it's dealt with and done...off the plate And don't forget about it hoping everyone else forgets about it too. It may come back to haunt the person (at time of D/L and plate renewal etc) And while no personal knowledge I believe different provinces Transportation ministries computers "talk" to one another (not to mention the ticket I believe, not sure would show up on the person's insurance company's computer system too) Long and short, if me I would deal with the ticket one way or another and personally I'd just pay the fine. JMO of course Just for reading interest though, this Globe and Mail article https://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commuting/will-a-speeding-ticket-be-dismissed-if-the-cop-wrote-my-address-incorrectly/article29313993/ Just a few thoughts RG
  11. Time for an oil change so this morning truck went in got the oil changed...good thing too since I got an upcoming trip to Toronto to see a lady Speaking of which I stopped at the LCBO to pick up a bottle of wine for the date too A rambling while my heart's pounding in excitement over seeing this lady again RG
  12. Wonder if she also "works" out of Ottawa since thats her number LOL Advice...think with the big head LOL RG
  13. Flag Number Two...this Halifax 🙄 companion has a 613 area code number for texting and 917 exchange I believe is Ottawa. And Flag Number Three...(only in light of other flags raised) I don't use LeoList myself but the few times I have perused the site the ladies advertising (for the most part) have verified pictures. How careful LL is in verifying a photo I don't know but this profile has no verified pics so I doubt (highly doubt) the woman in the picture is the woman you'd meet I don't think you'd be giving her a deposit, more like a non refundable donation and the money would be like her...you'd never see either one, the money ever again and her ever at all My Two Cent Contribution To This Thread RG
  14. Wallet hit hard today LOL Bought a pair of hiking boots...the old ones starting to look a little rough around the edges now Couple tshirts A pair of lounge pants Couple pair of socks Big purchase...decided to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. Ordered and bought a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. Was thinking of Oakleys but in prescription they would be $$$$$ The MJ's while not cheap are about $$$ Should be in, in about two weeks. RG😎
  15. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Well two weeks from today I have a date with Evelyn Underwood. Just sent semi semi semi final confirmation today, and my heart's pounding with excitement over seeing her again. Getting so weak in the knees I'll have bruises from tripping and falling LOL RG