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  1. Been admiring Ariana's sexy picture on twitter for a while. and have wanted to see her, but lock downs and her being booked most of the time prevented this. But today she was free and I managed to get the first booking of her shift. Met at the downtown location. It's been a while since I've been there. I was met at the door by Ariana. She was young looking and very pretty with a nice smile. She gave me a hug and brought me up to the room with the big bathtub. We chatted for a few minutes, cause she she said she was wondering who I was for a while. She started the shower and we both undressed. She has a very nice firm tanned body. nice bum 🙂 we got into the shower where we explored each other's bodies and shared some nice kisses. The back on the bed we go where she asked if I had any parts of my body to concentrate on. Very attentive she was. she gave me a good firm massage while we chatted to get to know each other better. The I offered her a massage, which she happily accepted. It was my pleasure to massage her sexy body :). She seemed to be relax and enjoy my massage 🙂 She felt happy. Then it was my turn to be massaged. She has talented hands and kept me going for a while. Till she gave me blissful happy ending. we shared a few kisses along the way. Another cleanup shower and a bit more chatting. then she lead me to the door with a final hug and kiss and back to the real world I go. Stress Free. I had a good time and she was a great experience. Highly recommended. but as always YMMV.
  2. It's my first session in a long time because the Covid lockdowns. Girls are hard to book these days. This was a last minute booking, I found I had a short window of free time. Had seen Lola LaFleur aka Lola at Brass aka Olivia Luxe. I had met her over 4 years ago and had a great time. She was hard to book and very popular. But she moved away. But saw her back as Lola LaFleur back at the Vibe Spa. Had contacted her and she remembered me. I contacted Vibe and she was free late this afternoon so I booked her. When I got there, she welcomed me at the front door wearing a dress, she had this sexy secretary look. she brought me into the Spa room, closed the door and gave me a nice big kiss. One of the reasons I liked her was that she is a great kisser and luvs to kiss. We chatted and caught up for a while, Then she came and started kissing me more, I suggested starting the shower, while we kissed and undressed each other. She is very slim and has a great figure. Very pretty face. We spent quite a bit of time in the shower with lots of passionate kisses. Could have spent the whole session there, but suggested we go to the table to have some fun. She gives a pretty good massage and plenty of body slides. Kept comin up from the side for more kisses. I then offered her a massage which she happily accepted and got in position. I've been told that I give good massages and I think I almost put to sleep. I enjoyed massaging her body, it's been a while. She seemed to enjoy herself and is quite vocal about it. Very sexy to listen to her quiet moans. Then it was back to my turn. More body slides and lot's of kissing till a great ending. She came back and lied next to me and we kissed and cuddled a bit more and chatted a bit more. Another cleanup shower and we said our good byes. This was a great session and I had mores kisses and cuddles that I could handle. She is only hear for a few more months. And she only does 1 shift a week. So don't miss your chance to finally see her. I will be back if our schedules line up again?
  3. I've done this for a while. I fasted for 4 days straight a few times. then went to once a day eating. most days I skip breakfast, sometimes lunch. and have dinner and a snack at night. It does work. It's not about how much you eat but how often and when you eat. I've lost a lot of weight. I went from large and currently have to buy small pants and shirts. going to rebuild it in muscle. lol Better then other diets. easy to do once you get use it to it . saves time and money.
