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  1. Agreed! She can be an after deposit no show!!
  2. Totally Agree! My 1st & 2nd Ladies to meet! Miss both of them!’
  3. Kylie is the consummate professional who is a good communicator, easy to book, responds quickly to requests and provides her service at an easy to find convenient location. Many Lady’s could benefit from Sandler Learning on customer procurement and retention! Start by responding to text and email requests as promptly and professionally as you expect from your clients! Otherwise they will just move on with a bad taste!
  4. Emily Rushton was my 2nd experience with a SP and I was totally nervous and intimated by her beauty! She was and still is on one of the classiest Lady’s on the tour circuit. As stated before she was like having a girlfriend from Highschool that would drop by occasionally for a date. Had many dinner dates and fond memories of her Halifax visits. Unfortunately we lost touch for awhile (my fault) but have recently reconnected. She’s coming to Halifax this month and hope to reconnect!
  5. Agree with all of these comments! I only saw her once in Truro and she is the most beautiful Lady I have laid eyes on! So much so that I was intimidated by her beauty! Have not seen her since but would recommend her as the best Lady in the Maritimes! Hoping for an incall at her NB residence some special day!!
  6. It’s been over two years since I saw Brooklyn and I can’t wait to meet her again! A mature Lady with the body and menu that would rival any teen or 29 YO! Just saw that she is doing duos which would definitely be worth the drive to NB!
  7. Agree with these comments! See is well worth the drive to Moncton! Happy to see she’s doing duos with Kat! Can’t wait to see the two of them together!
  8. Having exactly the same problem with Miss Melody! If she’s busy or only works part time just say so! Too many other fish in the sea!!
  9. I agree with this assessment 0f Charlotte. She is a class act and her British accent can seem intimidating until you get to know this wonderful Lady! A Lady you would be happy to be seen with in public!
  10. I saw Allie pre COVID in Truro and she was delightful! Mature,beautiful and a pleasure to be with. I see she’s coming to Halifax next week so will be booking an appointment with this gorgeous Lady!
  11. Totally agree with the previous comments! I am not a regular hobbyist but after reading her reviews I made an appointment. She is the sweetest Lady I have met and not only meets but exceeds expectations! “She has it all and knows how to use it” as the song goes!
  12. She is a class act and a lovely human being! I cannot say enough good things about Melanie Rose 🌹
  13. Allie you are one of a kind! Love everything about you and proud to have met you! You are a dream come true to any man that had met you! Thank-you for sharing your story!
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