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  1. Go to Walmart and introduce yourself to one of the many South Asian customers and staff. It’s only a matter of time before we see an authentic EI escort in Halifax. Patience.
  2. Nothing against rookies, but…have any seasoned veterans seen Molly Mae? If so, please provide some details to corroborate the subject review. Thank you.
  3. Lilith does not generally respond to texts unless she is working or has made plans to do so.
  4. I wonder how long before the neighbours figure out what is going on next door. I would avoid these Asian sweatshops as LE is not far behind.
  5. Is this the same Ashley as the blonde, albeit a somewhat larger version? Also, please provide a review of Ashley rather than the booking process. Thanks.
  6. For incall, start with HPL (Hot Pink List], Mirage, Hush, Minx and SFT (Sexy Friends Toronto), before the lower tier agencies: DD (Double Diamonds), Select and Sassy’s. Some of these agencies have SPs that also do outcalls (not all and not many SPs), but the premier well established outcall only agency in Toronto is Cupids, but there is also TP (Toronto Passions) which does incalls and outcalls at the airport and downtown. Happy hobbying. .
  7. Really? I find the prices here are no different than the “big cities” with a more restrictive menu and fewer options of what I consider attractive (yes, I understand that beauty is in the eye and mind of the beholder).
  8. I agree with the OP. I have also been intrigued by her photos on LL, but had trouble getting an appointment when she was available less frequently. Now that Melody is available more often, I finally got my opportunity recently. She lived up to my expectations and provided a nice genuine GFE session. I will see her again in the new year for a longer session.
  9. No, although I initially thought the style of her photos resembled those from the old Halifax Playmates agency. Speaking of which, I miss Nikki Ménage and Emma Sinclair who have both sadly retired. Amber Phoenix is new to the country/province from Germany. Unlike most local SPs, she willingly provides a genuine GFE if you are a gentleman and have good hygiene. It doesn’t hurt if you are also handsome ;).
  10. She has had some bad experiences with first timers and has chosen to do this rather than cutting a session short and risking an altercation. These are typically deplorable men with poor manners and/or hygiene. You know, the ones who hobby because they can’t get a date otherwise., rather than those that simply enjoy the variety and the companionship without strings attached.
  11. As a general rule, I skip over any LL ad with a full facial photo.
  12. Picture a thin woman in her 50s versus stated age of 31. As for service, I agree with boomer01.
  13. Her ad also suggested a trip to Greece was available, which is rare in general and rarer still for a young spinner. Also, in a text, she indicated anything is available for a price. Truer words have never been spoken. Lol.
  14. I texted and thought I had an appointment at 4:30, then she changed it to 6:30 and, you guessed it, she changed it once again to 8:30. Can you see the pattern? I could not make 8:30 work, but later that night/early the next morning curiosity got the better of me and I texted her after she had just reposted on LL. I asked if she could send me a couple of selfies and she complied. They resembled the girl in the photos, but one of the photos was not a selfie, which had me wondering about the photographer. She gave me an address in a not so sketchy part of town, but then claimed I had not confirmed my appointment, so she did not book me in. By this point I was no longer in the mood and my big head took over. I will sit this one out until someone else confirms that she is legit.
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