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  1. roamingguy

    Internet Privacy

    Just to add to what you said, lets not forget old (now defunct) websites. Things like the Way Back Machine may archive websites that have been closed down The saying, "once on the internet always on the internet" has some truth to it A rambling that will last forever LOL RG
  2. Paid for my breakfast out Then bought some windshield washer fluid (not out yet but better to carry extra) Then stopped at the grocery store...getting final items for a pork roast I'm doing in the slow cooker tomorrow...if I got them yesterday they'd wouldn't be good tomorrow RG
  3. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    The Vet called. The cheque reimbursing me (in part) for getting Beatrix spayed (some cats definitely shouldn't reproduce LOL...yes Kiddo I said that about you) was in. Waiting for me at the Vets office was a $100.00, now in my bank account Feels like found money although it just replaces some money already spent RG
  4. A couple on Netflix "The Post" "Molly's Game" "All The Money In The World" RG
  5. Paid my Cogeco and Rogers bill Then picked up groceries RG
  6. Last thing(s) I Purchased...And The Last Purchase(s) Of The Decade Breakfast Out (guess it was last breakfast of the year and decade too 😋) Then I picked up my prescription well prescriptions Got some groceries And finally even though not due till mid January, paid my truck insurance RG
  7. But she's a little brat LOL. Today woke me up before 4am 😲 I need my sleep LOL Told she'll settle down when she grows up...something like 8-12 months of age. She was born in June so keeping my fingers crossed it'll be soon LOL🤞 But I'll pass along your compliments to Beatrix Kiddo, just hope it doesn't go to her head LOL RG (and Beatrix)
  8. Agree With my CIBC Visa it's immediate But my Capital One MC it takes three days...like clockwork The other thing is depending on the card you can pay early or not. My January VISA payment I was able to pay in December but MC requires it's monthly payments made in the month they are due...if I paid it in December as far as MC would be concerned I just made an extra December payment, still a January payment would be owing. RG
  9. Just paid my January credit card bill using on line banking. Yes I know it's still December but it takes three days (why I don't know) before my credit card receives payment meaning January 1 or 2 ??? (factoring in holiday) they actually receive payment. On the plus side January payment really due January 10 so they're happy getting payment early Bills suck though RG
  10. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Well the real highlight comes in April but contacted a lady (I like planning my dates ahead of time😉) for a birthday date. And this morning I got her email back saying "Yes"!!! So I have a birthday (normally at my age nothing to look forward too LOL) that I'm excited is just a few short months away. After 10 years in this lifestyle it'll be my first birthday date. Today I start planning (looking for a hotel etc) The Highlight of the Day is the building anticipation of a date with this lovely lady (assuming I survive the "weak in the knees" falls and pounding heart LOL A Rambling From A Happy RG One who'll be Happier Come April
  11. roamingguy

    What is for supper tonight?

    Yesterday for Christmas dinner had a pot roast (my second time doing one). One thing about a pot roast is you have leftovers. So for today I used some of the pot roast (instead of a steak) and made a cheese steak sandwich (well two, the slices of Italian bread were small)….beef, onion, cheeses (provolone and cheddar)….and damn it was good RG
  12. https://globalnews.ca/news/6073593/canadas-sex-worker-laws-bill-c36/
  13. Greatest Idiot well at least "honourable" 🙄 mention goes to Donald Trump LOL One word (many could be said but..) Impeachment "nuff said RG
  14. Just a thread of some shows watched on Netflix this year worth a watch. Some came out this year, some earlier but saw on Netflix this year. Ozark (Season One and Two) waiting for the next season to arrive Atomic Blonde spy movie starring Charlize Theron The Next Three Days movie Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks The Highwaymen starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson about the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde Rattlesnake In The Tall Grass El Camino (a movie that's a must for any one who's watched Breaking Bad) The Irishman if you liked Goodfellas and the Godfather movies you'll like this In The Shadow Of The Moon About a guy obsessed with tracking and finding a killer Murder On The Orient Express 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds American Made starring Tom Cruise Based on smuggling Iran/Contra drug for guns ???on how historically accurate though Broken (documentary...informative) Don't F**k With Cats Hunting An Internet Killer (documentary about sick POS killer Luka Magnotta) watch with caution The Devil Next Door About Nazi guard Ivan The Terrible Not an exhaustive list, just some I've seen on Netflix this year and worth a watch (maybe) The last two I listed are disturbing, be forwarned A rambling RG