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  1. I CAN GUARANTEE you all,.... I met this girl once, that pic is FAKE! My experience with her was actually VERY BAD! Fake profile,....and it wasn't her who does the texting,..someone else does.... JUST A FYI for all you guys...
  2. Super Shy Guy

    Daisy at Barefax

    Thanks a LOT to all the wonderful guys who have posted regarding Daisy! That lady is definitely a CLASSIC BEAUTY in my opinion! Very elegant and that face! Oh, I just can't forget her! :) Am so damn glad that she's back. I'll surely visit her this week end. Cheers everyone! :)
  3. Super Shy Guy

    Daisy at Barefax

    Hello Everyone, I guess we ALL feel the same way about "Daisy". I have seen her a few times at the Barefax, and been with her at the CR 1x only. She is INDEED A SUPER GORGEOUS lady! Tall, very nice body, smooth skin, dresses really well and acts in a VERY CLASSY way! Too bad she hasnt been there for quite some time :( I would highly appreciate if there are any info on where she's dancing right now.