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  1. Has any one seen Amy the new girl at Thompson. AperentIy she is young and slender. I have seen Nancy and Jessie lots. Thanks
  2. She is young not bad looking . Small build. YMMV but she is acomadating.
  3. Jazz at Qui is young about 25 fairly small build seems to be obliging to one's needs.
  4. Riley is taking a leave of absence. She said she will be back sometime in the new year.
  5. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/dom-fetish/winnipeg/winnipeg_miss_vee_taking_incall_fetish_fetish_fetish-5984184 Has any one seen this woman? She said in her add she provides Dominatrix service
  6. You have to book before they will give you addresses
  7. They all advertise on leo list...have a look
  8. Is this Thread about Karma...or people who may or may not be dead??
  9. Yes April is a younger version Sunny
  10. I believe she has had an add before and some reviews. Goes by the name of Jenna B
  11. Yes she is definatly not Porscha or even close!
  12. Does any one know of a provider that offers Domination/Control Sesions. More the erotic Domination. A true provider that has some experience and not the wantabees that just post adds. Thanks
  13. Yes she seems to do that with everyone. Not sure why she has an add. Total time waster
  14. Last visit with Michelle I asked as Leanne is her sister and she said no she has moved on to other things in her life.
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