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  1. Back a few weeks ago got this text saying dinner reservations (for a date ) cancelled until further notice. This was when the COVID 19 restrictions were reinstated. So date postponed Well thinking about it...both of us, the lady and I, came up with an alternate date for our date. Even if restaurants still closed (a possibility) there are two options for dinner possible. So with that said the highlight of the day is hotel reservations have been made for our date A rambling in anticipation of a date with a beautiful lady. RG
  2. Spaghetti with meat sauce The meat sauce homemade and cooking away in the Crock Pot as we speak. Should be ready about six o'clock The spaghetti alas isn't homemade LOL...it's Catteli's but it'll do Mouth watering now A hungry rambling RG
  3. On Netflix Trump An American Dream Dirty Money (episodes Slumlord Millionaire and The Confidence Man...actually the whole series) Get Me Roger Stone Half Tongue in Cheek and Half Serious...Pretty F*cking Scary Actually A Sorry Not Sorry Rambling RG
  4. My physiotherapy session today...fortunately my insurance covers most of it so I submitted my claim and should have most of the money directly reimbursed into my account in a day or two And after physio I got groceries, I have a hankering for spaghetti so tomorrow I'll be making spaghetti with meat sauce A rambling RG
  5. Not a movie but watching the series "Halt And Catch Fire" a fictionalized account of the start of the PC business. Slow start but now it's got me LOL (I'm now on Season 1 Episode 9) Detroit about the 1967 Detroit riots and the murders of three African American men by police The Final Year A documentary about President Barack Obama's final year in office A Morning Rambling While Watching Halt And Catch Fire Over Cup Number One RG
  6. Picked up one of my prescriptions today On the way home stopped at the grocery store to top up on a couple things...got a treat or two for myself too Now I'm a few cents lighter but pension in on Wednesday RG
  7. A couple yesterday on Netflix May not qualify as new (as in a new release) but it's my first time watching them The Girl In The Spider's Web (sort of a sequel to The Girl With The Dragon's Tattoo)...this movie requires a little more close attention, so I'll have to watch again laptop set aside LOL The Bank Job And a few days ago I did it...fourth time watching but this time no laptop LOL...Lawrence Of Arabia...I think time wise it's the longest movie I've watched at 3hours 47 minutes. A good movie but fair to say a chore to watch too A rambling RG
  8. Maybe Cogeco is angry at Rogers and Altice USA over their attempts to take them over and side effect is on internet services LOL...I know bad joke but I'm still working on cup number one so I'm not sorry Seriously was there any power outages...last night down here in Smalltown Ontario power was out for about twenty minutes. Did it happen anywhere else and it's having side effects even now on the internet or web server. Just spitballing Otherwise I don't know Time for coffee two A rambling RG
  9. Just finished watching "The Trial Of The Chicago Seven" on Netflix A 2020 movie, originally intended for movie theatres but because of coronavirus it is streaming on Netflix instead A good movie, I recommend it A rambling RG
  10. I'm going to stay in the positive lane because after ten years only twice (two times too many no matter how many years) was I fleeced...and only seven (including those two times) did I have a bad date. Meaning for me overall this lifestyle has been a positive experience. But there was one bad date experience..... Well a picture is worth a thousand words..... A Friday morning laugh everyone LOL A Lighthearted Rambling RG
  11. Guess What???...Yup Time For Cup Number Two Nice Way To Be Reminded Though Thanks A Morning Rambling RG ☕
  12. It sure sounds strange, and no it's not a funny practical joke, it's something that hurts someone's livelihood...yes this lifestyle is for companions their livelihood, their source of income to pay bills, rent, mortgage etc etc etc. You'd have to be pretty sick to do that. How'd you like it if the boss calls you in to your job for OT and once you get there, there isn't any work to do? Closest analogy I can come up with And if it's other companions why would you do something to hurt another lady? And yes, you'd think companions most of all would know stunts like this hurt each other. It's malicious and short sighted to say the least Clients when booking, besides providing screening info can also pay the lady a deposit (or in full) in advance. That way the lady (especially in the case of a new client) knows he's a genuine client, and not going to be a NCNS. Bonus is the business part of the date is looked after before the date even begins (I've already paid three ladies in full for dates that have yet to be scheduled because of the current covid climate...but you'll read about those dates later in the reco forums 😉) Clients (and possibly some companions too) need to stop playing games like this. This lifestyle is, well can and should be a mutually beneficial lifestyle. NCNS "games" benefit no one, not companions nor client A rambling over cup number one RG
  13. Got a phone call from my doctor this morning. The results of my MRI (done on Friday) are in. The news...torn meniscus. Torn meniscus you say, how is that a highlight of the day. Now I'm getting referred to a specialist to see what can be done, after over a year of a knee in pain (normally on a scale of 1-10 the pain is somewhere around 7-9, couple times 10 a good day 5-6...Shouldn't pain level be 0 ???) finally doctors really believe I have a knee injury. Hopefully the knee gets fixed, whether scoped or replaced I still don't know but it'll be better than having to use a cane to walk This is the best Thanksgiving (day late) ever LOL A rambling RG
  14. Yesterday it was a roast chicken (instead of Thanksgiving Day turkey) with baked potato. Today cooking all day in the slow cooker homemade chicken soup...about to put the noodles in a pot of water on the stove My mouth is watering as I write this A rambling RG
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