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  1. Tried, but she tried to ask for deposit via etrans. I said NO. Her reply was that there was an incident at hotel and she was nervous. I said no again because her etrans was prob set up for direct deposit. Then she said she would send me her hotel confirmation to prove she was here. She sent a confirmation screenshot of a booking at hotel in Penticton! Cant believe how stupid people can be
  2. SCAM. Finds your Facebook contacts and threatens contacting friends and family. Uses reverse lookup for your phone # then creeps Facebook. STAY CLEAR STAY CLEAR!
  3. She has a new number. Great looks and service. Now doing incalls at better location. Saw her again last night. great attitude & service. Treat her well and be very satisfied!
  4. Saw her last night. Gorgeous blond, great attitude. Going back tonight! Very open and responsive
  5. I tried to set up a time. Her reply was that she needed a $75 deposit via email transfer. Did not go any farther to get a time. Sounds like a scam.
  6. Have used Vixens, Cupids. Both have excellent ladies!
  7. the reason I joined was that I was tired of getting screwed around by scammers. There has been an increase in the number of scammers on CL and BP. When I saw the posting about Hannah, I had to reply.
  8. I had the pleasure of seeing her twice while here. Not a scam! Service : 12/10 (that good) Repeat : Yes, she said she might be back late January
  9. Tried to book with her. She responded that I had to pay $25 to watch a cam show first. Her # is listed from Fort Frances. Told her I would gladly pay the extra 25 direct to her but answer was no. Sounds like a scam!
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