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  1. I was there numerous times when it operated s Nevadas going back to the says when Catherine and Jade were there. I remember seeing Catherine for well over an hour, MPOS, MSOG, **** CIM, etc. (Eric knew better than to get on her about the length of her sessions) and she refused to accept more than 100 tip. Sure the rates are up but so is the price of vegetables and a case of beer. It's called inflation. I've had many a pleasant visit recently with Lilith, Faye, Lindsay, Shelly and most recently Phoenix.
  2. Nope! Diamonds is on Sargent Avenue near Arlington. The Studio is a MP in St. Boniface.
  3. While it may not be for everyone I too am confused by such a comment. While the previous owner (Eric) was apparently a bit of dink to the ladies, I have always foung the establishment to be clean, safe and welcoming. I may have had the occasional, less than satisfactory session but that would be more on the lady than the business itself. And the one time I had a bad session, the owner was very receptive to my commnets and went out of her way to remedy the situation. While MP's may not be everyone's "cup of tea" they have place in the local sex industry especially for guys who have trouble preplanning with more established ladies who often require a few days notice for an appointment. As well, from a humanitarian point of view, if they went under due to mismanagement, etc. that's one thing but not for the current reason.
  4. So I was able to connect with them yesterday and spent a wonderful 45 minutes with the Phoenix who by the way is gorgeous! Anyway when I mentioned the issues i was having getting hold of them, she told me that the owwner has become quite seriously ill and is off work indefinitely. Some of the ladies are chipping in to keep the doors open and the place running but staffing, etc. is a bit of an issue. I feel bad for being critical of them and apologise publically for making assumptions in my previous post which are not accurate. I hope the owner recovers and things get back to normal. It would be a shame to lose Diamonds if it shut down. I just wanted to set the record straight.
  5. My opinion. I think the Covid pandemic hurt them. The owner herself told me that the shut down plus a significant number of her employees choosing not to work during the pandemic, even after they were allowed to re-open, created a labour shortage. She was actually calling up ex-employees to see if they were interested in coming back. Also, I heard they have lost a number of ladies to the new competition (The Studio and St. B/Osborne Group). I have no first hand knowledge of this but looking at the fee schedules for all places, I think the girls can make more money at the new places. Also because the new places are not officially licensed as Body Rub Parlours the workers don't need to register with the city and pay the licensing fee ($364/yr). I personally have always enjoyed my visits to Diamonds. Especailly with the new owner the past few years. She has really improved the interior and the ladies seem happier than when Eric ran the place. I'd hate to see it go under.
  6. Tried calling numerous times over the past 3 days. No answer. Anyone been there this week? I know they had cut back on their hours due to staffing issues but they have been open a few hours Mon to Fri.
  7. Meaning? No longer with us as in she's left the biz or no longer with us as in RIP?
  8. No. They are open. Just reduced hours because I think they lost a lot of their staff to either Covid or the competition.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. Can you please elaborate on what you refer to as a "Really hot body"? I don't men to sound so superficial but we all have our own preferences or definition of what constitiutes a hot body. For me a hot body has some curves and at least C's or D's. Other guys like tiny spinners. You get my drift. Thanks
  10. I stand corrected 😉 Any idea what ever happened to Porscha? She seems to be another lady who just disappered one day.
  11. She even sent me a couple of selfies the last time I communicated with her. Her pics and ad remind me a lot of a lady who used to go by the moniker of Porscha. Never saw her but heard good things. Felina recommended her to me at one time. Not 100% sure but I thought I'd give her a shot. Too bad. Some people seem to get theri jollies out of messing with other people. Kind of like the people who on FB marketplace who tell say they are going to come by to look at whatever your selling but then don't show up.
  12. Has anyone seen her. I have tried contacting her in the past but could never arrange a date. We would start off exchanging a few texts but everytime I got to the point of wanting to set to set up a visit she would go dark. She says she lives in the country and comes into the city for her sessions so I can understand she may not be available at a moment's notice but I was trying to book ahead. To me she seems like she is playing games. She engages you, gets you interested in a session then ghosts you when you are trying to book. Thanks
  13. Has anyone been there recently? Haven't been for a while and last time I called i did not recognise any of the names the Bosslady mentioned. I've seen Lilith, Lindsay, Shelly and Lexi (no longer there). Any info on any of the other ladies who are there? Thanks
  14. Michelle is fantastic. Leanne who used to fill in for her was great as well but has been off the grid for months now. Has anyone asked Michelle or heard if Leanne is gonzo now or just on hiatus? Thanks.
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