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  1. Total Bait & Switch. Lady that answers the door is not the lady in the photos. Missing tattoo on the shoulder, smaller breasts, different ethnic background, etc.. Second lady also in the townhouse. Ran away as fast as I could. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_hr_ny_mature_w_new_new_neww_a_shaved_kitty-4083126
  2. Was out of town for a bit and went back to check out VIP Favours and it seems to be gone. Did I miss something? That seems quick.
  3. When I lived in Germany, not only was it the law to have a first aid kit in your vehicle but you were legally required to provide first aid with no risk of a law suit as long as you stayed within your abilities.
  4. Like most, my experience simply PM'ing someone has been mixed if I'm expecting a quick reply. Likely because most ladies aren't sitting by their computer waiting for me to contact them and prefer to use texts or email for quicker contact and response. If I'm not in a hurry to see them but want to gain additional information or simply introduce myself I will send a PM and rarely have I not eventually received a nice reply. If I'm trying to set up a meeting but want to exchange more information than a text is suitable for I will contact them by their preferred method with the information they require to initiate a meeting and indicate that I have also sent them an email or PM with additional information.
  5. Toot away RG. It's nice to see that some of the suggestions were actioned. Like I said, I just found it odd as part of the heading, not offensive. And if it helps people in their search that's definitely not a bad thing.
  6. Does anyone else find it odd that the title of the recommendations often includes the ladies ethnicity (e.g. white, Asian, mixed)? Is it automatically inserted from the data fields the reviewer fills in? I understand identifying that in ads or even within the review as some people prefer to meet ladies of a specific ethnicity. If it's meant to help the reader discriminate between what recommendations they want to read the title could include many other data points such as height, weight, hair colour, etc.. Personally I would rather see two separate categories for recommendations, one for SPs and one for MAs, or insert that into the title. It doesn't matter to me as beauty comes in all shapes and colours. In this time of acceptance, even embracing, of diversity it just seems odd to me.
  7. WildTiger

    The famous duo

    Just too add to Notch and RG's comments. By arranging a duo with a lady that you already know and have a lot of fun with you will go into the experience much more relaxed. Even better if you know both ladies. We've all had less than satisfactory experiences where there was no chemistry with the lady.
  8. WildTiger

    Post Shower Etiquette

    I agree GreenTeal. In fact whenever a lady asks what I want to do my usual response is to just go with the flow. I never go in with a pre-conceived idea of what I want to happen unless it is with a regular and I/we have planned something special.
  9. I apologize if this has been covered before but I couldn't find a thread specific to this question. First of all, I'm a firm believer in being freshly showered just prior to meeting the lady or take the time to shower when I arrive. I can't believe that some guys think it's OK to do otherwise. My question is, after showering do you return to the lady au naturiel, with a towel wrapped around your waist, or partially/fully dressed? Personally I like to slip my shirt and pants back on, going commando after the shower, as I like to spend a little time enjoying the lady's company before getting down to other activities. And undressing each other is part of the fun and anticipation. Would love to hear what the ladies have to say as well. Cheers, WildTiger
  10. I agree with Greenteal, it is situational dependent. Even though I don't have a dashcam I would stop to lend assistance and if necessary provide a statement to the police.
  11. I think I've sat beside that guy on a flight. You would be amazed how long you can hold your breath. 😉 As for visiting an SP, it boggles the mind that some clients don't think that hygiene is as important for them to take care of as it is for the SP.
  12. WildTiger

    Rant of the day

    Notch, I feel your pain as I've had providers cancel at the last minute as well and it can be very frustrating. I would take your last comment one step further and include the guys that cancel last minute or don't show for local ladies as well. I get it, things come up, but in the decade I have been hobbying I have had to cancel an appointment less than 5 times. And when I do I always gave the lady as much advance notice as I could, determined if any compensation was required (the ladies understood and didn't request any compensation), and followed up with another booking when possible. Time, and money, are important to both the client and provider and the clients need to take care of their end of the arrangement in good faith.
  13. WildTiger

    Fraud, catfishing or ...?

    You are probably right and I'll have to defer to your experience Greenteal. I've found that listening to your gut, or instinct, is usually a pretty good barometer. I have to admit that I tend not to check out sites such as Kijiji. I prefer the relative security of sites such as this to avoid scammers.
  14. WildTiger

    Fraud, catfishing or ...?

    Does seem very strange. Perhaps she just got cold feet.
  15. I've had the pleasure of meeting Miss Molly a few times. A very lovely lady who is fun to spend time with. It's been a little while, may need to rectify that.