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  1. If I were restricted to choosing a classic North American car then I would definitely go for a '57 Vette or '67 Camaro RS/SS. Now I just need to win a lottery!
  2. It would also be great for driving through rush hour traffic and giving a friendly nudge to the idiots that like to cut you off without signalling and then slow down.
  3. I always dreamed of owning a Porsche 911. Had the pleasure of driving one in Germany but never bought one.
  4. WildTiger

    Best VPN?

    I also use NordVPN and like it. Occasionally I come across a website that won't load if it detects a VPN. When that happens I select the option to disconnect or pause for a specified period of time and then the VPN re-connects.
  5. OMG Notch, YES!! I love a long skirt/dress with a sexy slit to tease you with glimpses of those sexy legs.
  6. My answer is YES. Both! I enjoy seeing a pretty lady in a sexy dress for the reasons you mentioned. I also find an exposed shoulder or neck takes my mind to naughty places.
  7. Notch, you never fail to find naughty dresses that would be Jo-Lo approved! Well done.
  8. I love supporting local businesses but you may want to re-consider ordering through 3rd party delivery services as they charge 10-30% and the restaurants end up losing money. Order direct from the restaurant. The link below is a great explanation of how this is hurting local businesses.
  9. Happy Easter everyone. Hopefully all your friends and family are safe and healthy. This is normally a time when many get together with their loved ones. Since we can't this year be sure to reach out to them by phone, social media, or web conferencing apps like Zoom to stay in touch. Cheers, WildTiger
  10. Thanks for this thread Notch. I agree, I love seeing a lady wear a flattering dress that catches the eye. How someone dresses can also reflect their personality. For me, I love seeing bare neck/shoulders, cleavage (optional), and legs, but leave something to the imagination.
  11. Went onto Amazon and bought an electric guitar cord and a playing guitar book. I used to play but it's been many years since I last did. Have always said to myself that when I have more time I will take it up again. Well, it seems I have more time now. 😊 Stay safe everyone.
  12. I had the great pleasure of meeting with the sensualist Adèle today. I had been following her for a little while on Twitter and was captivated by her charm and humour. I could tell just from her posts that this was a lady that was as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I usually see SPs but thought I really needed to meet her. My spidey senses were bang on. I booked an extended session because I knew I would want to spend some time getting to know her and trust me it was time well spent. I don't know if she came up with the term "sensualist" but she certainly defines it and sets the bar very high. Her location is discreet, simple on the outside but by far one of the nicest locations I have seen once inside. Whatever you are hoping to get from a visit with an MA she will surpass. I am already looking forward to my next visit.
  13. The difference back in 1998 was that he was referring to all Canadians when he we should all wear poppies, and that's an acceptable point of view. This time he specifically implied that new Canadians/immigrants are being disrespectful for not wearing a poppy. The other sad reality is the network, previously CBC and now Rogers, weren't going to fire him because love him or hate him he had big ratings. The ratings for hockey actually went up during the first intermission as people wanted to see what was going to come out of his mouth next. Kind of like Nickleback, few people admit liking them but they've sold millions of albums and sold out arenas.
  14. Total Bait & Switch. Lady that answers the door is not the lady in the photos. Missing tattoo on the shoulder, smaller breasts, different ethnic background, etc.. Second lady also in the townhouse. Ran away as fast as I could. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_hr_ny_mature_w_new_new_neww_a_shaved_kitty-4083126
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