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  1. Texted asked who was working a new girl Cici from BC is what Linda said… has anyone maybe had her in the past ? Good looking ?
  2. Yeah kinda sketchy was hoping one of them would walk in and shower with me lol
  3. Well I took the dive and saw Nova last min . The start of the massage wasn’t bad very soft at first . Overall amazing time. The flip was amazing Would repeat for sure . But would like to try yoyo and Ada next you will have a good massage 😉
  4. Has anyone tried Ada? She looks younger just wondering how your experience was … thinking of booking her
  5. I got a text from Linda saying Rachel is working every Saturday now .
  6. Any news on Ada , Rachel , Nova or Monica ? eliza is no longer with them anymore sad always had a great time with her
  7. Has anyone tried Yoyo at ness ? I have good luck with Linda looking to change it up and see someone new at ness.. how’s tulip? Message me
  8. Yes of course i did lol I’m sure u will to if u visit .
  9. Hey new to the the site but been reading everyday for reviews . I’ve seen Tiffany a few times . Good massage you will leave with a smile on your face. I asked to massage her and she let me I recommend u ask her it was quite fun.
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