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  1. I’ve visited her a number of times 3 maybe 4 since she’s been back. She had been on my list for a while just didn’t seem to have time to get to her old place. Definitely keeping up on cleanliness and she is truly amazing.
  2. I’ve seen Taylor 3 times now. I never like to post after the first. She is absolutely amazing. She 100% cares that you’re comfortable and having fun. She’s gorgeous (pics 100% real) and accompdating. All in all...tons of fun.
  3. Have seen a few ladies over the last couple years but never had such an experience as tonight. The ladies I have seen before in Belleville/Kingston/Peterborough make the situation less of an experience to enjoy and more like a service (more like waiting for an oil change than enjoying the fun of a test drive) which don't get me wrong, we all know what the true situation is. Khloe completely changed that for me tonight, not a clock watcher for sure, after the first round, she offered me a massage then we laid and talked for a bit (as it turns out we know a few of the same people.) Once we had begun the second round, it was at the end of the hour (I would recommend spending any time with her but an hour is great) but she didn't stop or ask for more money just seemed to genuinely care about my experience. Truly shows passion for what she does. Have never had such an experience before and enjoyed so much that I had to leave a tip and felt it deserved a review, which I've never done. Nice clean, discrete, hotel room. Offered me to shower there before leaving (I don't have anyone to hide my adventures from, but the gesture was nice compared to being kicked out faster than you can get dressed. Without a doubt I would repeat, in fact might only see her going forward.
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