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  1. Saw her...bad attitude, not interactive and just want to finish as soon as possible...
  2. I think there is two quebeker girls in town with multiple fakes ads....at the same hotel (BW).... Let me know if I am wrong...
  3. Make appointment, she was late by 15 min. Girl open the door...not same girl compared to pictures....no boobs, big ass, bad attitude. Just left...tired of that...
  4. I booked her...was onsite and she asked me to wait. After 1 hr of waiting, just left...not very serious...
  5. Yes she is a nice girl...but a lot of tatoos and average face... for me it's okay for 30 minutes ;)
  6. Passive girl, nice boobs but obviously doesn't shower enough... good for 30 minutes but average service with average girl...
  7. yes you are correct. I don't know how to change the title...sorry
  8. Nice girl with nice boobs, lot of tatoos, with a huge clito which you will be surprised... Very interactive
  9. 200$ for a hour with 2 girls...just the title is a warning !
  10. This is an escort from Montréal. But you have to prepay, no incall, available in anywhere in Fredericton...warning warning warning...
  11. sexy frenchie is always a good value...if you like natural big boobs (DD), there are amazing...
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