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  1. Once is not enough with Petra!! she is very addictive!!
  2. I use 2 c her quite often...the last 3 times paid for a 1 hr & she was rushing me out the door....when I was out the door she jumps in a car & they take off....haven't seen her since about 1 1/2 years ago...best of luck guy's!
  3. see Happy Fisherman69 reco @ yesterday....
  4. not to many that work together...seem's to be some visiting sp's with 902 area code... whether there legit i don't know...
  5. I thought there was a reco done on her
  6. His reco is 100%...I've seen her before & seeing her tonite...Yes I can't wait for her next trip
  7. price per hour might be a red flag....up to you
  8. She advised me no appts. after 4 pm when I tried booking last week...:(
  9. Thanks for the reco's guy's.....I'll have to visit her soon
  10. everything said here is 100%...i enjoyed a nice session also....she doesn't travel in Winter she advised me...
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