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    Thanks for visiting my profile. I love ladies. more than life itself. I love hugging and kissing beautiful ladies and am very selective on looks. Dinner and dancing too I love the most but kissing soft fair skin is what resurrects me from dead. All it takes is a kiss from a beautiful girl and I am back to full life.
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    I am a strip bar patron only.
  1. Thank you so much for the post AquaTouch. I knew good hearted cerbites are plenty and would respond as you did. Every little bit helps and no matter how little it may be, it makes a big difference in the lives of many less fortunate and definitely very admirable. I admire you and everyone else highly who prioritise giving in this final hours of the year and throughout next year by making it a new year resolution and think of others who may not be as fortunate and I sure this sense is shared by many. My new year resolution part from what you stated so well in your post, is to enjoy life to the fullest possible and to participate in different activities as much as time and finances allow. Best wishes for a happy and healthy and prosperous New Year to all. ET.
  2. Thank you very much everyone for added attached links. Just a reminder that if you donate today before midnight you can actually save on your taxes for this year and receive a tax return of up to 40% of your donation (combined Federal and provincial) in two months. Please help those who need your help the most and get rewarded. ET.
  3. While we are fortunate to live in a rich country and likely with comfortable incomes there are many others who are not as fortunate. There are kids in other parts of the world who are awaiting your help (homeless, starving, need medical attention, runaways) in both home and abroad. For the price of a coffee a day you can save lives overseas. It has never been so easy to save a life. Whether you are religious or not, caring or not, whatever age, income, social status,......you can help and sponsor a child abroad or help the runaway kids at home. You will be handsomely rewarded tin his world or next. There is so much joy in giving. Please give today. Cerb is not only a companion recommendation board. It is a lot more than that. It is a community of caring good hearted people. If you are aware of better or other charities please attach the links. Thank you so much. https://children.worldvision.ca/ https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/donate.aspx?eventid=160037&langpref=en-CA&Referrer=http%3a%2f%2femail3%2f http://www.ccfcanada.ca/faq.html http://www.canadianfeedthechildren.ca/ways-to-help/sponsorship/sponsor-a-child?gclid=CNa3najT8MICFcbtMgod2j8ARQ http://www.msf.ca/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc_paid&utm_campaign=charitygeneral_en&csid=GA http://plancanada.ca/childsponsorship/?gclid=COeMzYPS8MICFQESMwodLnoA6g&gclsrc=aw.ds http://www.giversbydesign.org/top-organizations/?gclid=COG_yNDS8MICFfFaMgod0U0A2g Have a Happy and prosperous New Year everyone. ET.
  4. Thanks for starting this great thread. Being a strip bar patron only I did meet many dancers in 2014 among all those who were the best of the best in no preferential order are as follows: At Barbarellas: Kitty, Bridgette, Hazel, Minx, Brunette Nikki ..... At Barefax: Daisy, Evelyn At Playmates: Sabrina At Taboo Layla, Ginger, Ruby At Pigale: Mila Special thanks to all lovely dancers in particular to the ones listed above. ET
  5. Hello Loki: The ideal place for you would be Playmates. They have plenty of ebony ladies (a majority) a few may qualify for your stated figures in addition there are two particular dancers one blonde named Kim (my guess, about 5 4 and 140 to 150 lbs.) and another brunette named Eve (my guess 5 6 and about 140 to 160 lbs.) both though a bit on the heavy side but very pretty and sexy. Please refer to my review of above two dancers in Saturday tour of strip bars thread as well as my posts in Playmates thread. Taboo too has plenty of ebony ladies (likely about half) though I don't recall many heavy dancers (may be one by the name of Allie, likely I guess about 5 4 to 5 5 and 150 to 160 lbs.). They are all nice to chat and spend some time with in the club sharing drinks and also watch them while they are dancing on stage. Unlike some Barb dancers and a few Barefax and Pigale dancers who keep their panties on while on stage, almost all ladies dance nude on stage in Playmates and Taboo during their last song. I am myself the opposite as I like very fair skinned slender ladies however I enjoy chatting and watching them all nude on stage. ps - My reviews are based on looks and personality as per your post not mileage as I haven't been taking private dances since early December or ever with most of dancers recommended above.
  6. Just to clarify that the small piece in my very positive posts (about all three four bars I visit Saturdays) was not a general statement or even about the wait staff and generally the staff are great (at Barbs too) just an individual or two may have a past issue or two or maybe just my imagination but I feel they can easily improve by reading it if it is indeed even slightly factual. We go there for the ladies not the staff lol. And the ladies are great all the times in all parts as per my posts. I also noticed that we maybe getting a bit off track as the thread is about recommendations of Saturday lovely dancers and best bars to be on that particular weekend day and night.
