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  1. God bless the families dealing with this tragedy. Unfortunately today one of the players was misidentified as being a survivor when in fact he was deceased.
  2. Is there anywhere on Cerb where you can see reports of scams for your particular province. I am not talking about reviews or bad experiences because that is your personal opinion, hence the term YMMV. Just bait and switches or providers running off with a gentlemans donation without providing any service, providers on drugs, etc. Seems to be a few posts of warnings on BP lately. Thanks.
  3. Client slug...well said Jabba. No offence to the ladies but hard to predict downtimes. Thanks.
  4. Just wondering how ladies feel about a guy requesting an appointment on short notice (say an hour before). Sometimes we unexpectedly have a few hours free, but unsure if a short notice request is ok....
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