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    Hello. Welcome to my home. I am a gentleman that enjoys meeting new people and building friendships. I enjoy getting to know people making new friends there. I enjoy spending time with Lyla women and enjoy kissing and cuddling and chatting. Please sign my guest book if you are a first time visitor to my page. :)
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  1. someguy

    MA with nice breasts

    I can vouch for Alex from CMJ and SweetShay. I've seen both many times, and they feel great
  2. Have a Merry Christmas xoxo

  3. Congratulations Cato. I am on my 8th year also. I am also sad to have lost all the friends and connections from the old board. Hopefully this board gets better.
  4. Hi. See you are back. Pm me if you want. Do you have twitter. DM the address. Would like to catch up. Hope ll is well xoxo

  5. Can't wait to see you xoxo

  6. Found you great pictures xo

  7. Had a awesome time with you this afternoon. You are more beautiful and sexier then ever. Hope to see you again sometime next year. xoxox

    1. Exclusively Mia

      Exclusively Mia

      It was wonderful seeing you again!!

  8. Hey good to see you following me again 🙂 How are things going with you? xoox

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    2. someguy


      Didn't work for Trump either lol,not easy to navigate. 

    3. OceanMassage


      I agree. I have been here over an hour and hardly found stuff to read and participate in. Plus my recommandations are so far buried in the lot, nobody can find it. I tried the search box but my name doesn't yield results!

      And what is with the recommandations featured on the home page? That suck. The gentlemen I see are very discreet and do not post rec! So mine never get updated therefore will never be posted there!

    4. someguy
  9. someguy

    What Blender To Buy

    Vitamix and Blendtec are both available at Costco for < 500.
  10. Thanks for a wonderful time. It was great reconnecting with you. Will have to meet again soon 🙂 xoxox

    1. Eva3340


      Thank you! It was nice seeing you again. & thank you for the sweet review. Xox

  11. Great to see you back on Lyla. Will see very soon. Xoxo

  12. Would like the recommendations sorted by alphabetic tabs like before. makes it easier to find a recommendation for a provider?
  13. Welcome to lyla. Enjoy your time in this community. 

  14. Been missing you a lot these days. xoxo

    1. Eva3340


      Missing you too! Been a long time.

  15. Welcome to lyla. Enjoy your time in this community.