  4. Been a while since i've posted on Lyla. We are now a smaller pet family. just weight a few tons more .lol 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 skink, 1 tortoise, couple of tree frogs. 1 mini horse, 1 regular horse and a Clydesdale horse. They are my daughters. lol
  5. This was a last minute session. I had noticed her pictures before and saw that she was in the east and free at noon. DM'ed her in the morning and asked her a few questions and then I decided to book her. She seemed to be nice and had gorgeous pictures. I arrived at the same time she did. We quickly introduced ourselves and she led me to the room while she got ready. In a few minutes she came back in some sexy lingerie. She gave me a big hug and a nice kiss. I could tell that we would be getting along? as I had requested a lot of kissing. We quickly got in the shower and she was very playful in the shower, we kissed a lot and made sure we were each clean. We were in there quite a while, when she asked if I was ready to head to the table. I said yest. And got on. She gives a very firm massage and made sure she got all the knots out of my back. She does the legs and the arms and fingers. I then offered to give her a massage. And she was more then happy to accept. I explored her curvy body her request. She enjoyed the massage and was surprised that I could actually give a good massage. I asked her to turn over so that i could kiss her more and massage her breast and the rest of her. I think she enjoyed herself, she left happy:) Then it was my turn to get the rest of my massage. She is very good with her hands and body slides. She came up and kissed me often. She gives very nice kisses better then most of the girls. We chatted through out the session and found we had a few things in common. She changed positions often and massaged me from all angles, all that I enjoyed. Finally I finished with a explosive conclusion 🙂 She gave me a few light touches, cleaned me up, while she got the shower ready. We had a bit more hot soapy fun, shared a few more passionate kisses. Then we got dry and dressed as it was time for me to get back to work. But I went back Happy 🙂 relaxed and stress free, ready to finish my afternoon off. In conclusion. We had connection and chemistry. She has a beautiful face and sexy beautiful curvy body. She can massage and wants you leave Happy. I'm sure you gents will enjoy a session with her. Will be back for another session one day.
  6. Been chatting with her online for a few weeks. Today she was in east and I had some spare time so I booked her for a early morning apt as I hadn't had a session for a while. When she answered the door, I was greeted by a beautiful asian woman. Very bubbly in a very sexy outfit. She gave me a nice hug and took me in to the room. We chatted for a few minutes before we disrobed and entered the shower. She has aver slim athletic body. She used to be a exotic dancer. She has great legs. We started exploring each other body in the shower and started kissing. she has very nice plump soft kissable lips. When we finished the shower I got on the table where she gave me a pretty firm massage and some nice body slides. We chatted thru out the massage getting to know each other.We discussed our fitness routines. Then I gave her a nice massage, which she said was very good. And that she wished she could give me a review? lol Then it was my turn to to finish my massage, More body slides and plenty of kisses which I truly enjoyed. She is a good kisser and she was enjoying our session as much as I did. She started to do a nice slow teasing finished, which ended in a total bliss. She worked within MA limits, but gave me a lot of nice kisses which I enjoyed and needed. We took our cleanup shower and chatted a bit more as we got dressed. She said that she enjoyed our session and I agreed with her. More hugs and kisses and off I went to brave this chill day. Very highly recommended MA, but like all sessions YMMV, depends on hygiene, chemistry and connection. It helps to have previous communications with the girl before meeting. Till next time?
  7. It's been a long time that I have had a session at CMJ East. Haven't had a chance to get away for a session for quite a while. I've noticed Vanessa's sexy pictures and chatted with her a bit on twitter and decided that I would like to meet her one day. I had a last minute opening to get away from home for a session and saw that Vanessa was in the east end which is in my end of town. I booked her with 30 minutes to get there. I dm'ed her to let her know that I was coming and she seemed happy to finally meet me. I got to CMJ with minutes to spare. I knocked and she answered the door. She was wearing a sexy white dress that showed off her sexy tight dress that showed off her curves. She brought m into the room where we hugged and chatted for a few minutes. before she came and gave me a nice deep kiss. She has a very beautiful face and is a great kisser. I started to undress her and kiss her nice breast. Her body is better in person.Very firm tone athletic body with amazing breast which I go to lick. We entered the shower and enjoy some soapy play as we got to clean each up up. Very fun in the shower. We then dried off and headed to the table, where she gave me a very nice massage and body slides. She would come in once in a while and give me some kisses. We chatted throughout the session getting to know each other. She is still going to school and has several degrees. Not only sexy and beautiful but intelligent also. She asked me to turn over, but I offered to massage her first. She said that she needed a massage and was happy to except my offer, I gave her a good massage, with skills I have developed over the years with a lot of practice. She has great body to massage, and we kissed a bit more. I think that she enjoyed her massage. Then it was my turn for my massage. I laid back and let her work her magic. She enjoys her job and wanted to please me. She has very talented hands and showed me some new positions and techniques that I had not been subjected to me. Time was going too quick, and she gave me noticed that time was almost up. I told her to go faster, and within minutes I was left in a state of euphoria. A quick cleanup and back into the shower to clean up. As we got dressed we still chatted and then she led me to the door, where I received another big hug and nice good bye kiss. Did I mention that she is a great kisser, something that I really enjoy. She is still new but she knows what she is doing and enjoys her job and wants to please. So in summary, Vanessa is a beautiful sexy woman with a great body. A great kisser, wants to please. I will return again and next session will be a lot better. Time flew by and there was chemistry and connection . What more could I ask for? I think that her will be very popular in the future.
