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  1. elegantnylonfeet

    Jessy Celeste

    I met jessy recently and i am so impressed at how easy going she is , as well as how beautiful and elegant she looks. She is a great conversationalist too and it was such a great time meeting her. She has a beautiful and soft body and does not rush you and make you feel like just a number. I highly recommend her for those of you looking for quality and are picky.
  2. hello any ladies, perhaps at the clubs, known for being ok with foot lovers requests?
  3. elegantnylonfeet

    new prostitution bill

    stupid question but is foot fetish considered a sexual service?
  4. elegantnylonfeet

    feet/ fetish

    im also interested in this fetish so anyone feel free to msg me suggestions and recommendations.
  5. mine is very obvious; its something i really appreciate in a lady.