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  1. I have never heard of a situation like this ending well, with everyone living happily ever after. Cease all contact, leave the country, and join the French Foreign Legion.
  2. Exaustipated Too tired to give a shit.
  3. "Molly" is a slang term for the psychoactive drug "ecstasy". Maybe the OP is under the influence?
  4. Relax. There is no danger whatsoever to your pineal gland. As I explained in my post above, if someone points an infra-red thermometer at your head they are not "transmitting" anything into your brain. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Your head is "transmitting" infra-red energy (heat) into the detector or "electronic eye" of the device. The detector measures this received infra-red energy and electronic circuitry converts it to a temperature reading that is displayed on the screen. Again, the little red light has nothing to do with infra-red energy or temperature measurement. It is simply a convenient indication of where the "electronic eye" is looking. You could block the red light with black tape and the thermometer will still read your temperature.
  5. This video is bullshit. The infra-red temperature "gun" does not shoot or transmit infra-red energy into a person's head. It is simply a receiver that detects the infra-red (heat) energy that is coming off of a person or object. The red light that the device emits is basically a low powered laser pointer used to ensure that the "gun" is accurately pointed at the surface that you want to measure. It does not contain enough energy to penetrate the brain, the skull, or even the skin.
  6. This thread has brought back some pleasant memories of my youth. In the 1990's I visited Toronto several times. My favorite strip club was the Fairbank Hotel. The dancers were all petite Thais and Filipinas. Lap dances were 3 for $10, if I remember correctly. Touching with your hands was not allowed, but it was still awesome having them grind their little bums on my crotch. 😛
  7. I bet there are a lot of worried men in high places. How long before she will be found dead from "suicide" in her jail cell?
  8. OK, I will admit it. Once, out of curiosity, I did lube up my finger and jam it up my ass while I was whacking off. It felt a bit weird, but it did not seem to enhance my sexual pleasure very much. I suppose my finger isn't long enough to tickle my prostate.😐
  9. Loss of smell and taste may be an early warning sign of Covid-19: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/03/24/coronavirus-symptoms-loss-smell-taste/2897385001/
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