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  1. ιм тнe тoтal pacĸage 5s⃣t⃣a⃣r⃣ s⃣e⃣r⃣v⃣i⃣c⃣e⃣ 1oo% real | Thunder Bay | Northern Ontario | Female Escorts | LeoList Went to see this sp and was totally disappointed, not the person as advertised, not even close. Don't waste your time.
  2. Hey guys, Anyone take the plunge with her yet, pics are great, says all is real (we know that dont mean anything lol) Thoughts anyone Hi sweetheart, are you tired of fakes let’s hookup | Thunder Bay | Northern Ontario | Female Escorts | LeoList
  3. I know this post is from a year ago but just take a ride down Mackenzie to find her shes there all the time.
  4. I thought Id put my 2 cents in here since ive been scammed also. Let me start by saying I think it comes with the territory, you get the good and bad with everything, I don't get mad when I get scammed I am just glad thing didn't turn out worse. Mine was along time ago but I met a girl at her incall she opened the door and she was a little hottie and she was like I need half first and just give me a few minutes, half was not alot and I knew in my gut I should of just turned and left once asked but I took the plunge and gave it and then she closes the door and 2 minutes later a guy opens it with a 40 oz bottle in his hand telling to f-off as he made a gesture like he was going to swing the bottle at me.. I just said I dont want any trouble and walked away.. I could of easily kicked this punks ass but like I said I didnt want the trouble. Ive also been scammed by clock watchers and sp that were just no fun at all and I just wanted to leave. But hey ive had some AWESOME sp who met and exceeded my expectations I hate to say its a crap shoot alot but unfortunately thats the way it is..
  5. I did a simple search online with Tineye and those are not the sp they are off the net. Just putting that out there.
  6. Hey Guys.. Im wondering if anyone has been in contact or met up with this young lady. I spoke to her via email then snapchat, I was trying to negotiate a price with her that I thought was fair since she told me her donation was 500 roses and everything safe. The Pic in the ad she says is her and she would not share any more. I decided not to take the plunge finding the donation to be to much.. She says she is a student at LU but I have no idea. Well if anyone has tried would love to hear your feedback. PM if you would like. https://thunderbay.craigslist.ca/cas/6044912808.html
  7. based on what ive read from the Ad posted, this looks totally fake, try texting the number and Id bet its either some prepay scam or some very angry Xbf... and by the very remote chance its real.. Bare service for $20 bucks sounds like your gonna be spending alot of money at your local pharmacy..
  8. Yes this sp is not new she has been around for a few years, I seen her 2 years ago when she was on CL, then she was gone for a while until I seen her walking one day last year and she was pregnant, so most likely shes cleaned up and now back to working. I have included a link that shows a better pic of her. As for my visit it was all safe (couple of years ago) location was her very small apt, and the experience was ok but nothing to brag about. Hope this helps guys http://www.escorthistory.com/807-633-8110/
  9. Seen this ad on bp and was wondering if anyone has seen her, love the pictures, her look is what I love to see, but no text messages.. that I hate.. I have questions before I see an sp or consider seeing the sp. Well guys any feedback would be great, pm if u like also. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/staci-stunning-what-you-have-been-looking-for/59238967
  10. well I got ahold of her via text today.. and asked if I could see her picture and she sent me a couple of her and she looks very pretty.. I asked whats on the menu and as the previous post said she offers bbfs which just scares the socks off me .. I just cant see and sp that takes that kinda risks.
  11. take a minute and look thru the past post and you will see her name and info on her.
  12. I have no info on that SP but what I would recommend is searching the sp phone number, ive used escorthistory.com and seems to be a very useful resource. Im sure their is other sites that collect info from SP ads but I find this one very useful in seeing if they are fake ads or not.
  13. I have seen the girl posted fac3fun, she went by a different name before she moved out west and now that i see your post I guess shes back in town, the pictures are of her 100% as for the number being the same as those other woman I dont know anything about it, but that girl is real and age is about correct also. I have not seen her in a couple years but thats her for sure.
  14. Anyone else having a hard time reaching her... Ive texted her on 3 different days.. to book an appointment to see her and did not get a text back at all. My number is local and all I ask is for the info on seeing her and when can I book an appointment.....
  15. Hey I have seen her post on bp a number of times and would like to go see her but every time I have ever called an Asian sp its always bait and switch, and thats not just in tbay also happens when I travel, so now I just never use them, but maybe someone has some info about Tiffany Lynn since shes on bp every couple of months. Thanks her link http://thunderbay.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/tiffany-lynn-thai-and-french-bootilicious-and-flawless-beauty-just-landed-in-town-jan-8-9-10th/23251015
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