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  1. livenudecats

    Anna on LL

    Hi. I've noticed her ad a few times on BP and now LL. Had a brief conversation with her a couple of weeks ago and she seemed nice enough but also very business like. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_call_anna_for_the_time_of_your_life-4137030 Anyone have anything they can share. Thanks
  2. livenudecats

    Nicole Sweets on LL

    Thank you!
  3. livenudecats

    Lily of the Prairy

    I apologise if this seems like a negative comment but I thought I would mention she is a smoker and when i went the place smelt like smoke and so did my clothes after. The session was very good and the finish between those DD's was excellent! Just wanted to mention the smoke thing if you are allergic or have an SO who may detect a smoke smell on you.
  4. livenudecats

    Good east Indian massage places

    So now that we have determined her ethnicity, how about a bit of information on the massage service? Aside from a nice massage will you leave happy? If so, what are the options to leave happy? What does she look like? Age? Thanks
  5. livenudecats

    Nicole Sweets on LL

    Is the massage topless or nude? Any mutual touching allowed? Is the finish HJ only or are there "other" options?
  6. livenudecats

    Sally on EC

    Hi, Saw a new ad on EC for Sally. Had a brief text exchange with her. Seems legit. Has quite an inclusive "a la carte" menu. Said she has been in the biz before but not for the past few years. I don't recall her. Anyone know anything about her or seen her recently. Thanks
  7. livenudecats


    Never seen Riley so I can't say from personal experience but from what I read, it sounds like they share the same philosophy regarding this hobby and both are smoking hot! I think the best way to sum up Kerry is she is a sincerely nice person!
  8. livenudecats


    Kerry is fantastic. Jump at any cahnce you may get to see her. Run, don't walk!
  9. livenudecats

    Classie Cassie on LL

    All I know is she used to go by Kimmy Kisses or Kimberley Kisses so maybe you can find something if you search those names.
  10. livenudecats


    The lady in the Bellas ad is Chloe from 553 St. Mary's. She goes by Esjay there. Sounds like they just opened up and are still getting organized. Not sure who else is there. I plan to make a visit next week and will report back. I'm sure Chloe will be lots of fun as she always was at 553. Just not sure of the new location and if anything has changed.
  11. Went to see her last night and got threatened/robbed/ripped off. She works out a motel on Portage Ave. Arranged for a massage session and was quoted a rate for 1/2 hr including "extra." Her place was a mess and she seemed half out of it. I should have left but against my better judgement, decided to stay. I was naked on the bed and she began to massage me. About 10 minutes in asked what kind of tip I was going to give her. I told her I had given her the donation when I arrived and i thought that was for the massage and the "extra" as agreed on. She then began to give me some BS about how the rate was just for massage and she needed to get a tip for more. She was getting pretty aggressive at this point. I tried to keep calm and repeated what I said and even offered to show her our texts. She then tells me to get out. I get up and start to dress and tell her I want my money back (she can keep $20 for her). This is when she threatens me. Tells me if I don't leave immediately she can have "someone here right away." I tell her all I want is my money back and I'll leave. She then starts throwing stuff at me and gets on her phone. At this point I'm thinking I just need to get out of here before she stabs me with a needle or something. I book it out of there and walk as fast as I can to my car which was parked a block away. Not sure if anyone else ever did show up. Normally I can handle myself but I've learnt in situations like this its not worth the $100 to get stabbed by some crazy, meth head or her pimp.
  12. livenudecats

    Tipping at EB

    To me the OP's comment was more about the inconsistency rather than the actual fee. I agree that most of us have no problem paying for "a great experience" but it would be nice to know going into the session what that experience is going to cost us. This is Winnipeg after all. I'm going to be pissed if I just found out I paid Lady A for the same level of service Lady B provides for $40.00 less. 😲 LOL! But that's where review boards like this come in as invaluable tools. You can do your research and find out who the top provides are so that when you go for a session, you end up with someone who isn't just going through the motions
  13. livenudecats

    Tipping at EB

    Unfortunately that has always been a problem with the MP's in Winnipeg. Except for Diamonds, which seems to have a standard tipping structure, the tips were often all over the place not only between establishments but between the gals working. The worst was Broadways at the end. It is too bad that the owner doesn't put their foot down and establish a rate because this uncertainty has to hurt their business. If I am going to go for a session but walking in I am not certain of the fees involved I am likely going to take my business elsewhere.
  14. livenudecats

    Favourite massage

    Depends on the number you called. I think the place is still open but the number they once used is no longer valid. All the ladies who work out of there (Chloe, Jamie, Jewels, etc) advertise independently on Leo List and you book them thought their contact number. I'm not sure about walk in traffic becasue whenever I arranged to see a lady there they had to unlock the door to let me in and they were often the only one there.
  15. livenudecats

    Amaya on Leo List