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  1. roamingguy

    Reviews On SP's

    No not oh gosh the world might end More like read the RULES of Lyla. Here the link for you https://www.lyla.ch/faq/category/1-rules-welcome-letter/ And copied/pasted for you these specific rules PLEASE READ THESE RULES:- No Slander- Post only positive recommendations! This is not a review board!- No advertising prostitution related services or advertising sites offering such things- No posting nude photos or photos depicting sexual acts. Yes this site is adult but we do not allow porn- If you do not have anything nice to say don't say it! If you don't like Lyla's rules about "only positive recommendations", and "if you do not have anything nice to say don't say it" why did you even join this board??? RG
  2. Don't know if it's old(er) age or genetics or what but my knees are going. The aches and pains in both knees has gotten worse. On Sept 25th appointment is made to get them checked out. I don't want to go under the knife (yes I'm a big baby) which is why I've put it off but the pain has gotten to the point I have to do something. Whats worse is I can't take any pain killers, because I'm on low dose aspirin (prescribed by neurologist after my Stroke) and he said I can't take Advil, Tylenol or any pain killers while on it. Wish I drank LOL RG
  3. roamingguy

    Reviews On SP's

    Why do people want to turn Lyla into a review board??? This is a recommendation board, and was a recommendation board when it was CERB. If you want a review board there are boards to choose from, this board offers something different, and doesn't want to be a clone of the rest. As for lack of reviews (well first off should be recommendations) how many complaining of the lack of recommendations don't contribute/post any recos of their own. A board only works when the members contribute to it, not just lurk hoping for something to read. So quick answer as to the lack of recommendations, maybe members just aren't writing any or maybe (another possibility) is that the lady doesn't want recommendations written about her. And if you want reviews boards there are three boards (end with ...erb, plus some others) to choose from. But Lyla was and is a recommendation board and it's rule don't allow negative reviews A rambling RG
  4. My knees in the shape they are no racing here LOL And as a former Fat Bastard BBM kinda covers a few things doesn't it LOL A morning rambling RG
  5. What's worse (speaking about Lyla) if you don't post the race in the template, you don't post a recommendation. If someone is really interested in a recommendation they can click on it and open it up to read...the template would show all particulars there. And how do we really know if race is the one "most important" (beyond name) looked for in reading a recommendation...maybe it's hair colour, age, eye colour etc etc etc. A reader should read the recommendation based on the fact it is a recommendation, if they need additional information (eg race) in the title line before they will read a recommendation there is something not right That said, I really don't believe it is the reason for race being in the title line, I think it's just a glitch in the new Lyla format. I don't remember back in the old CERB/Lyla days having race in the title line. And I believe (although not a computer expert) it is a glitch that can be fixed, it's just they haven't bothered to do so A rambling from RG (bald late 50s if I was in a post title LOL)
  6. Picked up a bottle of wine today, for a very special Date next Friday (a week away now) and I'm already tripping and stumbling over in excited nervousness in anticipation of seeing these two Great ladies...together!!! RG
  7. Like Greenteal posted, use the ladies' preferred method of contact. Many don't like using PM for contact. In my experience most ladies prefer email, in fact I can't recall making any bookings for a date using PM (and thats since 2010) My two cents A rambling RG
  8. I survived (barely LOL) the trip...and the china cabinet (an antique so I'm told) survived too. A big curved glass door and mirror unbroken. I charged so much less (like nothing) and gave a better guarantee than movers who charged $$$ and no guarantees the glass wouldn't break And in two weeks I hit the road again, to Toronto. And today (don't really like calling it a purchase) the lady received payment for the date (reason for going to Toronto) In two weeks I'll be like this guy...well sort of🤪 A rambling RG
  9. It is set up in the recommendation template (if that's the right term) that a lady's ethnicity is included. Not meant to toot my own horn but I mentioned this in another thread (page 2) Tell us what features are Missing or that you want? "Posted September 24, 2018 Something I noticed in the recommendation section. When making a new recommendation the template has sections for website, email, phone etc, plus a drop down menu "Select Provider's Ethnicity" You can't (I just tried with two recommendations I posted today) leave it blank, you have to use that drop down menu or otherwise the recommendation won't get posted. But the second thing is that once filled in if you look at the page of all providers' recommendations in a city it looks like part of the last name of the companion (look at the latest two ladies I reco'd in Toronto today, neither one has White as part of her last name) Is there anyway to just keep companions name in the main recommendation page of a city and all information from the template (website, email, phone, race etc) gets included along with the recommendation once you open a specific lady's recommendation thread. Thanks A rambling RG" I don't know if this answers your question about ethnicity nor do I know if this "feature" is now gone from the reco template. I certainly don't agree with the ethnicity included in the title of the recommendation but thats JMO A rambling RG
  10. roamingguy

    Stay safe.

    If they want to do unsafe practices then it tells you just what they think of their wife. No matter how bad a marriage she shouldn't be subjected to his infection. And that line "I'm married and clean" I'm sure he uses on everyone so he doesn't care about the health of any woman he's with. He just devalues the health and safety of any woman, including his wife, for his immediate gratification. Wonder how keen he'd be for BBFS if he was the recipient of it and the guy requesting it paid him lots of money🙄 OK just thinking outloud LOL RG
  11. roamingguy

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    Demand...Who are they to demand. Guaranteed 99.9% of the time someone demands pics he just wants the pics for masturbation aids and has no intention of booking a date. Sure he'll wrap it up in lines like "wanting to know how you look before he books" etc but he has no intention of booking. Some ladies feel comfortable showing their faces, and some ladies don't, you need to do what is comfortable for you Oh one more thing, you really never lost a client because you refused to buckle. I'll guarantee he would never have booked a date with you to begin with, he just wanted a free pic (or two, or three). And for those clients who say "I want to know what the lady looks like before I book a date" just consider seeing a companion the ultimate blind date (translation a first date with a companion is like the first three civilian dates in one😉) I would recommend doing what you feel comfortable doing, not what some demanding guy passing himself off as a potential client tells you to do My Two Cents A Rambling RG
  12. roamingguy

    Best Song....put yours

    Been away from this thread for quite awhile And seeing as I'm hitting the road going to Halifax Saturday this song seems appropriate https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=rolling+on+down+the+highway+BTO&&view=detail&mid=044954D5B028B3E3AC2C044954D5B028B3E3AC2C&&FORM=VRDGAR RG
  13. Gassed up the truck. Slowly getting ready for a road trip to Halifax (no not for fun, more family obligations...no time, and I've looked at my calendar) for a fun escape while there😭 Would have been far cheaper to fly, but I've been voluntold to pick up a china cabinet (brother's inheritance from dad) and at times like this everyone (but me) is glad I have a pickup truck LOL Saturday morning I hit the road RG🚚
  14. roamingguy

    The famous duo

    In September I'm seeing two ladies, ladies I've had dates with previously. I asked each lady if they'd like to do a ménage a trois with the other lady. I knew they "knew" each other online (through Twitter) and when I broached the subject both said yes. So come near the end of September I'm going to be something like this guy, except the two ladies I'm seeing are even more beautiful.....if I don't get a heart attack first My point is if you've seen a companion ask her, she may say yes, and even know a lady to see for a ménage. And one other quick thought, I don't know where you plan to have the ménage but some agencies (I'm thinking Cupids Escorts in Toronto, but others are likely too) may have some companions listed as doing duos and the names of other ladies they will do a duo with Just a couple quick thoughts A rambling and now my hearts pounding away in anticipation😃 RG
  15. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/judge-greenlights-class-action-lawsuit-182623377.html