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  1. I think sets a world record for binging up an old thread. 7 years and 4.5 months. Wow! Who even looks that far back. My hats off to Sweetie5054. 😉
  2. Never seen her but it looks like she's won a bunch of medals for something. LOL!
  3. Here ae some comments from 2020. New Kiji ad- Reiki Massage-Jenna B - Lyla
  4. Welcome back. First off let me say that you can never be too cautious. That goes for both parties in this business. There is nothing wrong with screening if it makes you feel safer. Some SP's ask for a recent reference from another SP, which most a re happy to provide. Others ask for a board handle and check out the person's posting history for any red flags. I've even heard of some asking for a photo of government issued ID, which they promise to delete when you show up. I personally would not agree to that but it's all up to the individual. What ever you feel comfortable with. Another way to eliminate the game players is to ask for a deposit. Again this goes both ways. I would never send a deposit to an unknown lady but if you have a good reputation then it's not an issue. As for giving out your address, this is completely unnecessary if you are doing outcalls. For incalls you can give a general idea. I admit I will often ask a lady what area she is in so I can plan my visit. Her area may dictate whether I can do a daytime or evening appointment. If you are doing an incall, here's a suggestion. I once knew a lady who would tell the guy to come and park in front of a certain address and tell her what colour and model of car he was in. She could see it from her window. When the guy showed up she would then message him her actual address. Your plan to have a friend drive you is a good one. Failing that you have someone you message when you arrive and then again once you leave. If they don't hear form you in a predetermined amount of time then they call you or the cops. You can even arrange a code word to use if there is a problem. In the end most ladies will tell you that if your gut is telling you something isn't right, then listen to it. At the most you might miss out on a few hundred bucks once in a while rather than ending up assaulted, raped or dead. Take care LNC
  5. Leanne and Michelle (advertise on Leo List) are in that area. Both ae fantastic. You can't go wrong.
  6. Curvy mature beauty for your massage + needs | Winnipeg | Manitoba | Female Massage | LeoList Open comments or PM's would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Does she still wear the rubber gloves. I saw her a couple of years ago. The session was fine but the whole glove thing was a bit strange. Thanks
  8. She's in the South End. That's all you guys get.
  9. Yeah, like that's gonna happen! She'll give it to you if you are going to see her.
  10. Just wanted to say that I spent a blissful hour with Sophia yesterday. Excellent massage and finish. Clean, quiet, safe location with lots of parking available. A beautiful lady to spend time with. You guys should really give her a try.
  11. Hi, I've recently had the immense pleasure of reconnecting with Sophia of the now defunct Honeypot. Just in case any of you wanted to reach out to her. Her IG is Sophia.Knight204 Cheers
  12. Hi, I just posted something that needs to be edited but I cannot find an edit option. How does one edit a post? Thanks
  13. All I know is this is the place that Vixxens (used to be Diamonds) sends clients to for body hair removal. I suspect it is owned by the same person. I know this because I called Vixxens to inquire about the hair removal service they now offer. The lady I spoke to told me that it is done at Hidden Vibes. Can't comment beyond this.
  14. 30 versus 60 depends on the provider. As for the tip, you are tipping for the service not the length of the session, which you are already paying more for. The tip should remain the same regardless of length of the session.
  15. I was following Emma from the group on IG. She was using that as a means for contacting her and booking appointments. Recently her IG account is gone. The saga continues.
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