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  1. I wish she was still around! Had a misunderstanding but she is still the Best of the Best!
  2. Saw her once in Truro a few years ago! Middle age of Greek decent! OK visit but lacked the skills I was looking for! Otherwise safe & clean!!
  3. She is real, romantic and will make your day a memory! Used to be a regular in the Maritimes but now seems more in Ontario! Best of the Best! Be patient as she’s diamond that should not be missed!
  4. I think she goes by Carmen! Never met her so can’t comment!
  5. She advertises on LL as being from New Glasgow. No references I can find but her sister Alexis works in Halifax and Truro!
  6. Miss Styles in Moncton should not be missed! Mature lady with the body of a teenager! Easy to book and offers great service!
  7. I’m in Truro Allie! We met pre COVID! Hope you are well and I know you’re as beautiful as always! Stay Safe! 😷
  8. Allie Zeon is the best and can squirt at will. A beautiful gusher! Don’t miss her! I do!!
  9. Would love to see a more comprehensive list of out of Town providers!!
  10. Interesting and informative! This young Lady has her act together and her head in the right place! Thanks for the interview Tasha
  11. I hope she comes back to Halifax before she leaves!!
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