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  1. livenudecats

    Tipping at EB

    Unfortunately that has always been a problem with the MP's in Winnipeg. Except for Diamonds, which seems to have a standard tipping structure, the tips were often all over the place not only between establishments but between the gals working. The worst was Broadways at the end. It is too bad that the owner doesn't put their foot down and establish a rate because this uncertainty has to hurt their business. If I am going to go for a session but walking in I am not certain of the fees involved I am likely going to take my business elsewhere.
  2. livenudecats

    Favourite massage

    Depends on the number you called. I think the place is still open but the number they once used is no longer valid. All the ladies who work out of there (Chloe, Jamie, Jewels, etc) advertise independently on Leo List and you book them thought their contact number. I'm not sure about walk in traffic becasue whenever I arranged to see a lady there they had to unlock the door to let me in and they were often the only one there.
  3. livenudecats

    Amaya on Leo List

  4. livenudecats

    Amaya on Leo List

    Not sure if we are allowed to. If you go to Leo List and search for Amaya under Female Massage. you'll see her ad.
  5. livenudecats

    Amaya on Leo List

    Anyone have anything to comment on this lady? Thanks
  6. livenudecats


    I love it when people chime in and they obviously didn't take the time to read my entire post. If you look at the very second line of my post, I quite clearly state that some SP's do claim taxes but you are delusional if you think there are not a lot that don't. The main point of my post was to warn ladies that e-transfers can be traced and discovered by CRA if you are ever audited, so those who do not file or pay taxes but accept e-transfers, may want to think twice. And believe me, as someone who owns a business and has actually been audited, having an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of fictitious names on it (I don't think many of your clients give you their real name) and an amount in the next column doesn't mean much to CRA. In my experience they will actually contact the client and verify the work done and the amount paid to you. But it sounds like you are doing it all by the book you so you have nothing to worry about.
  7. livenudecats


    The only other issue with E-Transfers that I can see being a bit of a problem for some ladies is the "paper trail." Please, lets not turn this thread into another debate about whether or not SP's pay taxes but I think we can all agree that there are some who do and probably more that do not. CRA has the authority to audit your bank accounts and if you were ever to get audited you would need to explain all these e-transfers. While the average citizen has a very low chance of being audited unless something in their return falls well outside the "means test" for people in their income bracket, there are times when CRA gets tip from a disgruntled ex or someone else with an axe to grind. I have a friend whose wife had a on-line business selling crafty items and she never declared the income. She thought she was being very careful not using her real name on the site and going through a 3rd party seller's site. I think it was ETSY. They got audited a couple of years ago on a completely unrelated issue and CRA stumbled across all these Paypal deposits into her personal account. Long story short they ended up getting nailed for several thousand dollars in back taxes and penalties.
  8. livenudecats

    simi ?

    The phone number is for the place at 649 Corydon. Any idea what name she is using there?
  9. livenudecats

    simi ?

    Is that her in the ad?
  10. livenudecats


    As so many have correctly pointed out, his issue goes both ways. I can certainly understand a lady requesting a deposit via e-transfer for the reasons stated. I can also understand a guys reluctance to provide and e-transfer. Like so many other aspects of this hobby it boils down to the person you are dealing with and your comfort level with them. We are free to decide not to see someone and they are free to refuse service if we don't meet their criteria.
  11. livenudecats

    Gina Foxx

    Noticed the ad on LL. Looks very nice and she does seem legit. Any one seen her? Thanks
  12. livenudecats


    Pretty much the same as the session offered by Chloe (see my post about Chloe in this section). I had seen Jewel a few times when the place changed hands from Jasmine's to Studio 553. Always left quite satisfied and she does have a very nice set of breasts.
  13. livenudecats


    Yes, I'm not sure what is up with her? I would love to hear from anyone who has ever seen her. She has advertised for years. Her ads used to contain a couple of body pics showing a nice slim build with what I would estimate are B cups. I have tried numerous times over the past few years to either call her or text her. Never had her answer or respond to my texts. Very strange. Maybe she is a Unicorn like the picture in her ad? LOL!
  14. livenudecats

    Chloe @ 553 St. Mary's

    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/winnipeg/winnipeg_relaxation_massage-3880446 Tip rates were $40 and $80 depending on the ending you choose. I don't want to get too graphic but I think we can all figure out the 2 ways she would finish you off and the corresponding rate. She's pretty relaxed once you get in the room and will happily answer any of you other questions. Have fun.
  15. livenudecats

    Chloe @ 553 St. Mary's

    Can we post rates here? I thought that was not allowed here? Let me know if I am wrong and I will post.