  7. Thanks Hoppinghorny for the review. It appears I was right to leave barbs to Barefax. Barbs likely matches other top strip bars weekdays though it used to have a party like crowded environment even on Saturdays and Sundays when they used to have private booths in the CRs a few years ago (not to mention some recent attitudes on the part of some staff at Barbs though the Saturday gentleman at the bar is very attentive and respectful without any attitude). That said they do have the ability to still attract very attractive dancers matching or even in some cases topping both Pigale and Barefax in that regard. As for open CRs they have had at Barbs since I believe 2009 it appears some dancers have expressed a like for this arrangement and have chosen to work at Barbs for that reason only as they feel more comfortable and safe providing dances when the CRs are open rather than in private booths as in Barefax and Pigale (or Taboo) and that I fully appreciate and respect that there is at least one bar which provides that environment (and I believe NuDen too) for those dancers who only wish to dance and nothing more. ET
  8. Great advice. Once we changed to Lyla.com, I wasn't logged in by default so I couldn't logon to cerb as I had forgotten my password. I took your advice. I re-registered as ExtraTerrestrial (similar to my user name Extra Terrestrial but without the space between) and let the mod know about this. Mod merged my posts and PMs though I appear to have lost all the "thanks" I had received as Extra Terrestrial (not that it is important just saying).
  9. This Saturday it was Barbs where I visited first. The atmosphere was subdued and quiet at 4:00 pm which was what I expected during Christmas holidays. After a little while I noticed a pair of glowing blue lights are moving towards me and I looked up and it was Barb's shining star, the always smiling cerb popular Bridgette and the glowing blue lights were her sky blue shining eyes!!!!!!. A quick hug and kiss as she had to return to her regular customer after her stage dance. But as expected from a very friendly Bridgette it was very nice of her to come over even briefly for a quick hug and kiss. Apart from Bridgette other dancers who I recognize were Sasha (Pretty, soft looking skinned, feminine), Nikki (not brunette Nikki who has been reviewed before but a short haired friendly blonde and likely new to Barbs), Eve, Tia, Brandy (the popular blonde/brown haired pretty young lady), Serenity (small, fair skinned young girl) and a few others. Sorry gents, Jenny and Ariel were not there today. Regretfully no signs of my other favorites like very cute Kitty or very cute Minx (reviewed before) or soft looking fair skinned very pretty brunette Nikki (reviewed before) either today neither was the very fair skinned very cute and friendly Hazel!!. There were about a dozen ladies and same number of customers at 6:00 pm. With Bridgette still in the CR I left to another bar after 6:00 pm. While I was driving (I had Pepsi at Barbs only) I decided to stop by Taboo to spend some time in the club with my favorite very pretty Layla who is a young looking (she is 24 though) very cute, very friendly young lady already reviewed in this thread. Did not stay long and left soon after spending the time with Layla was over as they in Taboo usually don't have any dancers on stage (or one dancer per hour or so) on Saturday afternoons) Then I decided on Barefax and decided to check it out. The atmosphere here too was subdued and quiet at 7:00 pm however it didn't take long for the party to start around 8:00 pm as they sent dancer after dancer on stage and people who were coming decided to stay on and buy drinks (way to go lol. A message to all strip bars including Taboo and Playmates). At 9:00 pm the party was in full swing and about two dozens lovely ladies. That said I always pick the best of the best as most readers know so I spent some time first with Daisy in the club (reviewed before. She has a very pretty face however don't expect underwear come off in the CR or even stage lol), and a new young lady I met for the first time by the name of Evelyn (a very pretty 19 year old shy new dancer who started two weeks ago with very soft looking fair feminine skin, beautiful sexy medium size pair of boobs, slender and very friendly and did I say very pretty?), I spent quite some time with her too in the bar. There were a few other attractive ladies there too at Barefax which regretfully I can't recall their names (I only remember a girl named Precious, a very cute young girl with boobs and body full of tattoos). At 11:00 pm it was time to go back home as I ran out of the non-alcoholic drinks I was ordering in that bar (tried just about everything) as well as greens in my wallet even though there were about three dozen dancers at Barefax at that time and full party atmosphere with back to back stage dances. Barefax wins the Gold among the three bars I visited this Saturday and will win over Playmates anytime in terms of quality of dancers. I was approached many times by various dancers in both Barbs and Barefax however my new policy is to spend time with the best of the best only which in my case is the top 10 percent which of course is very subjective. I very politely declined many requests and thanked them sincerely for wanting to spend time with me. Looks and not mileage is what matters to me which explains why I am a strip bar patron only. ET
  10. Hi: This is Extra Terrestrial, the OP for this thread Posting first time in many weeks as I had forgotten my password and automatic login was not possible (likely as a result of change to Lyla). Anyhow I re-register as ExtraTerrestrial and I let mod know about this. I have been to a few clubs past few Saturdays. Barbarellas: Two Saturdays ago the pleasure to spend some time with the cerb popular and Barb popular Redhead "Bridgette". Bridgette needs no introduction and she has her own recommendation thread. The shining star of barbs came to me as soon as she saw me and we hugged and kissed and chatted. On that day the other cerb popular "Ariel" and the other cerb popular blonde, "Jenny" were both there. With all these three populars there in one day it would have been a great Saturday for cerbites. Saturday the 13th I saw A lovely new lady at Barbs again by the name of "Minx". She is very cute, sexy body and very nice and friendly. That Saturday I also went to Taboo and met my good lovely very pretty very nice friend by the name of Layla. Playmates: Past Saturday I headed to Playmates as there was a Christmas Party there. I met a young lady some may say a bit on overweight side but with a very soft fair skin by the name of Eve. Very nice sexy lady. The party started around 7:00 pm. Then a couple of male strippers (for ladies) went on stage around 10:00 pm. Time for me to leave lol so not sure what went on afterwards. Barefax: Headed to Barefax one day and met a very pretty young lady by the name of "Daisy" there. Very pretty face and friendly.
