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  1. roamingguy

    Scandalous ;)

    I agree that the story wouldn't have even been written, hell a reporter would have cared less except for the fact she was an escort. Had she just been an aspiring lawyer facing the Bar then we wouldn't have heard a word about her. She would have faced the Bar quietly without press coverage. That said, it doesn't change the fact flags are raised about her discretion, both in the legal profession and as an escort. The confidentiality issues as a lawyer are being dealt with by the Bar. But for clients in this lifestyle at least we've been made aware of her lack of discretion and know that there are more discrete professional companions out there and she's one to avoid. Was that the intent of the Sun, no. They'd likely want to get a "news" scoop on clients she sees so they'd be part 2, 3 4 5 etc etc etc of this "newstory" The only issue about her ability as a lawyer is her apparent inability to keep matters confidential. The only reason we heard about it, she's an escort. And one thing has nothing to do with the other Another rambling RG
  2. roamingguy

    A Companion's Age And Photos

    For me at least, just going back to my civy days of dating, some women 'um how shall we say, adjusted their ages early on. I think, and I'm no expert here, but women believe all guys want younger women. So I assume a lady's age when first given is two or three years younger. And I can understand from a privacy point of view a companion doesn't want her "companion age" to be the exact same as her "real age" But a companion 25 years old in 2010 should have adjusted her website to show she is 32 years old now (my math is right here isn't it? LOL) even if her companion age was a year or two younger than her real age. And potential clients may just remember (I did) her posted age. And just my opinion but I do believe age is more an issue for ladies. Clients, well most clients would be happy seeing companions in their 30s, 40s and 50s. It's just their are some companions that believe all guys want girls in their early 20s. At least that's just my speculation here, I may be wrong and stand to be corrected if so As for photos, again in the three cases (and no I'm not naming names) they are using the photos they had in 2010-2011. I'm not dumb, I saw their sites back 2010-2011 and in fact booked one of the ladies in 2010. The fact they all were in my memory and it's 2018 and I know all about getting older, why use older pictures. JMO but shouldn't a companion update her website photo albums? Even if using selfies from a smartphone if she doesn't want to have a photo shoot done. Just a continued rambling from a client who won't book those three ladies because he doesn't really have an idea now who he'd be booking RG
  3. roamingguy

    Scandalous ;)

    You might have giggled a bit, but it's a lady like that, that cause guys to be reluctant to provide any screening/verification information to any professional companion. She sounds unprofessional, very unprofessional both as lawyer and a companion If she'd leak professional private lawyer to lawyer confidential communications to her Twitter account, what other information given in confidence would she post to her Twitter account...or worse? Sounds like someone to steer clear of, both if you need a lawyer and a companion. Just My Two Cents RG
  4. A Twitter thread (if that's the right term) today got me to thinking of posting this. Recently I was thinking of booking (once the thing affecting my hiatus from this lifestyle ends) dates with a couple ladies I had considered seeing back in 2010-2011 and one I in fact did see in 2010. I first didn't even know if they were still in this lifestyle or retired but that was easy to find out. In all three cases they still had the same (emphasis same) website up. On who was 25 years old in 2010 is still today 25 years old, and her photos the same as used back in 2010. The second companion has adjusted her age but her pictures are from 2010-2011, nothing more recent The third lady, one I did have a date (a good date BTW) with back in 2010 has adjusted her age appropriately. But her photos are the same ones she used in 2010 (and which caught my eye back then as I recall fondly) I get and understand that a companion's age may (or may not) be the same as her real civilian age, and have no real issue with that. But should a companion at least adjust her age yearly. It's hard to believe someone is 25 years old in 2010 and we're almost to 2019 and she's still 25. She should have adjusted her age to 34ish shouldn't she. And not changing your age every year does get noticed by some As for photos, how current should they be? Should photos that were used in 2010 still be in use now on their website/ads as their photos. BTW it wasn't a case of having albums on their website that showed pics from 2010,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 etc etc etc. Their 2010 photos are what they use today to represent who they are now. So questions for discussion (not bashing anyone here or anywhere and all three ladies aren't even on Lyla). How current should a lady's photos be that she uses in her ads/website? And how old should a lady's age be in comparisson to her civilian age (if that's the right phrase) Personally I think clients don't have an issue with ladies when they turn 40 and over but ladies think guys do. But that's JMHO Anyhow a topic for a respectful discussion RG
  5. Give this thread a bump...aka video CPR lol Sorry about Nickelback the last time K C and the Sunshine Band Shake Your Booty RG
  6. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Boz Scaggs Lowdown and Atlanta Rhythm Section Spooky and America A Horse With No Name RG
  7. roamingguy

    Delete account

    Did you PM Mod or cerbmod? Cerbmod now looks after it, not Mod (they are two seperate moderator accounts) RG
  8. I just did look at these pictures and one thing, Earth has a Big Ass, just look at the size of Uranus. Oh don't groan, you're just sorry you didn't say it first RG😂
  9. The next time man (as in mankind) gets wrapped up in his/her own importance in the Universe this is really how insignificant Earth is in the Universe compared to other planets etc Kinda makes you really feel insignificant in the Universal scheme of things doesn't it Oh wait, we can fly LOL RG
  10. roamingguy

    Hello, back again!

    One thing, if you want to use your old username send a PM to cerbmod. He'll need the email you used for your old account plus of course your old user name. He did that for me and merged my new handle with my old Lyla account and deleted the new handle...which was fine by me🙂 BTW the email I used for my cerb/lyla account was defunct so he may just need it for information only to confirm identity, not sure. Just thought you'd like to know in case you miss your old account, cerbmod can merge the two RG (and for a split second roamingguy1 LOL)
  11. roamingguy

    Hello, back again!

    Make That X2 🙂 RG
  12. roamingguy

    What makes you say " WTF?"

    Well just for "fun" 🙄 I thought to post some "newsworthy" 🤢(yes it's sickening to be frank) on todays homepage internet "news" First "How Queen Elizabeth Sends Her Staff Secret Messages" Then "Aide To Markle Quitting As Rumours Swirl About Duchess Difficult: report"...must have something to do with the air fresheners in the chapel and "Princess Eugenie Reveals Why She's So Happy"...do we care really and "See The epic Christmas Tree At Kate Middleton's And Meghan Markle's Palace" again who really cares. That was enough for tonight and for a week or so, just reading the "headlines" daily is bad enough and I'm stuck with it when I log on to the internet Being a "journalist" reporting on daily royal "happenings" is that a promotion or demotion worthy only of cub reporters I'm out Rant Over...For Now LOL RG
  13. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Murray McLauchlan and Down By The Henry Moore RG
  14. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson My Rifle My Pony And Me RG
  15. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Mozart Requiem RG 🎵🎵🎵