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  1. Amber and Sugar seem to be doing okay posting here on lyla. The only other places I'm aware of are leo list and locanto. Leo list could land you some out of town customers since it's a popular site across the country.
  2. As a veteran hobbyist i can vouch that this is fairly normal especially for thunder bay. Unfortunately for thunder bay we have a lot of "bad customers" which means some SPs either charge a premium to deter these customers, or provide terrible service knowing they will be burning this bridge and not care. If I'm looking for service in thunder bay i typically pay above the asking price just to get things off on the right foot to secure a satisfying service. Such is the cost of business the way things are right now. Anywhere else i don't do this. Unfortunately it's the state of thunder bay.
  3. Has anyone tried Kaash? Photos look TGTBT but tineye shows they're legit, plus LL shows verified photos. Any info would be appreciated. If nothing i may just TOFTT
  4. As someone who has been around the block i immediately see 3 red flags on the not-local-amy. 1. No photos 2. 140/hr is waaaay too low 3. Shows as "online" on LL Most SP's just post online then log off since they book via phone. If they're online it's usually a bot. That's not to say this is a scam, but i would proceed very carefully and don't fall for any down payments.
  5. I texted her last week to book an appointment. She was curtious and prompt, said she needed an hour; so far all good and looks promising. I arrived at her residence and there were 2 red flags: 1. Pictures are completely fake, what's posted doesn't even come close (in a bad way) 2. Her place was a good awful mess, she uses a chair to lock the door. She then started questioning me, asking things like where did i park my car, what i do for a living. She then asked me to shut off my phone in front of her. After that she was clearly nerve racked and asked me to leave thinking i was a cop for some reason. That's after taking $40 for a "walk out fee". I just let her have it and got out of there. My assumption is that she was high on something rough and made her extremely paranoid, or she was running a scam having a friend break into my car while she was working. Either way, do yourself a favor and stay away. Edit: spelling mistakes
  6. She's been advertising on and off again for several months now. Anyone have any info? I'm also interested.
  7. If you go member search instead of content search she's the only Cristal. https://www.lyla.ch/profile/231143-cristal/
  8. She just set up a new website. Check out her profile here and you'll find a link.
  9. I recall seeing another review of this phone number on another site. It was reported that it's a scam with automated text responses.
  10. If you Google the number the 2nd result is about BP scams. Plus it's an ad that offers bare. I'd stay away.
  11. Marissa pm'd me saying she's been having technical difficulties posting on this thread. Her phone is getting fixed, in the meantime anyone wanting to set up a meeting can pm her or email her [email protected]
  12. With Amy gone, Marissa Vox I'm assuming is out of the business, and Sinthia having retired it seems quality SP's are hard to find. Emily Rushton and Nadia QTX are coming to town and I hear good reviews about them. Does anyone have other recommendations? BP seems to be flooded with the "stay away" type of SP's. Tahlia any good?
  13. I haven't seen her ad in a while. Either she's on vacation or she's out of the biz for now.
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