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  1. roamingguy

    What makes you say " WTF?"

    Commentary on those who complained about the Amber Alert https://globalnews.ca/news/4968211/commentary-complaints-about-ontario-amber-albert-are-petty-and-selfish/ RG
  2. roamingguy

    What makes you say " WTF?"

    It was a sickening way to wake up this morning, hearing on the radio the father arrested for killing his 11 year old daughter (sorry guess we should say allegedly killing, he hasn't gone to Court yet) What ads to this sickening story is the attitude of some people that the Amber Alert woke them up...like FFS the police want to save a child's life and use this as a tool to do so. Unfortunately it didn't work in time, but to complain your sleep got disrupted, frankly it's sickening. And BTW twice I was awakened because of two alerts...so what. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/disappointing-and-upsetting-peel-cops-shocked-after-amber-alert-for-missing-girl-draws-complaints I bet a lot of those complainers are parents who'd like all stops pulled out including using Amber Alert if it was their child abducted. Complainers should be ashamed My WTF and rant over RG
  3. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    For The Winter Mungo Jerry In The Summertime Bryan Adams Summer Of 69 The Lovin' Spoonful Summer In The City Don Henley Boys Of Summer Seals And Croft Summer Breeze Does that warm everyone up a bit...especially those who hate Winter RG
  4. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Went grocery shopping today, got $10.00 off the bill.....had that many points on my Air Miles card. Air Miles better return than roll up the rim LOL RG
  5. Nothing exciting, some groceries....including another 6 pack Becks beer and a box of Keurig Starbucks Sumatra coffee K Cups No haven't run out of coffee or beer, just seemed the thing to do, stock up 🙂 RG
  6. roamingguy

    I need your help !

    Hello Katrine Check your email from my protonmail account...it may have something you're looking for Good Luck RG
  7. roamingguy

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    Keep in mind the multiple account notification system helps to keep that in check. I believe, and cerbmod can correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd need both a different computer and a different ISP if a companion was so inclined to run glowing recommendations/reviews about herself. And to do it for just one recommendation/review might be affordable, to do it to get a lot of recommendations/reviews that's a lot of computers and ISPs to keep changing up. Stops being profitable Not saying it can't be done, just is it really worth it BTW the multiple account notification system has caught suspended/banned former members attempting to rejoin Lyla under a new handle And back in the day, there were ladies of some agency somewhere who got caught using the same account because of the multiple account notification system Of course cerbmod can correct me on any part (or all of this) if I'm wrong RG
  8. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Had the worst (well one of the worst exams ) a guy gets as part of his physical yesterday, a prostate exam, consisting of a DRE 😭 (digital rectal exam) followed by PSA (prostate specific antigen test...just taking blood). Anyhow why a highlight, results back today, results all good. Things like this never concerned me before but considering Dad died of cancer and health wise I had a mini Stroke (Dad had a Stroke years ago) it was in the back of my mind I might have cancer too. Strange how things can play on your mind, all jokes about prostrate exams aside, I thought I might get prostate cancer. It is a relief, didn't know how much. Now a couple more curves in my life to get through then "touch wood" smooth sailing But on the lighter side..... RG
  9. A couple things today actually Windshield washer fluid PSA (prostate specific antigen) test (not covered by OHIP) One of my prescriptions Groceries, including of course a 6 pack Becks no alcohol beer RG
  10. And CRA doesn't ask for payments in the form of iTunes gift cards. Hasn't happened to me but I've heard of it (on the news) happening Also if CRA calls, it would show up (I think, not 100% sure) as a Government of Canada number on call display, not as an unknown number RG
  11. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    TG Sheppard and Clint Eastwood Go Ahead Make My Day 😂 RG
  12. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Robbie Dupree Steal Away RG
  13. roamingguy

    Nine Years And One Day....

    Hmmm food for thought Maybe I need to take another sabbatical LOL Truly that would be a case of TOFTT A rambling RG 🙂
  14. Ago I joined Lyla (well back then CERB) Just realized that now OK, sorry to wake everyone up with such boring trivial well drack LOL (well really doesn't even qualify as trivia) RG