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  1. This thread is a follow-up to the now-closed thread "Aida Inquiry". I reopen this topic because new information has come to light. In the prior thread her status as fake or real was inconclusive. She is indeed a fake. As reported on a western review board, she is a webcam scammer. She asks for money up front for a webcam session, then the poor soul never hears from her again. Three members were brave enough to come forward and admit she robbed them. I cannot post a link to this for various reasons. She posts ads all over Canada so seeing another LL ad by her in Halifax - or anywhere else in the Atlantic provinces - would be no surprise. Today she has ads in Winnipeg and Calgary. Calgary ad Winnipeg ad
  2. Very difficult for anyone to get into VIPOTG these days. The ladies themselves tend to be quite conservative behind closed doors, they are generally resistant to straying too far from their SOPAM with men. Finding one who is into F - F may be impossible. The mamasan is also very conservative, I doubt she would ever reply to you.
  3. Decided to take a chance and see her. Doesn't fit Biker Dude's description, different lady.
  4. Can anyone tell me if Ballon/Balloon is the same lady as Ball Ball - also with VIPOTG - visiting Winnipeg right now? http://www.vipotg.com/about.html
  5. This thread is a clear violation of the Lyla Terms of Membership Agreement:
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