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  1. letsplay_57

    Victoria Krawford

    I was wondering the same...she was here approx. 3 weeks ago in NB...what's wrong with posting & asking...some might have some info 4 us...
  2. I believe he's looking for reco's on ladies @ Saint John not accomodations....
  3. letsplay_57


    wow you have incredible eyes!!
  4. letsplay_57

    Eden in Moncton/dieppe?

    seen ads on leolist not 2 long ago....
  5. letsplay_57

    Emily (Wilson)

    book with her...she might have a sugar daddy out west & she picks up some appts while there...let me know if you do!!
  6. curiuosgirl32 come to NB finally the sun is shining here...But you could leave the bikini bottom in  your drawer.....mmmm

  7. letsplay_57

    Sarah in Fredericton

    thks for the info...nice pics she has
  8. letsplay_57

    Candy on Alligator

    what's everyone think of listcrawler??
  9. letsplay_57

    Amarra - Geeky girl

    I seen her 2 times..great experience...but she was a clock watcher with me...set alarm on her phone both times
  10. then bring that beautiful bum to Moncton for us NB Gents  please!!

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    2. rebelram9988


      or Saint John perhaps? :)

    3. letsplay_57


      you don't use hotels often....?? I think you should book a room with a outside entrance & visit us here in NB :)

    4. SarahAlexxx


      HahHHa. I dont trust outside services like that alone. 

  11. letsplay_57

    Angie’s last week?

    wasn't me...I spend my time & $$$$ with the fine ladies here on lyla....stripper's will tell ya $500 plus 2 take them home...
  12. letsplay_57

    Rose French

    Reddog2402 I see the travelling French ladies whenever thy come to NB...pics & session is always 100%...don't hesitate as they get booked up quick by us regulars....she looks hot!!
  13. don't bother going 2 Angie's...spend your $$ with the fine ladies here @ lyla they'll treat you better & you best remove your pants...:)
  14. letsplay_57


    it's a lot easier 2 post something here than using "research tools" just my opinion...plus doesn't each post as a member help on here to become more than just a new member & so on....
  15. letsplay_57

    Goodbye My friends!

    sorry 2 hear this Jeff...start taking some cbd oil asap!! take 5 drops in am & 5 drops @ nite..get the oil without thc...then double the dose in 1 week...cbd oil is great stuff...take care bud