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  1. No worries guys. My judgment was impaired and I typically would not start such a thread. Keep it light and simple. Cheers!
  2. Disregard this thread. I was under the influence at the time of writing this. I'm surprised it is half as coherent as it is! Lol Cheers
  3. Hey guys, I don't normally do this but I've been seeing this ad come up lately. " need a bjay". This is not my type of thing personally. I've prefer the massage scene myself. If anyone can please verify if this is "legit" or not would be great. More information is always better with all the new ads and places coming up! Cheers
  4. Is Bliss in barrhaven? Do you have their contact information for me or link? Cheers
  5. Can anyone recommend a lady there or the place in general? Any positive feedback that could help me make a descion would be much appreciated :) Cheers
  6. Ya. I'm almost exclusively into Asian laides. There are some exceptions of course ;). Does the BC have Asian ladies? Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I'm just wondering your thoughts on the differences between these two places. Would appreciate some input as I will be in the downtown area this weekend and might checkout the brass club. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, I lost her contact about 2-3 weeks ago. My own fault :( She has the best massage, would really appreciate it. Please pm and let me know!
  9. Anyone have Kim's contact for massage? I lost it and her massage was the best to me. Cheers
  10. Hey guys, so I'm looking for an Asian massage private or studio that would offer a good massage with several options. And I was wondering about the current opinion on colonnade massage location. Also, is the Asian massage studio on Lewis a good option? I'm excited to explore new locations if they offer great service. :) Cheers
  11. Sorry, can someone link me or provide a contact for Gina plz? Cheers
  12. I also Rec Vivian and would like to add Mila as well. Both highly reco imo.
  13. Hello everyone, I recently just joined cmj and had an amazing first experience. I won't say with whom as I would like to be discrete; (pm for details if you like) having said that, I'm looking for reco's on some of the girls that people on this board conneced with. Feel free to pm me or respond here as you wish. Cheers
  14. True. Interesting that they are open until 11pm though
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