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  1. letsplay_57

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    :( my immune system hasn't been great for a few years now...I'm self employed & work on customer's vehicles ...as of today I'm closing my business for 3 weeks...I just can't take the chance of getting sick. I watched the Boston News last nite (Sunday March 15) all restaurants have a max of 25 people & if caught exceeding 25 your license is pulled....take-out is fine...I'm not panicking but taking precautions as Our Great Front Line Health Care Workers will be stretched to the max in the next few weeks. We are a small population scattered compared 2 other places & I know this should help...everyone take care & talk 2 you later!!
  2. letsplay_57

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    I was wondering the same today....hopefully everyone is truthful about where they've been etc. flights etc could be cancelled...
  3. letsplay_57

    Mercedes 25 @ Moncton now

    Cassidy... not a yfl....
  4. letsplay_57

    Mercedes 25 @ Moncton now

    I tell you yfl are always 100% with 5 star sessions....there service is awesome!!!
  5. letsplay_57

    Mercedes 25 @ Moncton now

    I advised her yesterday I would confirm our appt Tues @ 5 pm by noon (today) by text..i sent text @ 10am confirming appt...rec'd text @ 10 am "k"...I arrived on time & sent after text after text... got Ghosted...finally got a reply back... claims someone else does her bookings...she had 2 appear in court today...I replied I confirmed appt @ 10 this am...they could have advised me then of scheduling problems...then all I got was drama by text from her....for some reason @ noon today I decided to get some backup #'s just in case..I rarely do that... good thing I did!! I ended up seeing Cassidy instead. I know somewhere I've seen Mercedes 25 her 3 photo's she posted somewhere before...tineye & other searches were "ok"....ffs crap!!! I drove over 1 hour 2 see her...crap
  6. letsplay_57

    What happened to Saint John

    Yes Alexis French....always a must visit when she is around....
  7. letsplay_57

    Mercedes 25 @ Moncton now

    booked tomorrow Tues with her unless Red Flags are posted....she's been busy today...anyone see her??
  8. letsplay_57

    Mature Provider in Saint John?

    send me a pm...
  9. letsplay_57

    What happened to Saint John

    try Jessla red head or Amelia Queene both our young...I wish Julia29 would cum back...Julia hasn't been around since late April 2019 damn!!!
  10. letsplay_57

    copy&paste ads

    #1 I'm computer iliterete...lol for escort discussion how do I post a leol**t ad on this site so others can see the "ad" & comment or check the "ad" out....also how do you "tineye" or check "pics" that is posted in ads? thanks in advance for any help on this topic :)
  11. letsplay_57

    What happened to Saint John

    yes not 2 many left in the SJ area...why?? a lot have left over the last 3 years...you would think with the shut downs for maintenance @ refinery, pulp mills etc it should help to keep them around...
  12. "wow" any info on her...leol..t ad...sorry I didn't post her ad here. I did a quick search of reco'[email protected] I thought I seen a reco on her a few months ago I didn't find anything....looking forward 2 the replies back!
  13. letsplay_57


    mmmm...brings back fond memories!! your a lot of fun!!
  14. letsplay_57

    Alexa Rose in Saint John

    any info guy's??
  15. letsplay_57


    luv your outfit!!