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  1. ad is expired and can't find any new listing. what do you mean not legitimate? if there is a phone number maybe she wants you to call. some provides are like that.
  2. anyone remember kim near lincoln fields? she was a very nice lady and her price seems to be the same as Lily's . is Lily similar to her looks and personality wise?
  3. i heard gina near the war museum is good but haven't tried
  4. Confirmed via text that she no longer works. Did not enquire as to why.
  5. the message is a bit ambiguous. it could mean she works somewhere else now. gonna call her previous number and ask
  6. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/haven-dream-esthetics/1244773592?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Is this the one? Seems like it is inside the shopping centre itself?
  7. Looks like they are now called honeymoon but with a new number. They have new girls posted on backpage if anyone is interested.
  8. even if the pics are accurate, what kind of service will you get for so cheap?
  9. Texted in june to see if still working and she said yes. but Texted her old number again today with no reply so not sure if still good. She doesn't seem to advertise anymore so not sure if still officially working
  10. i think its this one: http://ottawa.craigslist.ca/ths/5709484578.html
  11. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/ottawa/professional-massage-bodywork-energywork/1186217316?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true i keep seeing her ads but she keeps posting ads with photoshopped hair which is a bit of a turnoff
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