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  1. livenudecats

    Is it "okay" to decline extras?

    I would say it depends on the reason for declining the extra(s). If it is because you only want a massage but are willing to tip good service, then sure. If it is because you are cheap (I don't necessarily mean the OP and am speaking in general terms) and only want to spend $40 or $60, then I would say it is rude. Often the room rate goes to the business so the ladies only source (or the major source) of income is the tip. Even if you don't partake in the extras offered, if she does a good job, is friendly and even throws some teasing at you a tip is warranted. I tip my barber. Why when I already pay her for the haircut? Because I realize she in turn has to give a significant portion of the fee back to the owner to pay for chair rental, supplies, etc. She does a good job, is friendly, takes her time and throws in a great scalp and neck massage so a tip is my way of saying "Thanks for making me feel special."
  2. https://escortalligator.com.winnipeg.listcrawler.com/post/39850188/
  3. livenudecats

    kijji 4202

    It's not crazy. Unless the police walk in to the room at the exact moment you are handing her the cash for the "extra" and the lady tells them you just paid he for sexual services there is nothing they can do. For the lady, selling sex is no longer illegal in Canada. Buying it, communicating for the purposes of buying it, living off the avails (ie: Pimping) are all illegal. Even if someone walked in and your both naked and having intercourse. Your just good friends having sex. In fact the licensed Body Rub Parlours under their licensing, have rules about the attendant being nude but not these places. Being nude in a private place is not illegal. There is even a place downtown where they offer nude yoga.
  4. livenudecats

    kijji 4202

    So does that make you Archie or Reggie? ;)
  5. livenudecats

    Any info on this lady?

    That's what is interesting about this lady. She has been around for quite a while but there seem to be no reviews out there. Don't see her officially listed as DNR. Maybe she asks the clients not to review her or maybe she's so damn good, the guys who see her don't want to share their secret. I may have to TOFTT. The Bamboo massage sounds interesting.
  6. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_oriental_massage-5288471 I've exchanged a few texts but can't really get much out of her except she says I'll have a fun time. Hey we could have fun drinking some beer and playing lawn darts but that's not what I would be going to see her for. Thank you
  7. livenudecats

    Best Teasing

    Can't comment on many of the ladies mentioned here as I have not seen them but I did go see Tracy on Saturday. While the massage was so-so, the teasing and the H.E. were top drawer. Can't beat the rate either. Interestingly there was no request for extra but she did seem to appreciate the tip I gave her. A definite repeat for me.
  8. livenudecats

    Bonnie on LL

    Her age is not a big deal (I'm over 55). i more concerned about her personality, services and looks. Thanks
  9. livenudecats

    Dee on LL

    In town from the West Coast. Anyone seen her? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_west_coast_girl_visiting_in_winnipeg_travelodge_east-5398982 Thanks
  10. livenudecats

    Bonnie on LL

    Hi, Can anyone provide me information on Miss Bonnie (49) who advertises on Leo List? Thank you
  11. livenudecats

    Krissy on LL

    That is probably the one. She seems to travel in and out and is often accompanied by a younger lady named Jasmine. Can you comment on the session? Thank you
  12. livenudecats

    kijiji Hargrave massage

    She is real and they are spectacular! A beautiful young woman with a good sense of humour and a quick wit. My sessions with her have been very nice. Her massage skills are passable but her other attributes and talents are first rate. My first visit was pretty standard but she is definitely a lady who seems to get better the more you see her and she becomes comfortable with you. Her place is clean and very upscale. She provides all the amenities one needs to freshen up when you get there. Treat her nicely and be a gentleman and you will have a very nice time. But be warned she doesn't suffer fools lightly.
  13. livenudecats

    Kitty on Kijiji

    Question for you guys. So, I'm a contractor, plumber or appliance repair man who gets called to the house for a legitimate reason/ job. The vigilante neighbors post a picture of my vehicle on heir website. Somehow my wife finds out and thinks I'm cheating on her. She packs up the kids and files for divorce. Would I not be able to sue their asses off?
  14. livenudecats

    Krissy on LL

    I understand that. That's why I asked for a recommendation from someone who has seen her.
  15. livenudecats

    Krissy on LL

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience to report? I did speak with her the other day. Seemed nice enough on the phone but very non-committal on services. While I understand this is a YMMV hobby. Some ladies don't like to list services hey may not offer every client the same depending on the client but she was elusive with even the most basic information. Just kept saying that I'd have a great time and I should come see her. Thank you