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  1. she's been using this name for awhile now....
  2. I thought someone had posted on her b4...I could be wrong
  3. Happy Fisherman69....I bet either Sara could make us stand up!! lol
  4. That's a hard question to answer.......everyone has their own thoughts about how a sp is the best....from looks, attitude, location, services provided etc, some like non-rushed & some like here & gone...
  5. She is my go to lady right now....it always gets better everytime...we both know what we like...the last time we celebrated my Birthday...wow
  6. I agree 100% with both reco's!! Damn due to my work schedule I couldn't see her this trip....:( I always see her when she travels 2 NB....
  7. as I posted last nite sent a text 2 both #'s....text Larissa with still no response after 24 hrs....sent text to Laya did respond back about availability....didn't answer my 1st question: Laya are you Larissa that use to post before & changed your name? In my text Please don't lie to me...there seems to be some confusion posted at a site....just let me know...thks Never rec'd a reply back yet..... all Laya had to do is reply back No I'm not Larissa instead of booking with her I seen another sp tonite
  8. just sent a text 2 both #'s...we will see what happens...
  9. yes she has been posting for awhile....someone must have toftt by now...nice pics posted..let us know
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