  11. Well she certainly wasn't very young. Likely in her mid to late 20's or maybe more even. Wow I had no idea that names stand for age. That was the stage name she was using but she certainly wasn't anywhere close to being very young. Thanks for explanation though. Couldn't guess the reason in a million years. Btw, I would like to recommend Adora at Playmates. Very friendly lovely lady with cute cheeks. Shows she is highly educated. We talked about history and politics. As her name stands, she is adorable.
  12. Decided on Playmates again (I was at Barbs last Saturday) and I am glad that I did. I met the most beautiful young lady with cutest/prettiest face. More to come about her but first: I started around 5:00 pm. About half of dozen ladies all ebony ladies at 5:00 pm. I noticed a cute Dominican whom I knew from before. She is Lalita Very friendly and very cute face and with fantastic excellent hygiene (very important to me) She is going back home to Toronto but will be back again. Have your eyes on her at Playmates as she has my recommendation. Then I watched ladies on stage (not as frequent as I like) until 7:00 pm in which time I noticed about a dozen ladies and about same number of patron. I spoke with a lady named Delicious. Very friendly brunettes and many gentlemen would find her stunning she wasn't just for me (my loss though). She came back to me a few times just to talk to me. I offered her drinks but she declined. Very friendly and nice lady. Then Lana who has been reviewed before. She is oriental cute and very friendly also with great hygiene. Kim the natural blondie from the East coast. She is shy but nice once you got to know her and she is okay. I believe that she has been reviewed before too. At around 8:30 pm I suddenly noticed an angel is on stage!!!!!!. Not sure where she came from but I looked very carefully and she had no wings so I figured that she must be one of the dancers. Her name is Sabrina (though she pronounced it as Subrina). I have seen many dancers but very few I remember to be this pretty so what I say about her should count for something.... Sabrina (Subrina) has an absolutely drop dead gorgeous very very cute and feminine very pretty face. She melted my heart every time she smiled. Her stage dance at first was disappointing as she was the only Playmate dancer who didn't take off her underwear while on stage. And with face and smile like that she didn't have to do that in order to attract attentions. Anyhow Sabrina came to me after her stage dance (when I asked her about her not taking her underwear off while on stage she said she wanted to keep it as a surprise (I think she meant reward) for those who take her to the CR. Good answer). Yeah it was a blast with her in the CR as beauty is my number one criterion in a young girl and she qualified for that with A++. She has an excellent hygiene and most importantly she is an absolutely stunning young lady with very very cute feminine face (did I say how pretty her face was?). She is tall, with medium size breasts and relative large body and she is very friendly though her best feature is her face and smiles with just above average body. I left Playmates around 9:00 pm and I am still hypnotized by Sabrina's beauty. ps - I don't know why I can't type the girl (first dancer) name (......) and I had to type it as Lalita replacing the second letter "o" with "a"!!!!.
  13. I did decide on Barbarellas this afternoonand had the pleasure to spend some time with the following beauties. Kitty - A tall slim slender brunette with cute face and open minded in the CR for Barb's standards (open minded for me as we know each other for a long time). Unlike some others she took off everything in the first song. Hazel - Reviewed before she is a short haired brunette with lovely soft fair skin and love to be kissed (by me at least) and hugged. Apart from above ladies, I did enjoy watching (from a distance) Juice or Juicy (a very pretty natural blue eyed blonde and very busy too), Annessa (not sure of spelling, but large brunettes), Brandy (pretty and I think with brown or dirty blonde hair), Layla (a new tall slender ebony lady) and serenity (small tiny fair skinned brown hair. Sorry r__d but no Jenny sighting today but somehow I think you would have enjoyed Juice (or Juicy). Not bad when I arrived at 5:00, there were over a dozen patrons and over half a dozen dancers.
  14. Decided on Playmates. Ordered wine instead of usual Pepsi so I was unable to drive to another bar that night. I have the following recommendations Kim: A natural dirty blonde with blue eyes from Nova Scotia. A bit on the overweight side but not much. Open minded in the CR, Lana- Oriental and tanned. small skinny but open minded in the Cr. Lolita - Dominican ebony. Cute face and open minded in the CR.
  15. Thanks so much fStop for the help posts. This is a great trick in many cases but it doesn't apply to me as for me to be able to get my password I should have my password typed as dots already (.............) whereas in my case cerb automatically logs me in so I am already here when I click on cerb. If I logout then I am sure that cerb would ask me to type my password in an EMPTY textbox (not an already typed dotted password textbox with my password) and I don't want to logout either as it is a certain risk that I may not be able to login back.
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