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  1. SHE IS BACK....has a new # posted on another site....:)
  2. the high cost to travel isn't helping things....airlines with reduced flights & their rip-off ticket pricing, price of rooms & meals etc....there are quite a few sp's I use to see, have disappeared over the last year....
  3. looks interesting...anyone have intel?
  4. I never seen her!! I just commented what she had posted....straight white teeth & dazzling smile....
  5. Straight white teeth & a dazzling smile....:)
  6. any info would be nice...use 2 see both as a regular....they haven't posted in awhile??? pm with any info....thks
  7. She will tell you book at least 1/2 hour ahead of your appt time that you want...as she always runs late...ie: if you want 2 meet @ 5 pm BOOK at 430 appt...she is great!!
  8. bait & switch....just my opinion...looked interesting but I stayed away
  9. Hi: just looking for some info before I book her...thks
  10. Has anyone met this sp before? She posted @ Lyla her schedule...thks
  11. Seen her this Summer....nice in-call....1st time in a few years since I seen her...mature lady ymmv
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