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  1. Great website, lots of pics (she's even prettier in person), and enough writing to really get a feel for who she is. My time researching had paid off and I decided to visit Emily while in Ottawa. I worried about too little or too much time, and eventually decided on 3 hours of the girlfriend experience. She made it perfect. Emily was my first visit with a professional. All of my uncertainties and doubts fell away with that first hug. I just immediately felt like I was visiting a good friend for an evening. Someone who didn't even notice the imperfections that I'm self-conscious about. She quickly figured me out and started with the massage I unknowingly needed and greatly enjoyed. We cuddled and kissed, moved on to some great oral fun, then stopped for a snack of fresh fruit and just talked for a while. From there, the rest of the evening just played out in a pleasurable manner. I left feeling wonderful and looking forward to the next time I could be in Ottawa. I loved watching her get off on my tongue, and being complimented on my skill. I can't describe how good her oral is. She totally emptied me. The whole experience was just amazing. Thank you so much Emily.
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