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  1. RT13XXX

    Lala or Sasha Asian

    it is pretty much industry standard in this area that the asian SPs only use representative pics. this is not quite the same as a bait and switch and some will send real pics if you ask.
  2. RT13XXX


    I think I've been there 2 or 3 times. it was fine. Ground floors had back doors if you wanted.
  3. Is it just me or are the days of visiting french black busty girls gone? So of my best experiences were with visiting ladies I saw on BP. alas times have changed and it seems those days are a thing of the past.
  4. RT13XXX


    I saw her once - never repeated. does she say she is a party girl? she is, and that is not my scene.
  5. RT13XXX


    Seen a few times. Pics are her. Yeah I think she mentioned she was 41 or something. I had an ok time but likely will not go back.
  6. RT13XXX


    I don't think the pics are her but she was pretty damn close. I spent a half hour with her and enjoyed myself. not everything in ad was provided. And she does not like her boobs touched, that was a bummer but the rest was fun.
  7. RT13XXX

    Sexy Jenna back

    google her number and name - there have been some reviews down the london windsor area that were not really great. I have not seen - that's just the research I've done.
  8. RT13XXX

    Ciara Ryan - hard to contact?

    She's a real night owl. I have seen her a few times and both were late - I mean I called at 4am and she was ready!! the other time was after 2am. So I guess she likely sleeps most of the day?? I had a great time with her but we also fought like cats and dogs. we bickered like little kids then got at it again. I repeated a few times but have moved on and likely won't go back, but I would recommend to anyone who likes an athletic spinner with a slightly sinister side...
  9. RT13XXX


    I had the enjoyment of seeing this lady tonight. she travels and so is only here a few times but nice to see someone in napanee so those of us between belleville and Kingston have an option. the pics she uses are not her but the real one is a little better in my mind! I went for the HH as this was my first visit but I'll repeat when I see shes in town again. PM me if you want particulars. I should say she travels with a dog - he is pretty scary looking but we hung out after the visit and he was a real sweet heart.
  10. she seems to go by a few names and numbers. but her rates and offerings look appealing. anyone had the pleasure? I'd be interested in hearing what sort of experience she offers.
  11. RT13XXX

    Help this noob choose :)

    I know there is lots of hesitation out there around travelling ladies but I have had some good experiences! by far the best experience I have had in terms of PSE is Jane who does not advertise much at all. she is an older spinner but super fun and we had a ball. Then I have met some busty travelling ladies in belleville. sophia most recently and then ___??? damn I can;t remember her name... but she was in belleville as was Sophia. if I can find her I'll send you a PM.
  12. RT13XXX

    Recommendation for first timer

    what sort of experience you looking for? there is such a variety out there and not all are one's cup of tea. if you let us know what you are hoping for you will get better reco's.
  13. RT13XXX


    I've been a few times. will go again. PM me for details.
  14. RT13XXX

    Belleville Escorts

    yeah - there never seems much point on discussing or seeking info on visiting girls as they are often moved on by the time someone responds.