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  1. All the best for a quick and full recovery Notch!
  2. Debate over, patent says the answer is B. 🙂
  3. There is no way that zipper would ever survive the stress test of being done up!
  4. Just bought a Traeger grill. First test run was smoked Cajun chicken wings. Delicious!
  5. If a similar thing happened again, I would take the girl and her family to small claims court. Even if considered "no fault" her family should be liable for at least a partial payment of the damages. It would also help teach the girl that there are consequences to their actions.
  6. Watching the action in porn is like watching the Fast and Furious franchise. Looks exciting but I hope people aren't trying to drive like they do in the movies. (OK, there are idiots out there that do drive like that but they're IDIOTS!) As it was mentioned before, there is a lot of prep work and need to get specific camera angles involved as well as the desire to come up with unique positions to add variety to the films. Not necessarily practical or enjoyable.
  7. An important thing about vaccines that most people forget is that while all the vaccines will prevent serious illness or death, you can still contract a mild case of COVID-19. It's unknown if you can transmit it though.
  8. Would you see your favourite provider now if both of you were vaccinated?
  9. I've also never experimented with toys for self-pleasure, although I don't think I would be adverse to trying. I have had a couple of ladies try some butt play, with my consent, on me. I know some people love it (all genders), but no pleasure at all for me.
  10. I'd like to add my thanks to @lydiahardwood and @Phaedrus for the time and effort that went into a great interview!
  11. He's 7 weeks old and I pick him up next weekend.
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