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  1. She made a post on here before she went saying she would be taking a break for months during covid to go to France and learn french.
  2. I think I may of seen her. The service was ok. The reason i say "may" is because she seems to use about 4 or more different names and pictures and most of them use the same cell number, sometimes it is same pictures with a different number, She also seems to have other girls using the same number, so they may have a pimp, and might be why she seems to almost never answer her phone, I have tried a few times and never gotten her to answer. I did go see another girl about 2 years ago who I knew was verified and she happened to be doing duos with blair under a different name but using "blairs" pictures.
  3. Because we basically almost never have warning in SJ. Most girls just show up for 1-2 days and they only post when they show up. The vast majority of the time, there is just 2-3 girls posted in SJ and they are normally bigger girls. When we do get a younger skinnier girl, they all seem to show up at the same time, stay for half a day up to 2 days then leave. In SJ we generally either have no girls, or too many girls with not enough time to plan a date with any of them. I have even seen girls show up at 10 am and leave by 6 pm and complain they only got 2 dates, as if the majority of clients weren't working or not searching LL every 10 minutes to see if someone new was in town.
  4. Has anyone met her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_new_to_the_city_never_been_to_saint_john-6074064
  5. This site is same ownership. Also this is not the proper forum for posting ads.
  6. You have to post it here, the moderators delete anything that is posted in the warning section
  7. She is posting in multiple cities at the same time and she wants you to send her $50 to book. She is a scam/thief 100%, and possibly a guy.
  8. From what I have seen it is a complete rip off. It is like $60 just to read 10 messages. Who wants to pay a website over $100 just to make a date, when there are plenty of other sites that offer that service for free or much much cheaper. IT would be like this site charging you 6 dollars every time you received a PM back from a girl you are planning to meet. Or leolist charging you $6 to read each ad posted. Some days up to half the ads on leolist are fake and you would be paying the site to show you fake ads from scammers. Especially when random "girls" will message you from random cities 2000 miles away, seems like scam accounts made by the site itself.
  9. I haven't met her for a date, but the pictures are real. I have seen her a couple years ago as she used to work at Blush, but not met her outside of Blush for a date. The main reason being is that she almost never answers her texts. Almost every single girl who shows their face in their ad is fake and it is a huge red flag, so i can understand you questioning her pics and ad.
  10. That is because it is easy to see the scammers. I have never been scammed either, because I am not an idiot, but you can clearly see their ads. But to claim that it is rare for a scammer to post an ad on leolist is just laughable and complete ignorance. OR do you not notice the entire section of the forums dedicated to it?
  11. You didn't even read what I said. And you actually think that it is rare for a fake ad to be posted to leolist? Are you really serious? or just willfully ignorant to the entire second of these forums dedicated to it?
  12. And guys deal with 2 out of 3 girls being no shows or scammers, it goes both ways.
  13. surprise surprise, your assumption was wrong.
  14. I dunno who she is specifically. But a lot of pimps bring their girls from Halifax and have them work at the strip club in Moncton, they are usually dark skinned but some white girls. Also a couple independant girls who come from Halifax. A large amount of them offer takeout or also post on sites for escort services. Might be a little different now, but when i used to date a local girl who worked at the club, about half the dancers were from Halifax and traveled with "handlers".
  15. Most girls who post "one night only" do that to get customers to come. Most stay for several days or more, unless they have other ads posted in other cities or a schedule posted for other cities.
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