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  1. And guys deal with 2 out of 3 girls being no shows or scammers, it goes both ways.
  2. surprise surprise, your assumption was wrong.
  3. Denots

    Stripper that Escorts

    I dunno who she is specifically. But a lot of pimps bring their girls from Halifax and have them work at the strip club in Moncton, they are usually dark skinned but some white girls. Also a couple independant girls who come from Halifax. A large amount of them offer takeout or also post on sites for escort services. Might be a little different now, but when i used to date a local girl who worked at the club, about half the dancers were from Halifax and traveled with "handlers".
  4. Most girls who post "one night only" do that to get customers to come. Most stay for several days or more, unless they have other ads posted in other cities or a schedule posted for other cities.
  5. Anyone seen her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_fun_redhead_23_yeaars_young-5715790
  6. Anyone seen her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_jennifer_new_in_st_john_squrit_show_available_come_see_me-5680045
  7. That is why i avoid girls who only do outcall. Not going to give my home address out to random people online.
  8. Denots

    Massage Saint John

    You arne't in town, and the other girl said she doesn't do them when i PMed her months ago.
  9. Denots

    Massage Saint John

    We have like 15 massage places you would think one of them has a girl or two who gives happy endings.
  10. Yea i thought asking them would be good too. But i have asked 3 girls who offer different rates for both over the last month or so and have never gotten an answer. Figured I would see if any other girls would be willing to answer here or in PM.
  11. When getting a massage, what is the difference between a happy ending and a sensual ending?
  12. Denots

    Massage Saint John

    Must be available somewhere? Anyone know if you can get a happy ending from any girls at any of the many massage places in Saint John?
  13. I am fairly certain the last 2 pics are of a different girl who has been hosting in Moncton for about 3 or 4 years. Forget her name but i saw her about 3 years ago, and i see her posts every once and awhile but i no longer live in the city so i don't see her anymore. Tattoo is the main give away that they aren't the same girls, plus the asses are completely different shape.
  14. Any good places or girls for a massage in Saint John?