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  1. Did anyone see her when she was in Halifax in July? She's coming back this week and would like to know. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have any information on Victoria Phoenix who will be visiting Halifax May 24 - 26th? Thanks.
  3. I just had a lengthy texting session with BLE. I had texted and emailed Julia last week and never heard back. Reading the good reviews here I tried to set up something for Friday evening but she is leaving Friday morning. I asked if she was coming back but BLE indicated her trip here wasn't very successful so she doubted it. BLE also indicated other BLE ladies were disappointed in the lack of interest shown to them while visiting Halifax. I indicated to them the problems some of us seem to be having in getting responses and suggested they emphasize texting as the best way to get in touch. They thanked me and thought it was a great suggestion and will begin noting this in their future ads. When texting, name the lady you wish to see and what city you are in and time of appointment. They get a lot of messages and anything you can do to be clear and precise would be helpful to them and ensure you get a date.
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