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  1. Unfortunately you are probably correct.
  2. I've been wondering this as well. Pics check out on google image search
  3. why "no black gents" I asked a white service provider this once and she said....well doesn't matter what she said...suffice to say her response indicated racism but that doesn't mean she speaks for everyone who specifies "no black gents". I asked a black service provider why she stated "no black gents" and she said that in her experience, 3 out of 5 end up booking just to intimidate her to work for them. Her words! I'm a white male that hopes Whites, Blacks, Asians and every other ethic origin, continue to cross breed more and more so that we eventually end up so mixed that this becomes a none issue. Personally, I have yet to find an ethnic origin that doesn't have beautiful people. But I can't judge people for reacting to their personal experiences, but it does feel unfortunate.
  4. If you have google chrome on your phone you don't have to upload. Just hold your finger on the photo for a second or 2 and a drop down menu will appear. One of the options is "search this image on google". But I will try Yandex, as google has recently had zero results on a photo that tineye produced results for.
  5. Did you use google image search or Tim eye. I used google and am realizing I need to start using both
  6. Same hotel, different floor so...I'd say close enough. Pretty great tho!
  7. Been Seeing this add for a while. Totally my body type. Pics checked out on google image search but I'm a bit weary of the 200hr. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_newintown_partytreatsavailable-6700790?source=list
  8. Provide a link and you'll receive more responses!
  9. Appreciate the feed back Nelly, would also make life easier if you started leaving links to the provider you are review. Thanks
  10. I was hours from seeing her when I posted... Good experience. Great Lady!
  11. Download google chrome. You just hold down on any on line image and you’ll get a drop down. There you will see the option to “search google for this image”
  12. Emily beauchamp as been in town since tuesday. Surpised there are no recos' Any feed back. PM if you wish. Thanks
  13. Your French Lady website has Hannah and Kloe slated for November and Laura should be here now! But I don't see Rose. Do you have a link to an ad?
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