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  1. Glad we are sort of back on topic. Glad I have some ideas on where to look for ladies visiting my city. Price is what it is. I’ve had no issue with price, and no issues with what they want to charge. I’ve met some fantastic people who charge 300-500 an visit. As long as we both walk away happy .
  2. I think we got a little off topic. I was looking to see where ladies of all price rages advertise these days? Seems that they have moved on to other sites to advertise. I was looking for suggestions on where a fella like myself could find these ladies. Price and nationality had nothing to do with my original question.
  3. So Leo’s has been hit or miss at best. Twitter can be alright if they have an account. Where are SP’s advertising now? Or has onlyfans taken over conpletly that new ladies aren’t diving into this industry any longer?
  4. Yesterday there was 2 girls using that name. One listed age at 18 the other listed her age at 30.
  5. I’m following as well. My go to girl retired as well.
  6. I haven’t seen her in quite some time, but Jaimie Mae was one of my all time favs. Can’t say enough good things about her. Again. I haven’t seen her in quite some time but always worth the price of admission to spend time with her
  7. Not legit. That’s the pornstar Amy Andersen. Sorry dude
  8. She went by a different name when she was in Fredericton. She worked with Ashley . I’ve never met her. But there are a few things written about Ashley that aren’t so nice.
  9. There was a girl named Karma back a few years ago that worked with Miss Cléo our if Moncton. Same tattoos and I believe she was well reviewed.
  10. Appreciate the heads up. Too bad. But sometimes it’s too good to be true and that’s the way it is
  11. https://m.locanto.ca/fredericton/ID_4277224348/Tiny-and-tight-beauty-available-in-the-Fredericton-area.html
  12. Anyone been on that site and met the girl in Fredericton that goes by the name Babygirl?
  13. Crystal was a breath of fresh air. After a back and forth I nervously book some time with Crystal. Usually when adds like hers pop up it’s an obvious bait and switch. Taking the chance I drove up to her incall location. I took a deep gulp and walked in. Wow! Small spinner type, beautiful, youthful and sexy. Those were my first impressions. We sat down and chatted for a few minutes and then the confident sexy young Minx to the lead. She initiated the game we all love to play. Passionate and confident. Sultry and sexy. I don’t have a large enough vocabulary to describe this beautiful young woman. Time well spent. Still blow away by her beauty and confidence. 10/10. That goes for looks 10/10, performance 10/10, attitude 10/10 and passion 10/10.
  14. So many amazing ladies in no particular order -Anika -Maxime Elite -Keisey Hennessy (my first) -Jaymie Mae -Jenna mae -The original Freddygirl aka Mary
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