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  1. livenudecats

    Executive bath

    I can't speak for the early part of the pandemic but I know for a fact (not "I think") that they were open in Mid April up to a week or so ago when EB/TO was busted.
  2. livenudecats

    Executive bath

    Diamonds was open during the outbreak but closed last week on the heels of the EB fine and closure. Probably decided they didn't want to get fined either.
  3. livenudecats

    3 words better than "I love you"

    Call me again.
  4. Since we refer to the escorts as SP's (Service Providers) we should be SC's (Service Consumers). 😉
  5. Nice family dinner with my son and daughter an their partners. Right now even though we can have gatherings of up to 10 people here in MB, my daughter is in health care and my son is a firefighter so we have all decided to continue to distance for now.
  6. livenudecats

    Opening soon?

    Time will tell. Diamonds is open again. I am certain they were closed for a few weeks when the lock down started but I was driving by the on Monday and saw a guy going in. I called them and the lady who answered confirmed that they are open.
  7. livenudecats

    Want ads on Kijiji

    There will always be those who think with the small head. I just hope these idiots do not have daily contact with loved ones, especially elderly folks.
  8. livenudecats

    Crys Tal. New massage ad

  9. livenudecats

    Crys Tal. New massage ad

    This is a real difficult one to judge. I don't think there is one right or wrong answer. We all must do what we are most comfortable with. On one hand I can understand how there may be providers out there having to chose between working or not, Especially for those who may have dependants either human or animal. Many of you read my comments from a previous thread regarding a lady I had sent some money to a couple of weeks ago. My personal opinion while I practice self isolation, is to make note of any providers still working. This would be my "Covid-19 No fly List", just like I have a "list" for ladies who I suspect engage in other risky behaviours (BBFS, drug use, pimped girls, rip offs, etc). Then once things return to normal and I start seeing ladies again I will avoid these providers for a period of time yet to be determined. Once a certain amount of time has elapsed, which would hopefully provide me of some assurance they are virus free, I may choose to see them again or not. Even then without more definitive information of this virus who knows where we stand. Let's say we get the all clear in months. To me that would indicate that while the numbers are way down and the crisis is over I'm sure the virus isn't suddenly gone. I guess my point being we shouldn't judge too harshly without walking in their shoes but that doesn't mean we shouldn't practice what we feel we need to to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.
  10. livenudecats

    Providers halting service?

    Update. So last might she sent me another text. She started off by saying that she apologises for contacting me after I asked her not to and it won't happen again but she wanted to thank me for helping her out. She said it was very much appreciated and she was able to go get a few groceries and some food for her cat. She also said she would keep note of it and credit it to any future visits we may have. I figured if she took the time to reply and also make the offer to repay me it must have been a legit request. Anyway I replied for her not to worry about it. Consider it a gift. When I heard she used it to also feed her cat, again being a big softy, I couldn't help myself.
  11. livenudecats

    Providers halting service?

    Just wanted to share this becasue it is kind of bugging me. Yesterday I received a completely unsolicited text out of the blue from a local provider. I have seen her 4 times in the past but not for over a year now. Nice enough lady and a decent session but nothing to make me feel the need to see her except for maybe twice a year, as a change from my regulars. She asks if I am interested in a session and she is willing to make me a heck of a deal. I politely decline and ask her, in the future, to please refrain from texting me out of the blue. I'm single but sometimes I leave my phone where others can see it. Anyway she replies back to me that she normally wouldn't but is desperate. She clams to not have seen a client for over 2 weeks now and she is so broke she hasn't eaten in 2 days. I told her I wasn't interested as I am social distancing. Here's where I may have got suckered. I'm the first to admit I am too soft hearted. My dearly departed wife used to say I was the easy mark for the kids becasue I never said "No." I catch spiders inside and release them outside. I will step over an bug. I buy food for pan handlers and sometimes give them my change, even though they are probably going to buy booze or drugs with it. So I ended up sending her 50.00. I never saw any evidence of substance abuse and believe her when she says she is broke. I won't miss the money. I did tell her that this was a one time thing and I wouldn't be replying to any more of her texts (although I did tell her not to text me anymore) because I don't want her thinking I am an easy mark. Do you think I got played or did the right thing? PS: I will not be responding to any requests via PM asking me who she is because I consider this between us for now.
  12. livenudecats

    Massage closing for covid

    Agreed. There is not enough resources for them them to start chasing down every ad on Kijiji or LL for ladies working out of an unregistered/licensed establishment such as the Osborne/Bridgewater Group or all the Indies. It should be very interesting to see if there is as increase in ads on LL or Kijiji for ladies working solo out of their own places since they can't work out of the MP right now. And BTW, please don't take my comments as an endorsement for us to continue going for rubs. That is a decision we all need to make for ourselves and how important it is for us to social distance. I personally agree with BigZ. I have elderly parents who are isolating. i do their shopping/errands for them weekly right now. For their sake I can watch porn and masturbate if I need to.
  13. livenudecats

    Prostate massage

    I'm pretty sure Michelle who is also on LL offers this service. I've never indulged but if she is as talented at this as she is at all other aspects of her service I'm sure it would be great.
  14. livenudecats

    Providers halting service?

    Thank you for chiming in with a provider's perspective. Stay safe my dear!
  15. livenudecats

    Providers halting service?

    And those are probably ones you want to avoid.