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    Not your typical girl, I love to go out for romantic dinners with red wine then finish the night with hot passion. I travel a lot and met lots of cool people; I'm constantly learning new things and changing as I go in life.

    I like to go to movies, restaurants, coffee shops, long walks in the park, go for ice cream and go shopping :) or spend quality time watching movies at home with some popcorn and a chilled bottle of wine... I'm shy at the start but if the chemistry is there I promise fun times ;)

    I have a unique way to screen anonymous-online friends before I communicate with anyone. For starters, I don't respond to anon or vague/general messages. Sexual inquiries will be ignored (I don't sell sex); and I don't give out my number until you email me a verified pic of you (a none nude portrait pix of your face holding a paper with my name and date on it) I'm very discrete and I keep all my verified fans confidential. If things go smooth I will add you to my white list and you can call/txt..etc. I'm most active on my Twitter account. If you like to connect, email me your verified picture with as much details about you (non sexual) and I will get back to you.
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    Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal
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    Come get your daily dose of sugar baby
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    Pix of me
  2. Kissralynnkay


    I love doing photo shoots
  3. Kissralynnkay


    I've had only 2 encounters. One of them the wife terminated it 20minutes into the session because she felt uncomfortable. I presume men like it more than women in a relationship.
  4. Kissralynnkay

    What is the thrill?

    for me most men like it because it's tighter and the push back is felt more than vaginal. Also the moans women put out is more of sincere painful moan than fake vaginal moans
  5. lots of lube, real slow then work your way in deeper "slowly" works for me :smile:
  6. My best experiences were in car dates. quick and intense pleasure.
  7. Kissralynnkay

    Brandon and area

    I'm from Winnipeg but can travel to Brandon ;)
  8. I've played Dom/sub and my experience was men enjoy treating the â??slutâ? as a sex object. I asked some men when I gave you a bj, you came in my mouth, it's finished; what difference would it make if I spit or swallow? Answer: â??it's a mental thingâ?. One guy told me after I finish with him, he visualizes our session and he gets more intense orgasms after I swallowed instead of spitting in a towel. I think the brain and visuals is key for men to have more intense orgasms and just like with drugs men want more every time so they get colorful with different acts and dirty talk...etc. However, woman wired differently! We like the effort and consideration more than the actual act. Romance, patience, being able to listen and accommodate, romantic dinners and flattery all play into a woman's libido and being gentile and reading her body language is where a woman gets her pleasures and makes her climax. This is contrary of what men think woman like.
  9. Kissralynnkay

    Twitter Address for my profile

    This might be a silly question, but what do I need to put in my Twitter Address in my profile customization to get my twitter feeds displayed on my CERB profile? I've tried putting the full address, also I put the handle with and without the @ sign. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thx
  10. Kissralynnkay

    Back Page

    Yes I understand your view point. It is true if you want to remain anonymous and people wouldn't want to loose money on a cam session. However, I'm public about it. i.e. my face and my details are public on my social media and personal web site. Also when I say cam meaning free cam session using hangouts or skype so I can see who is my date going to be. There are lots of creeps out there and caming with them helps me gauge their personality from observing their behavior. Before I cam with a potential person they'd have to send me their details first and after I cam. This is my way to screen people and you are right most escorts do it very different. Also from the client perspective he will see how I look like and not depend on online pictures and see that I'm real and I match my details on my social media and escort sites.
  11. Kissralynnkay

    New to the escort scene

    very true :)
  12. Kissralynnkay

    New to the escort scene

    That is so informative thank you!
  13. Kissralynnkay

    New to the escort scene

    "Licensed Independent Agency" means only me working by myself as independent. Discretion will not be an issue but would the City contact my landlord as part of informing them that I'm an escort? that would be a problem.
  14. Kissralynnkay

    Back Page

    Here are my thoughts on this subject and please keep in mind that I'm an amateur not an expert and I'm very new to this industry. I think going by pictures and phone numbers can be misleading. I for one started playing a fetish with a close circle of friends being an escort which was incredibly sexually stimulating and I only played with well known friends i.e. I did not see real clients. However, as I got comfortable this circle of friends started to expand a little. Now I'm looking to expand my information on the subject to make sure I stay legal and safe. But, going back to the subject in this thread I can tell you that putting your cell number online is the worst thing to do. I kept getting all kinds of calls and txts all hours non stop to the point where I had to change my cell number to stop it. I have no idea how other escorts do it with the phone number thing. Also it's worth to mention that getting good pictures is kind of difficult to do so as soon as I got some few pix of me dressed as an escort I used them all over the place (playing the fetish game). So you see, my point is that you could be missing out on real good companions if you go by the phone and pix alone. If I would to give an advise I'd say if she's real she would definitely want to cam with you and with the cam session you both can gauge each other. If the escort is an amateur like myself I know I would want to see my client beforehand especially if the escort thing is a side income and not a full time job.
  15. I just used my name lol :)