  8. This time it's been less then a year since I've seen her. I've been seeing many new girls recently and have had fun. But there is always something special about seeing someone you have seen many time before and have great chemistry with. So I decided to see Sadie today first thing in the morning. I though it would be a great way to start the long weekend. I booked my time and headed over. Got to Vibe with a few minutes to spare. Sadie answered the door, looking as beautiful as every. she led me into one of the Spa rooms. We chatted a bit as we undressed for the shower. This massage room was nicely decorated, I think that there was renovations done since I last visited? In the shower she looked tanned and sexy. She is as fit as ever and a lot of fun in the shower. We made sure we were squeaky clean. Then onto the table, we go. She has extra touches that she does, like drying the body more when I am on the table. Plus she heats up the massage oil which feels nicer when it goes on warm. She gives a nice firm massage with a bit of light touches around the head. After a while I asked her if I could massage her, and she immediately got on the table into position. It is a pleasure to massage her back and sexy bum. we continued chatting as I massaged her. Then I asked to flip over where I got to admire her body and give her more kisses. Then it was my turn, she began with some body slides and some body kisses and some light kisses on the lips. She is very good with her hands and knows how tease. Many good hand techniques and knows how to keep you on the edge. she gave me body slides from all angles so that I can admire her. But the best position is when she is sitting on top of you glistening in oil. She has one the most beautiful face in the industry and a great body. But best of all is has sexy eyes that are always focus on you, and a beautiful smile also. She looks happy all the time and is just concerned about you enjoying your time with you. She teased and teased and eventually I exploded. She then cleaned me up, and we cuddled and chatted for a while, before the cleanup shower. Another kiss and hug at the door as we said our good byes 🙂 She has been around for a while, experienced, enjoys her work and just wants to please. And please she does. Will repeat when I can.
  9. Klaire is still very new to CMJ. It was her pictures that drew my attention. I dm'ed her a few time and found her interesting. So I wanted to visit her someday. Usually I don't see someone this new but She looked beautiful in her pictures and she said she kissed ymmv of course. So today after a stressful week, I thought I deserved a massage and saw that she was available downtown at noon. So I booked a 45 minute session as I had to get back for a meeting after lunch. I arrived at CMJ, settled the bill and was shown to my room. It was my lucky day as it was the Jacuzzi room which is nicely setup. She soon entered the room and gave me a nice hug. She has a very beautiful face and smile, but she is very slim and fit and spinner. We chatted a bit and got undressed for the shower. she has a very fit tanned body with nice breast that suited her slim body. We took a shower which got better as we explored each others body. She was more relax now and started giving me some nice kisses. Then because of my shorter session I suggested that we start the massage. She sat on the bed behind me and gave me a nice firm back and leg rub. After a while I offered to give her a massage. She happily accepted and was surprised that I could actually give a good massage. I explored her body a bit more and kissed her breast and face. She enjoyed herself. Then it was my turn. I asked for a reverse body slide which she happily obliged, She oiled her self and gave me some nice body slides, While I happily had a great view of her gorgeous bum. She is very good with her hands and we both gave each other mutual enjoyment. She has soft moans when she is enjoying herself. But soon I exploded as I could not last as long as I usually do. She cleaned me up and we kissed and cuddled a bit more and chatted a bit more. But time was running out and we had to take our shower to clean up and I had to get back to work. I had a amazing time with Klaire, She is very sexy and enjoys her work. can hold a conversation and a good kisser and offers a good session. Just too bad I had only 45 minutes this session. Next time will be longer. And there will be next time as we had a great connection and chemistry. So don't hesitate and go see her. I'm sure you will leave happy 🙂 Here is the picture that caught my eye 🙂
