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  1. Cassie..."wow"...after reading the reco's I decided to see her. Everything in the reco's is so true...her pictures are 100% & looks way better in person!! I won't go into details But will repeat whenever I can..hopefully she returns soon!!
  2. looks interesting...any info guys??
  3. any info guys? thought about seeing her soon...thks
  4. when booking make sure of what you want & expect & let her know before you meet...she has extra charges for items on her menu board...
  5. JOE2020....I was told by 2 reliable sources... any girls [email protected]'s they have a agreement it's $500/hr for fun time!! That way they won't have Bitch fights!! They figure if you got the $$ for that you can have your choice of the menu working there!! Trust me my sources have no reason 2 lie....I use 2 see both of them & they started working there & wouldn't see me anymore while they worked there for less than $500/hr...I've seen both since, after they were not working due to covid & back to their usual amount!!
  6. sorry no info from me...let me know if you see her!
  7. anyone see her the the last few days...lots of comments..if yes send me a pm please thks
  8. I'd be interested as well...send me a pm thks
  9. I hope so..I've spoke to her requesting a notification when coming to SJ....keeps telling me 2 watch for her ads...she posted yesterday under "massage section" which I advised her of...ooops my mistake tonite....:(
  10. I'd like some info also...but I don't want to sound cheap... but the hourly rate requested now by these younger ladies....
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