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  1. Escort Winnipeg | Listing 204-500-9697 | Escort Alligator (listcrawler.eu) Escort Winnipeg | Listing 431-341-4200 | Escort Alligator (listcrawler.eu) Thanks
  2. An old timer I first met on an old site many years ago, told me that "Open minded" means she'll have sex with strangers for money. Nothing more. LOL! 😉
  3. Welcome. Are you looing for an AMP or an MP in general? As for MP recommendations I will tell that you can't go wrong with either The Studio or either Michelle or Leanne. The Studio is an establishment in St. Boniface with a roster that includes a variety of ladies to suit everyone's taste. Michelle and her sister Leanne are independent providers operating out of a private residence in the south end. Lots of positive reviews if you look. They post daily ads on Leo List for contact info. As for services if you contact them they will give you all the info you need.
  4. While I admit to not being an expert on the current state of every place's licensing, the risk of going to any of the local MP's or AMP's is extremely low to nil. I do know and play hockey with several members of WPS including a couple of the Inspector rank. The days of the cops giving a damn about these places is long gone. Unless there is strong suspicion of a place engaging in human trafficking or employing underage girls, WPS has waaaaay better things to focus on than some dude getting and R&T from another consenting adult of legal age. WPS has their hands full with gangs, drugs, guns, property crime, a record number of murders. They really don't care if you visit The Studio or anywhere else.
  5. Let's just say that I would never repeat even if it was free and came with a bottle of good 20 year old scotch.
  6. Went and saw her recently. Usually not into larger ladies but I had read a few positive reviews and her services seemed appropriate, so i thought I'd give her a try. Lets just say that the rules of this board prevent me from commenting further.
  7. Hi guys, Just a heads up that this person is posing as an SP on this site. They PM you offering services for an extremely low price and hen of course want an e-transfer prior to meeting. They sent me a PM and I played along just for fun. I realise most of us are not stupid enough to send an e-transfer to someone we've never met or don't even know exists but still wanted to post this warning.
  8. She's back. She'll often take a break and then return. You just have to check the LL ads daily for when she's around.
  9. Different strokes for different folks. Literally! 😉
  10. Haven't seen her but with regards to your comment about The Studio changing girls a lot more regularly, I think that is because Veronica runs a pretty tight ship. You show up on time for your shift, do your job to the high standards they set, no drugs or other impairment tolerated, etc. Not talking specifically about the lady the OP is asking about but unfortunately this industry tends to attract a lot of ladies who punctuality or a work ethic are not their strong points. I remember years ago speaking with Eric who owned Nevadas. Sure he had a reputation as being a bit of a jerk to work for but the crap he had to deal with from some of the ladies was crazy. A combination of running a daycare and herding cats.
  11. There is a Warning Section where one can report scams, bait and switch, rip offs. etc. I don't think reporting someone who is using false advertising to be a negative review.
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