  10. Just came back from an amazing session with Sammi in the east end. Today I had a workout at the gym and then cleaned out half of the garage and also its been a busy weekend and my body was sore. So I thought I would treat myself to a massage. I had previously chatted with Sammi on Twitter and have admired her pictures for a while. Saw that she was in the CMJ east and had a few openings so I booked her. Arrived on time and was greeted at the door by Sammi. I guess she didn't know who I was, but once I told her who I was, her face lit up and she gave me a hug and kiss. She led me to the room and left me for a few minutes. She returned and said I was all hers for the next hour. She was wearing a school girl outfit, with the checkered mini skirt. She does have the girl next door in university look. She was very slim and enjoyed chatty. We started off getting to know each other and kissed a few times. It was time to start the shower. Shower time was very playful and sexy, we enjoyed more kissing and exploring each other's bodies. She is very fit and enjoys touching and being touched and was giving me some vertical body slides. Soon it was time for the massage, I laid in position and she asked to see what needed massaging, and I told her 🙂 She gives a very good firm relaxing massage that hit all my sore spots. after I offered to give her a massage, and she didn't hesitate. She seem to enjoy it a lot. she said I was very good and that it was relaxing after exams. Then it was my turn. She was more relaxed and comfortable with me and seem to enjoy my company. We started sharing some passionate kisses. Now it was time for the rest of my massage. I had asked to start with some body slides, which she was more then happy to try. She said she hadn't done many body slides before. But she did a very good job. I had asked for a long teasing finished. She is very talented with her hands. At one point she asked if we could sit face to face as she liked to see eye to eye. I happily compiled and we both enjoyed ourselves fact to face. We could see the pleasure in each other's faces. This is a very enjoyable position and view, it allows more kissing and playing with each other. We switched to another position where we could share mutual pleasures and there I had a explosive finished. It was near the end of the hour, so we spent the rest of the time in the shower, cleaning off the oil and kissing a few more times. Then it was time to say our good byes. She is a very beautiful young girl with a very slim fit body. She likes to talk and enjoys her work. By the end we connected and had great chemistry together. She enjoyed her time as much as I did. I really enjoyed my time with her and she gave me needed affection and cuddles and much needed pleasure. Surprised to see that she has not more recommendations. Will have to come back and repeat one day soon.
  11. I have admired Stassi sexy pictures for a while, and have chatted with a few times with her on Twitter. But could not find a time where our schedules both matched up and that she wasn't booked. But today was the day we would meet. I arrived at the downtown location and was led to one of the rooms by the receptionist. A few minutes later she knocked on the door and entered. I was pleasantly surprised by her appearance, She was a spinner, thin but with nice breast and bum. She had long blond hair that was tied back in a pony tail. She had a very beautiful face and smile. She gave me nice hug and kiss . She left for a few minutes and brought back a bunch of led candles as the lights were bright. We took a quick shower where we made sure each other was cleaned and headed back to the massage table. She turned off the lights and lit all the led candles, giving the room a romantic feeling. She started giving me a firm massage and managed to massage out my knots, she sat on me putting her weight down to give me a nice rub down. She said it was time to flip, but I offered to massage her first, which she accepted. So I gave her a nice firm massage, sneaking in some kisses and massaging every in ch of her. I think she enjoyed my massage. Through out the session we chatted about life and careers. Soon it was my turn to get the rest of my massage. More body slides and also reverse body slides. She is very good with her hands and knows her way around a man's body. It was a very long teasing session before she finally let me explode. She cleaned me up and we finished off cleaning up in the shower. She is very GFE, good kisser, intelligent and gives a great massage and finish. And has a killer body and enjoys working out. What's not to like? Highly recommended.
