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  1. Joined up on Emily Wilson’s Onlyfans. Content is getting better and better as she relaxes with it. Since she is based in Halifax and I am in Calgary it’s been a nice way to connect with COVID going on. Anyways check it out if you wish as I just thought others should know..... @stepsisteremily
  2. I got Emily Wilson to do a few movies for me! Was a good time and nice to go back too and reminisce......😎
  3. Emily is a great girl to meet up with. As always YMMV but we click pretty well. She definitely wants you to have a great time and is talkative. Great sense of humour. Tip she loves McDonald’s chicken nuggets or those sour gummy rings. 😉 No she is not true GFE but still a good time! I am still hoping anyways 😂
  4. Emily Wilson is great with Greek and luvs it.....😊
  5. Yes Amanda is a real sweetheart! Seen her out west also! Seen most of her movies too! 😊
  6. Yes I saw her 3 times in Calgary. She ended going home early cause she felt like it. She does as she pleases 😂 If you get spooked because of the pattern of ad posts then you never done your homework. She’s the real deal even though she’s limited.
  7. Bigguy0069

    IMG 4765

    Great pic! Wish I would of visited when you had that condo.....
  8. I have always been a breast man but I do believe a nice ass goes a long way also lol!
  9. Joined awhile back too.....from Calgary also. Thought it would be nice to see whats here!
  10. Glad to see there is a fan club! Can't wait till she comes back to Calgary!
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