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  1. roamingguy

    A positive thread😊

    This ☝️ ☝️☝️
  2. roamingguy

    A positive thread😊

    Well not a video but a couple of Beatrix Kiddo And her mauling of a roll of toilet paper (that was the second roll BTW) was way before the shortage so it can be posted here now LOL. If she did that now it would be a trip back to the shelter for her LOL (I'm just kidding everyone) RG
  3. This is on Twitter but for those not on Twitter but could benefit I copied it and reposted here Hopefully it benefits some people during this crisis And I just did a equivalent of copy/paste, didn't write it myself RG
  4. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/coronavirus-benefit-how-to-apply_ca_5e7d073bc5b6cb9dc19cd1eb https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/news/2020/03/introduces-canada-emergency-response-benefit-to-help-workers-and-businesses.html RG
  5. Smalltown Ontario has them...Sobeys has it from 7-8am but no age posted, but Rexall Pharmacy has it 55 and over, from 7-8am. Don't know about No Frills, didn't go there. Most frozen fruit is gone too except frozen mangos and strawberries. I topped up on frozen fruit too. All those cars in town must be outsiders taking that 15-20 minute drive to my rural...well small town LOL. Actually I was the only truck parked on the street (strange) when I went out, and parking lot pretty bare too RG
  6. Got up bright and early today to go out grocery shopping. Got misc. groceries especially the essentials....coffee and beer. And the shelves have been bare of toilet paper the past few times I've been out so today got some TP...now I've got plenty Only part I greet with mixed feelings...senior's hours (when no one else shops) is 7-8am, the one store defines a senior as 55 or older, I'm almost 59, I don't want to be a senior yet LOL I'll still go out 8am or later, 7 is too early RG
  7. roamingguy

    Dog's vs Cat's

    Posted this on Twitter but seems appropriate here too under current circumstances. RG
  8. Picked up some groceries...mostly tinned food, frozen food, kitten food and the essentials, coffee and (no alcohol) beer. I could stick it out for two+ weeks if sh*t happens Then picked up another prescription...my bedside table looks like a pharmacy LOL And truck gassed up...so if I'm quarantined I'll be gassed up with nowhere to go LOL RG
  9. https://www.cp24.com/news/travellers-at-pearson-airport-complaining-about-lack-of-covid-19-screening-1.4853799
  10. Cancelling Or Rebooking Your Vacation? Current Policies Of Major Airlines And Hotels https://globalnews.ca/news/6673597/cancelling-vacation-coronavirus/ Since a lot of us use hotels and/or fly thought I'd post this article Kind Of a toss up between posting "In The News" forum or in the "General Discussion" forum...decided to post here RG
  11. Coming back from my mini road trip and someone parked in my spot. It's a clearly marked spot not just with lines but apartment numbers, and a sign clearly indicating this area for tenant parking only, and where guest parking is I pay for the spot, some "guest" (who I found after a bit of a search) decides to make himself at home Should have blocked him in but then I'd block other tenants RG😠
  12. Took a little drive today, went to the cheese factory, bought a bag of curd and couple blocks of cheese (10 year old cheddar, salsa cheese, and jalapeno and red chilli cheese😈...the jalapeno and red chilli cheese eat at your own risk very hot LOL...but it's yummy RG
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/levesque-murder-parole-prison-gallese-1.5485622 Might want to read (if you haven't already) this thread awhile back
  14. Actually should have posted yesterday that's when I made the purchases. Gassed Up The Truck Coffee and (no alcohol) Beer...the two daily essentials of life☕🍺 Then logged on Amazon bought a new wallet (my old one is falling apart) and a couple DVD's for my new tv (John Wick 3, The Clint Eastwood Collection-The Good, The Bad The Ugly, For A Few Dollars More and Fistful Of Dollars) And thats it RG
  15. Got the tv, it's installed and OMG the picture...it's night and day compared to my old Samsung. Watching DVD James Bond "From Russia With Love" a 1963 movie...the colours are just vivid on this tv (and blu ray player) Funny thing is how prices came down, I paid close to $1000 for the Samsung 35" back in 2011-2012 (can't remember exactly when) this 49" LG cost $469.00 Oh and I checked Netflix The Big Lebowski isn't on there 😞 but I'll keep my eyes open for it to watch in the future...Thanks for the suggestion🙂 A Happy Rambling From Someone Enjoying His Early Birthday Present RG