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  1. hello, i am on the search for the best edging experience possible. looking for an ottawa-based professional who knows how to edge a man into madness - and never let him come. who would you recommend?
  2. Daisy was awesome. i'd give her my last $100, if i could!
  3. i agree in principle, and i didn't mean to 'find' her in her civilian life. i was just hoping that somebody might know if she is working elsewhere as a dancer.
  4. I'd be very cautious if a companion charged less than $150 an hour.
  5. Hi, does anybody have any experience with Queen M, who calls herself the Russian Dominatrix? She's absolutely stunning, and has a completely crazy online personality, but - has anybody ever met her? This is her website, and she's now in Ottawa. queenmdominatrix dot com. thank you.
  6. unless, of course, you are into long-term orgasm denial. It's a thing.
  7. Well, unless you are into orgasm denial. It's a kink - maybe rare, but real.
  8. Extraordinary. Beautiful, and very, very accommodating. :D
  9. Very pretty, friendly, and sweet - and very accommodating. She makes you feel she really enjoys your presence and company. She also is a clear communicator, just follow her friendly cues and you'll be good. Will definitely go back to her. Time went by far to fast.
  10. Many months ago, there was a brunette charmer by the name of Daisy at the Barefax, but has since disappeared. Anybody know her, or what she's doing now? I think I am in love, but am now lost....
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