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  1. Kids upstairs? Dude, that's some sketchy shit if you ask me. Likely meet Children's Aid on your way out the door.
  2. Also there is a rift forming in this hobby, the upscale and legit and the sketchy underbelly. With the lose of back page we now see places like Locanto, getting traffic. The stuff that goes down in Locanto pulled away about half the activity. And honestly that stuff is more interesting to talk about! Legit ladies don’t scam, have thugs in the bathroom, show up so snowed you literally have to remind them who they are, that sort of thing.
  3. Is there not a single new thread in 2023? Is there a problem with the site? I can attest the hobby lives on.
  4. Jeez. That is taking this bobby to another level. I never knew that was possible!
  5. But in eastern Ontario?? Can you spill a few of the beans and let us know what stars you have visited??
  6. Are any SPs out there agreeing to video recording sessions? I am interested in approaching some local ladies about paying a premium to do this. I recently got some news from a doctor that I will not be playing the game for long. This is a bucket list thing. Is this a thing?
  7. providers change enough that a post like this needs to be revived every few months!
  8. saw her a couple years ago. anyone visit her now that she is back in belleville?? not sure if she is keeping up her standards of cleanliness and quality.
  9. did you hack my phone as these are pictures of all my ex-girlfriends...
  10. Jenna was a fun lady off centennial -top floor, cute chihuahua dog? i lost touch about two years ago. was a regular but she stopped advertising and i did not sabe her number. had some of my best ever experiences with her. also had some lame ones...
  11. she is still posting. but i have not had the pleasure in about two years.
  12. it is pretty much industry standard in this area that the asian SPs only use representative pics. this is not quite the same as a bait and switch and some will send real pics if you ask.
  13. I think I've been there 2 or 3 times. it was fine. Ground floors had back doors if you wanted.
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