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  1. JayIndia hopefully a few will find out...how they can make more $$$ in less hours cash free & enjoy the sessions....:)
  2. leclair she has 1 roommate....a chichua dog...lol Yes a discreet location
  3. JayIndia there doesn't seem to be any anywhere....I wish there was!! They are beautiful ladies....with all the immigration the last few years, there is alot of them around now. I've seen some beautiful ladies working fast food, Tim's & gas bars etc...
  4. what a week...got to see both Nikki's...both are unique Ladies in their own way. I agree with the comments on Nikki Boudreauxxx
  5. I'd be interested in seeing someone regular if there into cosplay...
  6. 1 down & 1 to go hopefully....:)
  7. Seen her tonite..pics are 100%...on time no issues...she is going to school & will be hard to get hold of. Evenings & weekends she said she will be around. Easy to talk to....Please no pm thanks
  8. i tried to send you a pm peacetryguy....
  9. I`m booked tonite...but I`m taking some other #'s just in case she bails as I have to travel to Mctn.....
  10. got a reply from her last nite....suppose to be booked tonite....
  11. Sad to say...but most Asian ads are Fake!!! Man i would like to meet this girl who ever she is!!
  12. Yes this is the one....incredible pics!! Still no reply... 😞
  13. I called her again today..had to leave a message. She was here early March @ Mctn....Did Anyone ever see her??
  14. I sent her a text & called Fri nite...still no response yet...same as last time she was in Mctn!!
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