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  1. I appreciate the advice/responses and would have no problem providing info as part of a screening process to a reputable Lyla member. The point about an established presence on Lyla is well taken and one of the reasons for starting the thread. My lack of posts has more to do with limited experience more than anything else.
  2. I'm fairly new to this, with the exception of few forgettable encounters. I told myself if I were to ever take the plunge again I would do my due dilligence first. Ive noticed most of the reputable SP's (Lyla members) require a reference which is totally understandable. I guess my question is, is not being able to provide a reference a deal breaker? I'm sure it's a question that's been asked before just looking for some feedback. Thanks.
  3. I haven't had the pleasure of Emily's company but after looking at the pics I'm definitely a fan. wow!
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