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  1. letsplay_57

    Lexi saint John

    no I haven't...but seems priced high compared to other ladies....I would like 2 meet her
  2. letsplay_57

    Haileigh in Moncton

    I'd like some info also...thks
  3. letsplay_57

    Kat Stille

    looks interesting...
  4. letsplay_57

    Phase2 @ NB Restructions lifted

    Everyone has their own thoughts on this...Yes we were fortunate here in NB....But I think the virus was here late Dec & Jan...Doctors called it "the upper respitatory cold" which I had @ Jan & lots of people I know....a lot of the symptoms were the same as Covid-19.... we all survived it back then. A lot of people are still concerned about it...things will get back to normal soon
  5. letsplay_57

    Kori in Moncton

    sent me a text Friday if I paid for the room (in her name) on a agreed Motel/Hotel my 1 hour was free...then she could have the room for other appts....I text her back saying needed 2 key cards & I would be with her @ check-in so she couldn't lock me out & when I leave she would get the key card from me....she never replied back....
  6. letsplay_57

    Kori in Moncton

    finally replied back yesterday aft...can't host...knew some safe places 2 go...working on getting a place....stay clear I guess...
  7. letsplay_57


    same lady...drama queen...I seen her b4
  8. letsplay_57

    Kori in Moncton

    I sent her a text last nite @ 6pm...she replied back @ 4 am today...I replied back @ 8 am...still no reply back...:(
  9. letsplay_57

    Saint John

    try red head Jessla....there was a few posts on her @ reco
  10. letsplay_57

    Kori in Moncton

    I'd like some info also...
  11. Finally...so what's the protacal now 2 book? I've been isolated for 7 weeks...just as horny as everyone else...is there a screening process? Might sound like a stupid question...But there has been some still offering services during this time....
  12. bored as hell...closed my Business March 16th & looks like at least till May 1st :( got no $$$ coming in...just like a lot of people. Stay safe everyone!!
  13. letsplay_57

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    :( my immune system hasn't been great for a few years now...I'm self employed & work on customer's vehicles ...as of today I'm closing my business for 3 weeks...I just can't take the chance of getting sick. I watched the Boston News last nite (Sunday March 15) all restaurants have a max of 25 people & if caught exceeding 25 your license is pulled....take-out is fine...I'm not panicking but taking precautions as Our Great Front Line Health Care Workers will be stretched to the max in the next few weeks. We are a small population scattered compared 2 other places & I know this should help...everyone take care & talk 2 you later!!
  14. letsplay_57

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    I was wondering the same today....hopefully everyone is truthful about where they've been etc. flights etc could be cancelled...
  15. letsplay_57

    Mercedes 25 @ Moncton now

    Cassidy... not a yfl....