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  1. her and a friend posting together it looks like https://m.locanto.ca/by/tamika+TT/dd9968/?tab=postings
  2. https://kingston.craigslist.org/hss/d/kingston-can-be-your-little-fuck-toy/7500325753.html careful everyone she is at it again tonight. “I don't do that work sorry hun, I make enough. I don't want to be an escort sorry” “I think ripping men of is always better than pleasing them because most men especially ones on escort sites are selfish or weird so go suck ur mom and get some help” above quotes from her text when asked why not work vs ripping people off new number on her new ad - 705-998-5861
  3. New ad up online which looks to be from the same girl just using other pics not showing her face this time and a new number. Just want to let other hobbits know to be safe as my buddy was also trying to set up a meet with the girl from the original post and got the same message that she would meet him outside the room at the knights inn first and see the money. Thankfully he had been talking to me and ended up not going through with the meet. Just don’t want to see anyone scammed and help keep people safe and out of potential dangerous situations have fun and stay safe https://m.locanto.ca/kingston/ID_5522103861/Fun-fun-fun.html
  4. Anybody else met this girl and had the same experience or actually got to have service? let me know either way
  5. Damn shame too as it was the same girl from the ad/pics who answered the door and was damn stunning lol
  6. Beware of the scammer everyone. Post as sexy young 18 and link is posted below. Promises the world but meets you outside to make sure you have cash then grabs the money and runs back inside with somebody (assuming boyfriend) slamming door behind her. Stay far away and don’t get into trouble Currently staying at the knights inn and another address on princess Number is 6132153010 (Which may have been same girl from older ad outside of Kingston in Elginburg) Link is (since been deleted after was called out on scamming) https://m.locanto.ca/kingston/ID_5614602860/Sexy-Young-Fuck-Suck-18.html Message me if need more details if needed (was unable to post the pics I have on this posting for some reason)
  7. Hey seen Sarah a few times myself and it’s always A1 service that I would highly recommend 100%. She is independent and works out of a clean apartment. Rates I do find a little high but it is quality service she offers. And yes I do find it funny to that pics are censored in this ad but nothing hidden In the only fans link lol. feel free to message me for more details or if you have any other recommendations in the area.
  8. Hey my post is genuine waterat lol. She was posting for a while in Belleville and has made a brief visit to Mississauga but states returning to the Belleville area soon (according to her in our messages) and I didn’t post in the Belleville section as her ad is not there any longer. Was just trying to get a heads up in advance for when she is back down this way (if she truly is planning on coming back as she says lol). Any information would be helpful though and what red flags are you speaking of in the ad??
  9. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/mississauga_18_yo_tight_pussy_slim_body_ready_to_please_party_girl-6359819 been exchanging messages with the above lady and keep missing her as will touch base and she is good to go and ready to meet and then when it’s getting close to meeting up I’ll touch base to finalize everything and be ghosted and not hear anything back for a day or two then get a response saying phone broke or something came up (car broke down) and will set up another appointment and same thing happens that time. Just curious if I’m the only one missing her or if others are having same issue or have had the pleasure of meeting up and can leave a review
  10. Hey I’ve been wondering myself as looks like a good time. Sent a message earlier but haven’t heard anything back from her yet
  11. Ya I know. I have messaged a few providers and got attempted for the gift card scam and most are pretty obvious that there running a scam as you keep getting the copy and pasted messages over and over. Was bored one night and just sat on my couch messing with a scammer on a burner number about the gift cards pretending to be at the store trying to buy them and not able to figure it out lol. Person actually started trying to help and walked me through step by step how to buy the cards and even how to scratch them with a penny to reveal the code and got mad when I pretended to be scratching the wrong side then told them I didn’t have a penny and got flustered trying to walk me through finding something else to scratch it with. Long story short they were furious when I let them in I was waiting their time but the time they were talking to me might have prevented someone else from being scammed lol. Let’s hear your stories about your scams or funny stories or post if you have any good Belleville recommendations.
  12. Hey thanks for the info greenteal probably going to shoot her a message and try again to set something up. Keep thinking I’ve see her post in the Belleville area before or somebody who looked a lot like her with the same hand tattoo. Anybody ever had the chance to meet her and could share some insight?
  13. Hey been seeing this new ad for Blair popping up lately. Been messing and trying to set up a meeting but haven’t got schedule to align yet can’t put my finger on it though but she looks very familiar in the pics like maybe she use to work under a different name maybe. anybody recognize her or have seen her before and could leave a recommendation maybe. thanks in advance https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_young_tight_petite_sexy_blonde_angel-6053028 https://onlyfans.com/thebluebutterfly_
  14. Hey thanks for the information 613king. Still a little on the fence myself lol. Anybody else have any info or a review/details about this lady they would care to share?
  15. Hey keep seeing her ad and been considering taking the plunge but almost looks too good to be true. Anybody had any experience or information the could share would be very helpful please. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_secret_getaway_sarah-4845859
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