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  1. What do Jesse and Amy look like? age etc ??
  2. Was she working at crystal then went back to balmoral ?? ad on kijiji today for balmoral ???
  3. Noticed new ads on K board for this new provider. Has anyone booked her ?? Is she really someone new ? pm ok .
  4. Hope she is happy there . Seems to move around a lot.
  5. Anyone have any recommendations?? I too would be interested!!!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has visited here recently, website shows 4 ladies available for massage : Jess , June , Nono , Xin. Am planning visit next week and would appreciate any info. on who to see etc .
  7. Anyone visited recently??? Looking for someone very busty and fun in the tub !!!
  8. Texted Shu last week but could not arrange anything. Seems she is only taking limited appointments. Have not heard if Krystal still working but no recent ads on K board. Anyone seen her recently??
  9. Tracey at 841 offers best tease and finish !!!
  10. We’re you draped or undraped ?? HE possible on repeat visits ??? nice intel !!! Always looking for something new !!
  11. St Mary’s road -677 . Any intel on new ladies on ad ???
  12. Today’s ad on kijiji staff are Amanda , Mina Judy and Betty . Have seen Betty , any updates on other ones ???
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