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  1. I agree 100% on the pics...different girl...ok but has anyone seen Chloe?
  2. published @ Saint John telegraph today March 2nd (daily paper)...written by @times-transcript Moncton...read the article & what's your thoughts.... I disagree with the heading "Girls under 18" besides of the rest of the whole article....as stated " Much remains unknown"....
  3. #1 how long have you been seeing her? #2 our you a preferred client with her? regular? #3 how long are the sessions? #4 have you had a overnight or longer time spent together? #5 have you ever discussed a sugar daddy arrangement with her?
  4. HI: she will be travelling in NS soon...book asap..you won't regret it...trust me!!!...she will book fast.mmmm please no pm's...seen her once & wished I had booked previously with her when she had ad's posted..she's like the energizer bunny!!!
  5. it all depends...if you were to see one in your "zone" as green teal stated discuss with them...If You were going to travel out of your "zone"...which we're not suppose to per gov't...(unless your a gov't politician) ...etc..lol..only essential workers etc can...you should also discuss with the sp their thoughts. You could or may be stopped @ road check during your travels & be turned back if not in your "zone" by the Gestapo...
  6. sorry for the typo error ....should be.. I do have a sweet spot for Red Heads
  7. same lady...she is awesome..don't wait 2 book she has limited availability!!
  8. I did a reco before on cassie But I wanted to expand on it...I do have a sweet spot for Re Heads & Cassie is very addictive. She is sweet, very accommodating & curvy. Her pics are 100%, gorgous & very mature for her age. I won't go into details... But the time always goes way to fast...she's not a clock watcher, no cell phone interruptions (which is proper protocol)always a unrushed session & absolutely satisfying. She is a gem of a provider, adorable, sweet&sensual, lots of chats & very friendly. There is something reassuring about someone who cares about her reputation & repeat clients. She always dresses to impress...treat her right & you will never be disappointed! I always leave with a smile on my face & can't wait to meet her again....
  9. She is a sweety...yes ...time goes waaay 2 fast when your with her!!
  10. any link 2 a ad...I searched llist..didn't see a add?
  11. same here...I was hoping 1 of you might have replied to Nashburn....
  12. I agree 100% jeffmac1984...Cassie is 1 beautiful lady & lots of fun!
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