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  1. Wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with her. I've tried to book on multiple occasions but her response is hours late or no response at all. I know she was going by the name of Madison before, so it's the same SP. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Heres a link to her recent ad : https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_ktown-5881541
  2. 613king88

    Any reco on Victoria Krawford?

    I am somewhat jealous to hear that! Glad it worked out for you. Not sure why this didn't happen with ne 😞
  3. 613king88


    Feel free to DM me if you'd like detailed info. I had to leave, once I got there. I would not recommend.
  4. 613king88

    Any reco on Victoria Krawford?

    Welp, I did go and see her. Are the pictures real? Yes, but it stops there. Paid for an hour and left after less than 30 minutes. She told me straight away, I have to do all the work. Once i was done, she went straight to her phone and was on it the whole time. I asked her for a massage, she ignored me like she didn't hear me. Tried to have a conversation, ignored that too. I was still wearing a raincoat with my swimmers in it. She didn't offer to clean me up or even tell me to go clean up. I eventually just got up, went to the bathroom, got dressed and said have a nice night. She didn't even look at me to say goodbye. Revisit? I don't think so.... Hope this helps you guys out.
  5. Has anyone seen her? She tends to stay at Maple Crest everytime she's in town. Just wondering if the pictures are real and if the service is good. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_best_service_in_town_treat_yourself_and_be_my_king-5141053
  6. 613king88

    Anybody seen her...

    The pictures are fake after doing a google and tiny eye search. I asked her for her real pictures, she said she does not send them.
  7. 613king88

    Some Info

    link still not working.
  8. 613king88

    Dania 2519

    Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing this lady? I've seen her post a lot in Belleville BP area. Not sure if anyone in town has seen her yet. Does she match the pictures? Pleasant visit? Any recos? http://kingston.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/dania-new-in-the-city-available-for-outcall-and-incall/48859832
  9. Wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting this sp: http://kingston.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/michelle-vip-visit-the-kingston-wed-29-thur-30-friday-1-incall-text-only-514-561-3849/40592253 I tried to book with her but she didn't have appointments for the whole time she is in town. Same thing happened when I contacted her a few months ago. Also cannot find any reviews. Anyone had any experience they care to share?
  10. 613king88

    Any information on Jessica (21)

    I usually stay away from these fake Chinese switch baits. If you want to take one for the team by all means let us know. ;)
  11. 613king88

    Anyone been to see?

    I texted her. She told me she only sees clients after they pay for her cam show on some website. Sounded like a scam.
  12. Wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of visiting Juliette. Are her pictures legit? http://kingston.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/juliette-the-girl-of-your-dream/32849119