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  1. I'd like to add my thanks to @lydiahardwood and @Phaedrus for the time and effort that went into a great interview!
  2. A 7-week old German Shepherd puppy. 🙂 Let the chewing begin!
  3. If I were restricted to choosing a classic North American car then I would definitely go for a '57 Vette or '67 Camaro RS/SS. Now I just need to win a lottery!
  4. It would also be great for driving through rush hour traffic and giving a friendly nudge to the idiots that like to cut you off without signalling and then slow down.
  5. I always dreamed of owning a Porsche 911. Had the pleasure of driving one in Germany but never bought one.
  6. WildTiger

    Best VPN?

    I also use NordVPN and like it. Occasionally I come across a website that won't load if it detects a VPN. When that happens I select the option to disconnect or pause for a specified period of time and then the VPN re-connects.
  7. OMG Notch, YES!! I love a long skirt/dress with a sexy slit to tease you with glimpses of those sexy legs.
  8. My answer is YES. Both! I enjoy seeing a pretty lady in a sexy dress for the reasons you mentioned. I also find an exposed shoulder or neck takes my mind to naughty places.
  9. Notch, you never fail to find naughty dresses that would be Jo-Lo approved! Well done.
  10. I love supporting local businesses but you may want to re-consider ordering through 3rd party delivery services as they charge 10-30% and the restaurants end up losing money. Order direct from the restaurant. The link below is a great explanation of how this is hurting local businesses.
  11. Happy Easter everyone. Hopefully all your friends and family are safe and healthy. This is normally a time when many get together with their loved ones. Since we can't this year be sure to reach out to them by phone, social media, or web conferencing apps like Zoom to stay in touch. Cheers, WildTiger
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