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  1. livenudecats

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Ad on Leo List massage section for Kitty. Claims to be her in the picture. Definitely NOT the girl i saw.
  2. livenudecats

    Kitty on Kijiji

    I'd estimate about 5'6", 120 lbs.
  3. livenudecats

    Respect for Therapists

    Years ago I had an RMT I was seeing for a long time due to a back injury from a car accident. One day she seemed a bit upset so i asked her if she was okay. She went on to tell me that a few hours earlier she had a client who grabbed her boob and then pushed her up against the wall and tried to kiss her. Unfortunately for him she also had a black belt in martial arts (tae kwon do, I think) and she kneed him in the groin and gave him a throat punch. She was still visibly upset by all that happened. As I was her last client of the day I told her she needed to go home more than I needed a massage.
  4. livenudecats

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Tried Kitty on the weekend and I think I got the standard Asian Switcheroo. Booked with Kitty. When I showed up the girl who answered the door, while not unattractive was certainly not what I would describe as cute. Average looking at best. Certainly not the girl in the photos you guys reference. When I asked her if she was Kitty she acted like she didn't hear me and when I asked her again she hesitantly relied she was. The massage was quite good though. She hit all the marks and the ending was also better than most. I'm only commenting because from all the previous comments I was expecting much different in the looks department.
  5. livenudecats

    Kitty on Kijiji

    It would be helpful if you guys posted a link to her ad. If you search for Kitty on Kijiji all you get are ads for people giving away cats. Otherwise one has to scroll through numerous pages of ads looking for these ladies. Thank you.
  6. Anyone know this lady or have any info to share. ://escortalligator.com.winnipeg.listcrawler.com/post/32143332/ Thanks
  7. Hi, I have seen this ad numerous times on LC. Had a brief text exchange and she seems legit but without any reviews out there I am hesitant. Anyone have any information on her? https://escortalligator.com.winnipeg.listcrawler.com/post/30585685/ Thanks
  8. livenudecats

    Anyone seen Sharla recently

    Yes that is correct. RIP Sharla
  9. livenudecats

    Submitting receipts

    Too many comments from people who are speculating. At the end of the day as Blue00122 pointed out the claim would simply be denied. It is not insurance fraud to submit an ineligible receipt. Insurance companies deal with this all the time and simply deny the claim. Insurance fraud is if you hurt your back playing hockey and try to tell WCB you slipped and fell at work. As for your employer being informed that again should not happen. While employers can access information such as claim history from insurers, they cannot under Privacy Legislation access the specifics of the claim. For example if you submit a receipt for a prescription they can see you did and the amount but what the actual drug was is privileged information. If the insurance company told them you could sue the insurer for privacy violations. As has been stated, the vast majority of the massage providers discussed in this thread are not eligible for insurance claims and you're best to not submit them. If you can't afford to enjoy this hobby out of your disposable/discretionary income then you should not be. But saying that submitting a claim that gets rejected is tantamount to insurance fraud is a little far fetched. And If you get fired becasue you tried to submit a receipt for a R & T, you can live off the award you'll receive form your lawsuit against the insurance company.
  10. Hi guys, These 3 ladies used to all work at the now defunct 553 St. Mary's location (formerly Jasmine's Spa) then went independent on Leo List. Always enjoyed my times with them (especially once they went indy) but I haven't seen any ads for a few weeks now. Unfortunately I don't have their numbers from previous sessions. Anyone have any information on them (Still in the biz? Contact info?) Thanks
  11. livenudecats

    Lianne on LL

    Same number as Michelle. Both advertise as 30 year old Ebony ladies. Is this he same lady or 2 different ladies sharing a number?
  12. livenudecats

    Tips included

    Rather than trying to build his business and clientele this way, maybe they should focus on being honest with the customer and be less confusing. Try posting pictures of the real ladies working there, not some Asian model off the internet. As well, stop with all the name changing BS. It is very frustrating when trying to book and a lady is Susan one day then Alice the next and then a week later is Karen, meanwhile someone new is now Susan.
  13. livenudecats

    Tips included

    I like it. It takes out all the guess work.
  14. livenudecats

    Jewell on Leo List

    No one? I forgot to mention she told me she previously worked at EB.
  15. Hi, Anyone know this lady? She is different than the lady also known as Jewels/Jules previously of 553 St. Mary's Rd. Briefly texted her on the weekend. Says she has been in the biz for several years but she doesn't seem familiar to me. Thank you