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  1. WildTiger

    Rant of the day

    Notch, I feel your pain as I've had providers cancel at the last minute as well and it can be very frustrating. I would take your last comment one step further and include the guys that cancel last minute or don't show for local ladies as well. I get it, things come up, but in the decade I have been hobbying I have had to cancel an appointment less than 5 times. And when I do I always gave the lady as much advance notice as I could, determined if any compensation was required (the ladies understood and didn't request any compensation), and followed up with another booking when possible. Time, and money, are important to both the client and provider and the clients need to take care of their end of the arrangement in good faith.
  2. WildTiger

    Fraud, catfishing or ...?

    You are probably right and I'll have to defer to your experience Greenteal. I've found that listening to your gut, or instinct, is usually a pretty good barometer. I have to admit that I tend not to check out sites such as Kijiji. I prefer the relative security of sites such as this to avoid scammers.
  3. WildTiger

    Fraud, catfishing or ...?

    Does seem very strange. Perhaps she just got cold feet.
  4. I've had the pleasure of meeting Miss Molly a few times. A very lovely lady who is fun to spend time with. It's been a little while, may need to rectify that.
  5. WildTiger


    I've got to say forkyew that I have a slightly different view on respecting people. I believe that all people deserve a basic level of respect. After that they can earn greater respect, or lose it, by their actions. In my experience, people that feel respected will return the respect to you and generally results in a much more pleasant encounter. JMHO.
  6. WildTiger

    Have you been with this hot babe

    Just seeing the area code is enough to make me start image searching. In general, I will always do an image searches and check for reviews to provide a sense of whether an ad is a scam or legit. Also the additional information will give you a better idea if the person you are interested in is a good match for you.
  7. WildTiger

    Self defense options

    The most important aspect of self-defence, when forced to fight, is to be quick and decisive. The longer a fight lasts the greater the chances are you can get hurt. I fully support taking MA classes for a variety of reasons, fitness, mental strength, self-discipline, etc.. However I worry about people taking these 10 class sessions to learn self-defence. You can't learn how to effectively employ a technique without prolonged training. Unless your response comes automatically, without hesitation, and performed effectively, all you have done is warned your attacker that you are willing to fight and pissing him/her off so that they will be even more violent. You need to take the initiative and disengage as quickly as possible. We all say what we would do in a given situation but until you've experienced that fight or flight moment you don't know how you will respond. Be trained, be ready, and hopefully like fire insurance, you will never need it.
  8. WildTiger

    Self defense options

    Or more precisely Greenteal, we're in non-violent agreement. ;-)
  9. WildTiger

    Self defense options

    Totally agree.
  10. WildTiger

    Self defense options

    You raise a good question Greenteal, it's important to always be mentally prepared to defend yourself or someone with you. Self-defence can come in many forms and you need to adapt to the situation. Your use of a flashlight is very good, especially when followed up by running away. As soon as you choose to engage in physical contact you open yourself up to legal interpretations of proportional self-defence (after all he was blinded by the light and no longer an immediate threat) as well as risking your opponent getting in a sucker punch or kick of their own even if partially blinded. I used to teach martial arts and self-defence. The most important points I tried to pass on to my students were: 1. Avoid physical confrontation at all cost, even Bruce Lee could be beaten. 2. Be aware of your surroundings, potential threats and escape routes. 3. Be confident, not rude or aggressive, but don't appear to be a victim even if you are nervous in the situation. This goes a long way in preventing getting into a bad situation in the first place. 4. Try to de-escalate the situation verbally. 5. If necessary call for help. Unfortunately in today's society many people don't want to get involved so yell "FIRE!" instead. Everyone wants to either see a fire or put it out before it threatens them. 6. If you are forced to fight, then the only rule is proportional self-defence. I have no qualms with kicking the side of the knee, likely causing severe damage but allowing me to escape quickly. After all, I'm only fighting because I felt I was in mortal danger, not because you spilled my beer. Bottom line, I will only fight if I feel I'm in true danger or others with me are being attacked. If you have to fight you have lost control of the situation. As soon as there is an opportunity to disengage and run, do so. Just my rambling thoughts on the issue.
  11. WildTiger

    Happy Easter to all my friends

    Happy Easter Notch!
  12. I agree, such a horrible loss of a beautiful piece of architecture and history. You don't have to be Catholic to feel for the people of Paris. The French president has already said they will rebuild Notre-Dame and I hope they do, but how long will that take and at what cost? The original took 200 years to build with cheap labour!
  13. I'm not a huge basketball fan but I've always liked Dwayne Wade. Now I respect Dwayne Wade. He is the kind of athlete that you want your kids to idolize as a sporting role model. More importantly, he shows that even simple gestures can have great significance on other peoples lives. Something we all need to strive for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjXKS6ONtLQ
  14. WildTiger

    Goodbye Ottawa

    All the best in your future endeavours Luxe. It was a real pleasure meeting such a lovely person as you. It's ladies like you that keep me in this hobby.
  15. The site is back up but for all intents and purposes it is a non-player as there are literally a handful of ladies advertising between Toronto, Mississauga, and Winnipeg.