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  1. I beleve Shu still runs 311 but does not do massages. She filled her pocket$ in her home location in the day
  2. Betty and Anna are there. I am sure many have seen Betty she has been around for along time and many locations. How does Anna compare to Betty?
  3. Yes looks like her and her sister Michelle split up the week and work different days.
  4. When she is around she has an add on LL. Like previous posted she just does this part time.
  5. I believe she is still at Broadway
  6. Yes her pricing is very straight forward no up selling at all. She is very good explaining when you get there she doesn't like a ton of questions via text.
  7. Has any one seen this curvy woman. Big rack offers massage and. Usaly stays in a AirBNB when she is in the city.
  8. Be sure to let's us know how it goes.
  9. Rom...would be nice to see some reviews or feed back not just all questions. It is a 2way street.
  10. Competition is always good. Have to wait to see who surfaces "in the Dollhouse "
  11. I think enough has been said about her. She has been around for awhile....things change ...move on don't waste your time and $
  12. Is this the girl that works at Walmart 🙄 I little more effort on info might get you better results.
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