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  1. hungryman812

    Any info on Kodi?

    How about the unwritten rule of not ripping someone off? I personally don’t care who puts out the warnings she’s offering details if you pm her. Look at her reputation over 1000 and yours is 2. Again this entire industry is hearsay it’s up to the individual to make their own choices from the info at hand.
  2. hungryman812

    Any info on Kodi?

    How else we supposed to find the rip offs get the cops to investigate or maybe go ask the provider if it’s true? It’s all hearsay on here geez.
  3. hungryman812

    Any info on Kodi?

    She’s a local that’s been out of the biz for some time now. I never seen her but have been tempted in the past. I to would like info
  4. hungryman812

    Are there locals?

    If you want a very nice safe clean with very good hygiene local try cristal. She is local and a great company.
  5. hungryman812

    Lacey on locanto

    I’ve seen her a few times yrs ago when she went by Brandy. Pleasant girl cute. The only thing I didn’t much care for is she always wanted a ride to shady neighbourhoods. Other than that I would repeat.
  6. hungryman812

    Cristal- Locanto?

    Met with her again tonight. Still the most polite person you could imagine. Very easy to get alone with not a time watcher and Truly makes sure your very happy when she leaves. I’ve seen her on many many occasions now and she is solid and consistent. I would still highly recommend her.
  7. Would you repeat? I agree the pics look great
  8. hungryman812


    Because she’s safe she isn’t fun? You don’t know what your missing then. This girl is a gem. I’ve seen her many times now. She is laid back not a clock watcher by any means and great company.
  9. She is a total scammer uses stolen pics looks nothing I mean nothing like the pics. I got taken by her also a yr ago or more now and I see she’s still up to no good. Stay away from this one.
  10. hungryman812

    Cristal- Locanto?

    I visited with Cristal again today. What an amazing young lady. She does not disappoint. Looks way better in person than her pictures. She won’t rush you and is a great conversationalist. I will be repeating
  11. hungryman812

    Cristal- Locanto?

    I seen her tonight what a very nice person. Pictures are her and real. Very cute and impeccable hygiene. I will be repeating. I would highly recommend her.
  12. hungryman812

    Bella on Leo

    She has already changed her name that don’t seem positive to me
  13. hungryman812

    Mouth queen

    Has anyone seen her. She’s new recently popped up on leolist 9099 any info would be appreciated
  14. hungryman812

    FF Recommendations

    Look on CL. Seems like a very nice lady however I have not met her in person yet.