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Found 9 results

  1. Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia on LL? Seems to be posting regularly.
  2. Visited with these two ladies(duo). I can assure you that the girls in the pics on both ads are definitely NOT the girls you will end up meeting. Now with that said, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining because in Jayde’s case she actually looks better in than the pics she uses mind you there is NOTHING Latino or Hispanic about her. Chanel is thicker of the two as Jayde is VERY tiny and again not complaining just not what you see in pics. Both are VERY friendly and welcoming but you will need to get past the butterfly lashes and Barbie persona if you want to take either of them seriously. Had an ok time. Maybe I’m just too old lol as they are half my age. Room was very tidy which is a nice change, the bathroom now that was another story but what can you expect for two 20 somethings sharing a room. The ads are below. I’d see again in a pinch. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/cape_breton_2_e_e_t_ooty_i_io_o-6118407 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/cape_breton_new-6074370
  3. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_every_mans_fantasy_petite_blondie_limited_time_only-4916062 The good: she was punctual, relatively easy to get ahold of and her pics are 100% accurate. She is gorgeous. We set up a time and I ended up having to push it back a day, she was very accommodating. The rest: I booked an hour, she laid out the rules everything included but no bare services and no kissing. Fine by me. After I finished within the first 15 minutes, I went to wash up and Megan started chatting about my plans for the rest of the day and getting dressed, saying she needed to go do laundry. It was obvious at that point we were done. I chose not to challenge her on it as conversations like that don’t promote the mood I’m there to enjoy. Long story short, confirm all expectations on your part beforehand. Nothing about my experience was “bad”, I should have directly inquired about MSOG which I feel is pretty standard when booking an hour but I didn’t.
  4. I saw Sophia tonight and maybe it’s just because she fit my type but my god what an absolute gem. Her pictures were 100% accurate she is a girl next door smoke show, no exaggeration. Very easy to talk to and very intelligent. She was prompt and well kept, fresh as a daisy. She communicated her expectations clearly and there was no rush. By far and away the best experience I’ve had with any SP, I really can’t say enough about her. She is strict on safe services including no digits, no dfk, no daty and still worth every penny. Full disclosure I did create an account to review her because she asked me to, fair is fair in my opinion. If it hasn’t been obvious up until this point I will be seeing her again if she’s available.
  5. Any uncensored/unexpurgated escort review sites for Ottawa? I like CERB for its recommendations. But unfortunately, it does not allow full review of SPs. I found many uncensored-unexpurgated escort review sites available for Toronto, for example, TER, getsomesuga, tosluts, CAERF, SP411, TERB, etc. But none contains much about Ottawa (many of these do not cover Ottawa at all). The only real useful site I found so far is the one by Cowboy Kenny (the Cowboys diary). But it covers only a few ads, those with fake pics. It does not contain bad experience content, as lived by real dates. Are there sites that provide real accounts of encounter with Ottawa SPs? Something where dates relate their real experience with SPs, good and bad. Thanks
  6. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had an experience with Seairra. She is not on CERB, but I have seen her posts on a couple other sites for a little while now. No reviews or comments available anywhere that I can find, so that makes me pretty cautious. If anyone has enjoyed her company, please PM me, or respond in this thread. Thanks!
  7. Well gentlemen, I have a confession to make. I have been holding out on you. You see I met this amazing woman, ottawabella87, and I've waited until now -- after several mind-blowing sessions -- to fess up and write a review. You'll forgive my taking one...and then taking a few more...for the team, on account of the fact that my meetings with ottawabella have been the most exquisite I have ever experienced since engaging in the ranching sciences. This is a rare gem of a woman, guys. And unlike all of you lucky dawgs here on cerb who have the benefit of her photos to preview (and they speak volumes about her stunning beauty), I met her the first time sight unseen. To be clear...my jaw hit the floor at out first meeting. As in oh-my-god-this-woman-is-stunning-and-she's-looking-right-at-me. Instantly personable, friendly, smart, emotionally mature well beyond her years...and always with this mysterious smile. It's hard not to imagine how any fella won't be smitten by her. She offers fabulous incalls at good locations. So rest assured, it will be worth your while. As those of you who know me will attest, I'm not much for divulging details about encounters. What I will say is that ottawabella plays safe, offers a great GFE, and that she will treat you very well *provided* that you do the same. And I know you will, because cerb folks are a good bunch who appreciate rare beauty and grace as is the case with ottawabella87.
