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  1. Hello, I am looking for assistance... I am visiting downtown Toronto next week and want to see a TS provider. Very interested, never done it before. Can you recommend someone who has incall in downtown Toronto? On Backpage there are several that look nice, and I would love an asian ts, but don't know where I should look. For example..Aya Palermo, looks really nice? Others on BP are Samenta, Julia, Indiva, Zara Aryan, Suzy and Bliss. Can you recommend any of them, on here or by P/M, please? Thank you.
  2. rascal in ns


    Stunning. Beautiful.
  3. I believe her name is Lily...any info or feedback would be appreciated. Strictly massage? http://halifax.kijiji.ca/c-services-health-beauty-Professional-Massage...
  4. rascal in ns


    magnificent curves to behold...to touch, to kiss, to caress, even better...
  5. rascal in ns


    what a beautiful vantage point...so many curves to enjoy!
  6. rascal in ns


    I remember how gorgeous your boobs were, especially with my hands and lips on them. Wonderful! So sexy.
  7. awesome shot...perky breasts, panties peeking out...
  8. rascal in ns

    Vacation pic

    They are truly bautiful Amber. Are they deliciously sensitive too?
  9. I agree with everything you say Zoe Zee! Thank you everyone for responding to the survey. Interesting that no one voted for ribbed condoms, not a big hit, not even with women? Sounds like lubricated extra thin is the most preferred.
  10. I really like couples movies focussing on just one couple, with lots of foreplay, deep kissing, undressing and lying side by side. Tenderness. These are typically the 'amateur' type videos. I have a favorite web site that deals with these. The typical video is about 20 to 40 minutes long. I especially like the camera views when it goes in close during the missionary or cowgirl position...and cream pie endings. I guess I am a romantic at heart and like realism and scenes typical or real life lovers.
  11. There are so many types of condoms to choose from...as many as there are couples who use them! And many with such sexy sounding names like Naked Sensations, etc. Flavoured, ribbed, extra large for more sensation, extra thin for more sensation ("Intensity"!), and on and on. Do the ladies (and men) have a favorite?
  12. What gorgeous women they are throughout this forum. Really, is there anything more sensational than the attractive female form?
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