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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-premier-announcement-queen-s-park-covid-19-cases-may-24-1.5582369
  2. roamingguy

    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    Thank You. Unexpected but Very Much Appreciated RG
  3. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Just did a random check on the internet and the cheese factory will be opening up it's store June 1st. Guess a little drive is in order that day, get some 10 year old cheddar, bag of fresh curd and we'll see what else awaits me. Store bought cheese doesn't come close in taste to cheese factory fresh cheese JMO🧀😋 Counting the days RG
  4. roamingguy

    Introducing... Member of the Month!

    My nomination goes out to Ms Manda not just for her pics but her positive contributions to Lyla too. My only regret is that last summer when I was in Halifax (well Bedford actually) I couldn't make timings work out to meet Manda in person (damn family obligations LOL) RG
  5. Make sure no one sees you, one whiff and someone might call the paramedics thinking you're infected with covid not realizing you just overindulged in wild garlic LOL RG
  6. Well it arrived today from Amazon, my newer apocalypse outfit. Actually looks a lot like the one in the picture...the second pic that is Need to be appropriately attired for COVID 19 restrictions (and Netflix of course) RG
  7. roamingguy

    3 words better than "I love you"

    "Three dates paid" (BTW true...Covid crisis go away) RG
  8. https://globalnews.ca/news/6952634/coronavirus-vaccine-trials-trudeau/
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/air-canada-layoffs-1.5572596
  10. roamingguy

    highlights of the day

    Got paperwork from Ottawa today. No not application for CERB or anything like that. But it was from Service Canada sending me all the information I need to apply online for my CPP. Bonus I don't have to go into a Service Canada office with paperwork to apply (some of the friends I have 'er had 'er will have breakfast with again...damn covid19 had major paperwork hassles in applying) Come Tuesday I'm applying to get my CPP at age 60. The only down side in less than a year I'm 60 years old LOL The bonus my monthly income goes up substantially come April 2021 Double bonus, that extra money can go to...hmmm I wonder what ☺️ A Happy Rambling RG
  11. Maybe this link has some stickers you might like and could order https://www.redbubble.com/shop/sex+work+stickers Now I said yesterday I did my shopping so would be done for a week and half but noticed today I'm low on xtra strength Tylenols. So I went out this morning to the pharmacy to get a bottle (I need them for my knees, wish to f*ck they'd do the surgery on them but untill the covid crisis is over only essential surgery being done...my knees aren't essential😭...but the left one hurts like hell. While out I gassed up the truck. All things being equal that's it for a week and half RG
  12. Couple purchases over the past few days actually Today I bought groceries including the two most important staples...coffee and no alcohol beer The other day I paid my internet and cell phone bills RG
  13. I've seen Hollywood on Netflix. Good Show, Actually Very Good But All I'll say is I'll pump my own gas Thank You Very Much LOL Couple Movies- Gravity The Interpreter Red Sparrow The Big Lebowski Waco And Right Now Just Started Watching Reckoning RG
  14. Things That Suck...Insomnia. Just couldn't get to sleep last night till about 4am...today just been dragging my a$$ A Tired RG