  12. Wow, is all I can say for now. For years I had admired Blake's pictures on the CMJ. She looked too good to be true. Last year I had a few chats with her on Twitter and got to know her a little and wanted to meet her one day. Like others have said she is very popular and usually booked up. But today I had time after work and saw that she was free. So I booked. I left work early hoping to arrive earlier, but the snow started and downtown was a parking lot. However I managed to get to CMJ East with a few minutes to spare. I knocked on the door and the beautiful Nikki let me in and led me to one of the rooms. A few minutes later Blake entered and she looked very beautiful in her lingerie and high heels. She has a very beautiful face and great skin tone. She has nice breasts and curvy hips. She closed the door and immediately we hugged and gave me a kiss. The kiss went a bit longer and longer. I thought this is going to be good :). We chatted for a few minutes and got undressed and ready for our shower.The shower was fun, We made sure each other were cleaned, and kissed a bit more and let our hands roam over each others bodies. Then we decided to head to the table. She gives a very firm massage and we chatted through out the session. She came in for kisses often. She asked me if I wanted to flip, but I offered to give her a massage first. Seems like guys don't give the girls massage. Who wouldn't want to run their hands over these gorgeous bodies. I usually massage the girls and she seemed to really enjoy my massage as I do give a good massage I've been told 🙂 Asked her to turn over and massaged her front and kissed her some more. Then it was my turn to finish my massaged. I asked for some body slides and she happily oiled herself and slid over me. She is a great kisser YMMV of course. and we kissed throughout the session. I even got upside kisses, which I enjoyed. I asked for a reverse body slide and she happily complied. Giving me a great view of her beautiful bum. We enjoyed mutual pleasure. then I asked her to lay next where we kissed away until she made me explode. Kept kissing a bit more before she cleaned me up. Now it was shower time, we had a bit of difficulty adjusting the temperature of the water and had to hug each other to keep warm lol. We finally figured out how to set the temperature and cleaned each other up. Then we got dressed and chatted a bit more, few more kisses and hugs and she led me to the door where we said our good bye's. Definitely, one of my best sessions of 2019. She is a DDG girl, a great kisser and GFE experience. Now I know why she is so popular. I will be back. I highly recommend her.
  13. I had started chatting one night on Twitter with Inara. She said she recognized my Alias and my Odi Avatar. She had been working at CMJ during 2011-2012 and had been using Cerb and probably recognized my name as I had a strong presence on Cerb back then. Today was a slow day at work and I saw that she working at CMJ downtown today, so I decided to book her, as we had a lot in common and I was interested in her as she advertise a wide range of options. She advertises that she is a student and teacher of Body works, Erotic massage and many other Sexual health topics. When I got there I was shown a room and waited a few minutes. Soon a knock on the door and Inara and the sexy Skylar entered. Skylar and I are friends and she introduced me to Inara who then gave me a hug. I gave Skylar a quick hug and then she was gone. Inara was wearing a one piece sexy outfit and sat down on the couch where we chatted for a few minutes to learn about each other. She is a petite older woman with a firm curvy body, She had a very attractive face with a very stylish blond hair due. Soon we got out of our clothes for our shower, where I could see that she had a very nice body. We explored each others body in the shower and made sure we were each clean. Then to the table we went. I got into position and she started giving me a very nice firm massage as I had requested. she covers the whole back and legs and calves with a bit of teasing once in a while. Then she gave me some very nice body slides. Then it was time for the flip. Here is where she excels. first she stared at my head giving me upside down kisses and massaged my chest while leaving her breasts available for me to play with. We chatted through out the massage. She started to give me some nice kisses, this is ymmv of course. But by now we were comfortable with each other. More body slides on the front and massages on my legs. Reverse body slides as I requested. I had asked for a edging session, and she delivered. From different positions and angles, different strokes and different speeds. Different techniques that I had not experienced before. A session with Inara was different from what I am used to. It was full of different techniques and body sensations. She is out to please, and wanted to know what I liked and didn't like. After a long time, she finally let me explode, and explode I did. She left me with a toe curling finish and finished off with more hugs and caressing. We took our showers to cleanup and got dress and chatted a bit more. She showed me out the door and gave me another hug and kiss. This was a amazing session, she knows the human body well and knows to stimulate you in many different way. This is probably a different experience that you are used to, but well worth the experience. Will be back later to see what else she can show me. Her Twitter page for more info
