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  1. letsplay_57

    Tough SP Decision

    Depends on how much $$ you have...go see both!! let us know!!
  2. letsplay_57

    Tough SP Decision

    Never seen Scarlet...Berlin is amazing & any reco I've seen on Scarlet seems 2 be 100%...flip a coin & let us know!!
  3. letsplay_57

    Red Hot

  4. letsplay_57

    Sky Fredericton

    looks interesting...anyone with info??
  5. letsplay_57

    Anais from YFL

    Guy's don't miss her when she visits...all reco's are 100%!!
  6. letsplay_57

    Best duos in Moncton

    69candycane69 any link for us or info...thks
  7. letsplay_57

    Submissive Sadie

    mmm incredible bum she has...hope pics are 100%
  8. Did she change her name from Stephany?? new pics posted except 1....... posing wearing the black yoga pants by a picnic table....Stephany use to post that pic in her ads...any info on Zoey???
  9. letsplay_57


    Damn!!! I thought it was 2 good 2 be true... :(
  10. letsplay_57


    wow....I hope pic's are 100%...I'd like info also!!
  11. letsplay_57

    Jenna Fredericton

    she was in Moncton for quite a few years...must be a few reco's back then...she has returned after approx. 6-8 months away...she never travelled b4...now visiting SJ & Freddy....
  12. letsplay_57

    fun redhead saint john

    still around..no incalls ...she said car dates & outcalls only
  13. letsplay_57

    Queen Kassi

    Thks Greenteal for the profile link...nope I've never seen her..
  14. letsplay_57

    Queen Kassi

    yes send a link...I might have seen her if a pic or pics are posted...if it's the one I'm thinking of she started out with Sophia & then left & went with Tiffany Marie & Miss Alexx Banks & left them....