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  1. bowtie

    Betty or Nancy

    That would be wierd when I seen Betty she said she liked it at Thompson location and she said it was too slow at Sakura...no work.
  2. The same...what is the saying "if it is too good to be true:
  3. bowtie

    Carrie in St. J.

    She puts an add on kijjiji but it doesn't stay up long. She is kind of hit and miss but good value if you can connect.
  4. bowtie


    Staff List ??
  5. bowtie


    Manroc is correct apparently a couple people seen her then there has been no sign of her since.
  6. bowtie

    Nicole in West K

    She has been around for a while at a couple different locations She gives you a massage with a hand job ending she takes her time. She remains fully clothed and only allows touching over clothing. But she will use toys on you and let you watch porn movies of her.🙄
  7. bowtie

    St. Norbert Massage

    She does run ads from time to time massage and hair cuts etc. Same person Angela that has worked there for awhile. She is only part time now...not much new same old same old.
  8. bowtie

    Attn. Milf Hunters...

    I seen her a while back. Does look like anything in her pics when you arrive. She talks allot better game than she plays. You are confined to a small room. I wont repeat but that is me. Different strokes for different folks. It is getting hard to find good MILF.
  9. bowtie

    Danielle on LL

    I seen her last week . She seems like a nice person that would be willing to acomadate. I think she has seen her better days and is beginning to look a little rough around the edges. The location she is in is a good location but the apartment and setting wasnt great. She is just using this temporary not her place. I wouldnt repeat but maybe others might it is all personal taste.
  10. bowtie

    Danielle on LL

    I have not but I noticed her add and it peeked my interest....would also love to hear if any one has seen her
  11. Well I see you are back and have an add on LL no incall so will you realy see any one this time. How long is this visit for?
  12. bowtie

    Best Teasing

    Yes once Nancy gets to know you she knows how to push your buttons.
  13. She is a friend of Lisa who also has an add on LL. I think she operates out of the same location in Elmwood I have seen adds for duos as well. I agree prices are getting crazy!
  14. bowtie

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Now what the neighbors have to talk about?
  15. bowtie


    Never heard of a Cassie...just Krystall and Shu