  14. I had been chatting with Bella thru twitter for the last month. And had found her interesting and that we had a lot in common in topics that I have never chatted with other women about. I had seen her new photo's and videos that she had posted and was interested in seeing her. Today I had free time and I saw that she was free, so I booked her, glad that I did, as someone else had just booked her for the hour slot ahead of mine. Arrived at Brass a few minutes early and was greeted with a big hug by the beautiful and sexy Jessica, she brought me into my room and we chatted for a few minutes and she gave me another hug before she left. A few minutes later a knock and Bella entered the room. She was a slim beautiful red head, wearing a black top with pinstripes. She had a nice smile and nice sexy eyes. She came and we immediately hugged and started kissing. I had heard that she was a great kisser and that was another reason that I was interested in seeing her. We spent a few minutes kissing while I undressed her. She had nice smooth skin and perky breasts. She seemed to enjoy kissing around her neck and breasts. I got her to start the shower while we undressed and kissed some more. In the shower we continued kissing and explorin each others bodies. We spent quite a bit of time here having a hot soapy time. I suggested that we continue on the table. It was a bit chilly in the room so we continued hugging and clinging to each other to stay warm:) Then on to the table I go where she gave me a interesting massage, more sensual and finger tapping. Some nice body slides, I then offered to give her a massage. She got into position and I gave her a very nice frim massage on her back and legs and her nice bum. Then I asked her to turn over and continued on her front and breast and legs. Meanwhile giving her a bit more kisses. She seems to enjoy kissing a lot, another plus. Then it was my turn to continue on my back. She massaged my chest which most girls don't. I also asked her for reverse bodys lides which she happily complied with. I had a very nice view of her amazing bum. She continued massaging me and then turned around so that we could kiss so more. She has very nice hand techniques and kept me on edge for a long time. Then finally I finished and was left quivering for a few minutes. She cleaned me up and we cuddled and chatted for a while. Then off to the shower for another cleanup. Still kissing a lot more. I enjoyed my time with this little red headed spinner. GFE and kissing ymmv of course. But we had amazing chemistry. She has a very quite voice but wants to please and ensure that you enjoy your time with her. But the kissing will have me back for another return visit.
  15. I noticed Olivia Jones pictures on her twitter page and Brass Club twitters. She looked very beautiful. I message her over a month ago. We had chatted a few times over the last month. I found her interesting and very sexy. Lately she started posting video's with her face and long curly hair. She has a very beautiful face with big sexy eyes. She told me that she was very GFE and sensual. She also told me that she was trained by Jessica herself. This interested me, as Jessica is one of ATF MA's. So if she trained Olivia, then she should be very good. I had chatted with a few of her other clients that had met her. and they all they gave her high recommendations. This was a very stressful week, and today was not busy, so I decided to give myself a treat. Saw that she was free at noon at the Brass Club, so I booked her and messaged her to let her know that I was coming. I arrived at the Brass Club and was led to my room by the receptionist. A few minutes later a knock on the door and in came in this very tall beauty with a big smile. She gave me a big hug, and I mentioned that I didn't think she was that tall. Then she stepped out of heels and was more my height. lol We chatted for a few minutes and undressed quickly ready for the shower. She has a very beautiful face and sexy smile and eyes. She has a very nice firm curvy body. We hopped into the shower and gave each other a good cleaning. A few kisses and then we dried off. and I got on the massage table. I had asked her for a firm massage and she delivered. Immediately she got on the table and massaged me with some nice body slides. We chatted through out the session. When we got to the flip. I asked her if she wanted a massage and she said yes. I gave her a nice firm massage. She commented on my technique and said it was very good and relaxing. I was a joy to massage her body. Snuck in a few more kisses. Then it was my turn to get my massage. I asked her for some front body slides and some reverse body slides, she was more then happy to comply and gave me more views of her sexy body. she then began a nice teasing session that lasted quite a long time. Which concluded in a explosive finished. She cleaned me up and we took a shower to clean up. More chatting and a few hugs and it was time to go back to work. I was now relaxed and stress free, ready for the rest of the afternoon. I enjoyed my time with this sexy french babe.
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