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  1. 😞 not yet...I tried 2 times & our schedules just won't work for us...
  2. someone must have met her b4.....looks interesting by her pics!!
  3. sorry 2 see this....you must have a great reputation & their trying to use it...some day we will meet & play.....we haven't been able 2 meet yet!!
  4. Petraluxurygfe is a must visit!! She's not Asian....have fun!!
  5. I tried sending you a PM...it said you can't accept messages
  6. she has a personal jet....:)
  7. AdamforLandry if $50 extra 2 travel 2 your Bathurst area should raise a flag....t saying...
  8. yes she hasn;t posted much...maybe has enough regular clients now
  9. haven't seen her in a few years either...she was great as GRpberts stated
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