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  1. Veronica with the Osbourne/St. B group advertises that she is fetish friendly.
  2. Yes it is Diamonds. They are being very secretive about it though. Can't get them to openly admit it is but it is. Not sure about the ownership but it is strange they changed the name and won't come clean that it is Diamonds. No walk ins, by appt. only. Maybe all the cloak and dagger has something to do with the licencing or operating during Covid when I don't think they can.
  3. https://escortalligator.com.listcrawler.eu/post/escorts/canada/manitoba/winnipeg/58270064/ Seems to me this is Diamonds now operating under this name. The pics of the attendants (Phoenix and Lana) look like the girls from Diamonds. The fee structure looks the same. I had hears a rumour that the lady who owned Diamonds had passed away but it was jsut a rumour I could not verify. If it is Diamonds under new ownership, I wonder how they pulled that off. As far as I have heard, it is basically impossible to sell or transfer a Body Rub Parlour Licence in Winnipeg anymore. That's why so many of the old MP's closed rather than being sold to new owners.
  4. Not if you've been married for years to some troll, who occasioanlly goes through your phone and if you got found out, she might divorce you and take half of your hard earned assets.
  5. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/manitoba/winnipeg_available_for_incalls_or_out_calls-6308936 Thanks
  6. You are so right. I doubt if they check actual ID. I think they jsut do it to keep the government happy. Back in the fall when bars were open I went to Lipstixx. The girl at the door said she needed my contact info. I wrote down Dr. Brent Roussin and 204-555-5555
  7. No one? I guess that kind of answers my question. A provider who advertises constantly but has zero reviews/recommendations on any board I've searched. Another Snuffalufagus?
  8. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_hosting_in_osborne_this_morning_only-5878328 Can anyone provide any first hand information on this lady. I'm using my time off to do some research on various ladies I would like to see when I return to the hobby. Hopefully in the next few months depending on Covid. Anyway I have exchanged a couple of texts with her to ask about rates and services. I was honest that I was just fact finding for later so I didn't want to appears to be a time waster. She was polite and provided me with the basic info for which I thanked her. She does seem to bounce around a lot. Her incall varies from week to week. Thank you
  9. Is she the girl in the ads? There is some chatter on other boards that she is using fake pictures. Apparently she doens't have the tattoo of the star on her shoulder like the girl in the ads. Thanks.
  10. I am looking forward to getting together with her and her 2 new friends as soon as the Covid restrictions are lessened. How was she in terme of providing the full hour? When I saw her a few months ago, the session was very good but my only concern was the hour ended after 45 minutes. As soon as the "release' happened she ended the session. With the other girls I've seen, they will still finish the hour by continuing with the massage or some cuddling and chit chat. I also hears she is masked up during the session? Thank you.
  11. I think we all should be taking a break from this. I know ladies have bills to pay but so do so many other who have been forced to close. While I have heard a few people on different forums talk about personal choice for me it is is also about the risk to and drain on our heealth care systema and the health care workers. If you get Covid it's not just about your personal health. It's about our overwhelmed hospitals and overworked/exhausted health care workers as well. We all have a civic responsibility to do everything we can to flatten the curve. And if that includes stopping this activity for a while so be it.
  12. You my friend have restored my faith in humanity! 🙂
  13. Son of a B**ch! I hate how some of the modern bras can turn a B into a D. Being a big titty guy I was all excited to go visit her. I guess I'll have to stick to Sofia and Cecellia. 😉
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