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    Hello. Welcome to my home. I am a gentleman that enjoys meeting new people and building friendships. I enjoy getting to know people making new friends there. I enjoy spending time with Lyla women and enjoy kissing and cuddling and chatting. Please sign my guest book if you are a first time visitor to my page. :)
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  1. someguy

    MA with nice breasts

    I can vouch for Alex from CMJ and SweetShay. I've seen both many times, and they feel great
  2. Congratulations Cato. I am on my 8th year also. I am also sad to have lost all the friends and connections from the old board. Hopefully this board gets better.
  3. someguy

    What Blender To Buy

    Vitamix and Blendtec are both available at Costco for < 500.
  4. Would like the recommendations sorted by alphabetic tabs like before. makes it easier to find a recommendation for a provider?
  5. Just realized today that I had passed my 8 year anniversary on Cerb/Lyla a few days ago. This all started out of curiousity. When I found this site I just spent my time reading all the reviews and interesting threads. After a few months I finally got the nerve to have my first SP experience. I had chosen a well reviewed SP and it was such a great experience that I had a second experience with her a few weeks later. I had meant for this to be a one time experience but after meeting many wonder SP's and making friends with a few. I found myself addicted to this life style. I am still friends with some of the girls I had first met in 2010. Since then I have had many wonderful experiences with established and new women in the business. These days, I spend most of my time with MA's and only a few SP's that I had already met. This lifestyle has made me a more confident man, and has given me a more exciting life. I was going to start slowing down meeting women. But with so many beautiful and sexy women in Ottawa to choose from. I find it hard to stop. I am still having lot's of fun. Making a lot of new friends who make my happy when I spend time with them. With the new laws in place in the states. Lyla is becoming more busy again. Many new members joining each day. This hobby has taught me a lot about people and myself. The women who do this and truly enjoy this work are the most successful. They truly enjoy giving pleasure and making men happy. Women who have been doing this for years grow more beautiful and sexier with time. New private massage make it safer for both the client and the hostess to meet and have fun in a safe secure location. These establishments are first class and safe and hire only the best MA's that they can find. But at the same time several have left the clubs to become independent on their own and have been very successful at it, because they truly love this work and like pleasing their clients. Over the years I have seen many women come and go. The site go from Cerb to Lyla. But recently getting many new users. Hopefully we can get this community going again? Maybe get the chat room busy again. So a toast to all the women I have met and will meet in the future. xoxo
  6. For new members to read.
  7. Just wanted to bumo this for all thecrecent members to learn from.
  8. As I get older and other older gentlemen have contacted me also. Kissing and cuddling are very important to us. It makes a session more intimate and meaningful. Some older men are widowers and miss the kissing, hugs and kisses. I know some women consider kissing more intimate then any sex act.
  9. just wanted to bump this thread up again. I like to see more women with no makeup on. Like to see the real person.
  10. This year I have been using twitter a lot more. Lot of beautiful girls have twitter pages and can be communicated with there. They seem more open to communications and often have daily updates and pictures and post any recent recommendations that they have received. I keep meeting great women and have had great experiences. Now there are too many women that I would like to repeat with again. I having troubles seeing regulars that I used to see now as it is hard to decide who to see again. As I have met so many?
  11. Thought I would bring this up again. As it is After the christmas holidays and Tax season is coming up and March break. Women new to this don't realize that there may be a season spending cycle. Sometimes they are really busy and then sometimes it is dead. This thread may explain some reasons why?
  12. It's coming up to my 8 year anniversary. And I am surprise that I am still here meeting women. This was suppose to be a one time thing lol. But it is so easy to get addicted to this life style. I've met many women over the years and have had many great experiences. I am still managing to keep these two lives separate. I seem to be two different man in this life style. Friends and family would be surprised to know that I have seen so many hot and sexy women. Most see me as a shy respectful family man. Not sure how much longer I can keep this lifestyle up. It's getting expensive lol
  13. Thought I would bump up this thread as there have been many new members with interesting names and thought it would be interesting to see how they came up with a new unique name on Lyla.
  14. For the first time in a long time. I had sessions where we had great online chats. They said they were GFE and kissed. But when we met and tried to kiss them, I was offered her cheeks. The session itself was okay. the massage was good, but without any kissing at all. It seemed mechanical. Even when I was walked out to the door, there was no kiss or hug. Just seem like no connection or chemistry. Not a great time.
  15. for a while I was seeing this MA and had amazing connection and chemistry. But she had to leave due to personal reasons. She intends to come back. But we have been keeping in contact for the last couple of months. I've met several MA's that I have also had great chemistry with. Keep chatting with them on twitter. Also have been twittering with some girls I haven't met yet either. We have great chats and have a lot in common. Hope to see them one day. Expect to have a great time with them also.