  8. Mandy - Naughty Hotties - an absolutely unforgettable GFE night A recommendation posting for http://cerb.ca/vbulletin/index.php So back in February I came across this site and thought it was great. BACKGROUND: I rarely participate in discussions and never liked public chat; my facebook never even gets updated, checked with any degree of frequency… you get the picture, so when I do post, it’s usually a ‘big deal’. Anyway, back in Feb I was travelling to Barrie and was looking for a date. I’ve called SP’s maybe 6 times over 8 years, so I cant even call myself a hobbiest. Anyway, since there wasn’t really any reviews for Barrie, I thought I’d take one for the team. I had planned on writing a review after but I did not have all that good a time so I didn’t feel right to review, especially since I feel the reason for that was my fault-it had been a very long time for me so I built the encounter up way too much in my mind plus I’m usually shy so I’m sure there was a lack of communication as well. The other night I was in Bracebridge and after drinking from noon till … dark, I stayed in a hotel rather than drive back home. I woke (sober and not hung over thank god) in the early morning hours and thought I’d like some company, and called Naughty Hotties out of Barrie. Well the woman who answered recommended Mandy. Because of the distance she mentioned it would be an hour and a half and when I got a call back it was set up. Mandy let herself in when she arrived (as previously arranged) and after formalities (by which time I was rock solid) she explained the basics of the business that every rookie hobbiest should be told; yet she was the only one to actually explain this. She is a tall woman 5’10 (I’m 5’6 / 5’7) and she was in heals and damn did I want her. Big Natural D’s, beautifully shaped body, (my preferred shape), just… perfect (god, I’m gonna have to go rub one off) Back… We started DFK and stripping and HJ… and boom goes the dynamite (like I said a long time). After a quick clean up she offered a massage which was perfect; I hadn’t even though to ask for one, but needed it. Over for a CBJ and BLS (I hate cover but I don’t want anything, she doesn’t want anything, it’s her rules, so enjoy (that’s a damn good rule to have)). After a wonderful while she hops on top for CG, but with time running away I was having trouble concentrating, all I could think about was that I wanted to enjoy more of our time together but didn’t have enough cash on hand for another hour. She was enjoying herself too and suggested maybe her driver could get me to an atm (my car was in another part of town). OMG, I nearly popped right there! Perfect! The driver was cool with that so I gave him a good tip (though not quite as good as I gave Mandy afterwards) and when we got back immediately stripped down, started with CBJ which turned into Doggie. From here she helped me to experiment with Greek (my first Greek) and with some pointers from her (which I welcome) we were off to the races. With Greek I had a couple dry cups of coffee (which are always great!). We then went Russia with a little HJ help… and boom goes the dynamite. All over her beautiful tits, face, hair, god it was a glorious mess. We topped off the last of our time with me kissing her body down to DATY. I wish we had more time, I could have spent a lot of time down there, but alas, I’m not a rich man. I just want to say “Mandy, thank you very much” my head is still spinning a day later! Of course YMMV but I hope to see her again much sooner than I can afford. I almost want to keep her a secret to myself ;) http://www.naughtyhotties.ca/gallery/mandy Just IMHO, d0thedoo
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Episode 1 of my journey of 43 for this year (or perhaps more). I booked to see Rachelle of Kingston this morning, initially for an hour and as we went back and forth, I decided to take advantage of her 2 hour special. Donation is on her website. She has lovely hazel/green eyes. Her lips are very kissable. For those of you who worship big round apple bottoms, there is more than enough for the whole congregation. She even has pretty feet, nicely done up. She is tight - very tight - in the way that makes you feel just right. We had a nice conversation, getting to know each other - I tend to be a little shy and slow to start but she was very warm and welcoming. I suggest that there is little mystery to be explored - she is right up front and candid about who she is, what she does - quite ambitious and has more plans for success than I can recall from any conversation recently. Everything was safe and I throughly enjoyed the play. Perhaps, I would prefer it a little rougher but that may come with a second meeting. So that I am not considered a shill, there are some things that guys may be put off by. She smokes - does not bother me but may bother some. She is a woman, not a little girl, with curves and some flesh to grab onto. If you are looking for a spinner, look elsewhere. She is ambitious and has plans for her business. She likes to talk about them, so if you are looking for someone to be completed focused on you, again, I would look elsewhere. Rachelle is safe, smart, sexy, and very welcoming. I had a great morning, left feeling good about my playtime. I recommend her for those looking for a fun, enthusiastic, curvy woman who seems to like who she is and what she does.
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