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  1. letsplay_57

    Giovanna Luv

    yes pics are 100% & lots of fun..easy going beautiful lady...
  2. letsplay_57

    Monique Saint John

    I posted in NS Escort Discussion about her trip 2 NB...go there & 2 had commented yesterday on Monique.....
  3. Monique will be visiting my area this week....any info would be appreciatted...post here or send me a pm thks
  4. letsplay_57

    2019-02-28 13.40.04-2-1.jpg

    I bet it is....
  5. letsplay_57

    2019-03-25 14.14.40.jpg

    wow..I'd like 2 have those in my face
  6. letsplay_57

    2019-03-25 12.13.26-2.jpg

    nice pic on the wall....
  7. :) a NB trip soon I see....mmmm...nice!!

    1. Maria Divina

      Maria Divina

      Yes! I am very happy! Winter has been so very long... it's not even totally finished here. 

      But can't wait to be able to take the road without fearing bad weather. xox

  8. letsplay_57

    Yasmine French

    So true pony1966....You won't be disappointed with this one either.....I'll do a reco tommorow
  9. letsplay_57

    Yasmine French

    good reviews in her ad....seeing her tonite :)
  10. letsplay_57

    Barb Rothesay

    pics are 100%
  11. letsplay_57

    Alexis French

    She is a lot of fun....pics are always 100% with the ......French ladies
  12. I like your Personal Information...:P  I wish I lived closer!!

    1. curiousgirl32


      thanks 🙂

  13. Delta Saint John is a key card only for elevators for room access...you would have 2 meet the clients & proceed 2 the elevator...Hilton is better & located same area...Delta Moncton key card after 9 pm Sounds like a fun trip for you & also for us :P
  14. I had appts booked a few years ago with her....2 times I travelled over 1 hour 2 c her... she was sorry for the 1st time....confirmed my appts with her & then no replies for location etc as we had discussed....:( :( shortly after this happen then seen all the reviews on her....stay away as stated....
  15. letsplay_57

    Ashley LL 23

    also per ad bb "ok"