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  1. Cassie is certainly sassie. But she is also so much more - sweet, smart, saucy, and last but not least, sinfully sexy. My first meeting with her was a late night appointment at CMJ. I didn't realize at the time, but she stayed well past the end of her shift to accommodate me. The massage was out of this world. And in spite of the fact that she had to stay late, she did not try to rush things. She was relaxed, friendly, sexy and much more than I had dared to hope for. We've met a few more time since, and each meeting has been better than the previous one. We have chatted about life and discussed literature; indulged in fruit and cheese tastings, and given each other sensuous massages, (well, she has given me; and has tolerated my attempts to return the favour). Every meeting has been relaxed, fun, enjoyable, and left me happy and contended. I cannot say enough good things about Cassie. The girl is, to put it simply, sublimely stupendous.
  2. I've had the pleasure of meeting Emily twice. And I've signed up to CERB for the express purpose of writing her a glowing recommendation. Setting up the first meeting with her was simple and straightforward - given that she has to take certain precautions. Her west end location is perfect for me. The first meeting was everything that I had hoped for and far more than I expected. In person she is even more attractive than her photos. She was a congenial hostess - intelligent, friendly, sexy, sensual, passionate and accommodating. The session was pure pleasure, I was made to feel like a special friend with no sense of being rushed to get things over. She took her time, and either followed my lead, or took charge herself according to my mood at the moment. The second meeting was much like the first, except that as we now knew each other a bit, the atmosphere was even more relaxed and friendly. And I believe she enjoyed the take out dinner I got her as well!!
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